Places I've Been

Places on comicvine that i've visited :D
I travel a lot.

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Posted by Mr.Q
you get around don't you? kinda jealous. farthest I've been is Orlando. though it comes from my experience that most people try to get out of New York. either way enough pointless ranting. hope you enjoy your world tour. stay frosty.
Posted by Silkcuts

wow... globetrotter.  Where is Toronto at?  No love for where Scott Pilgrim runs, eh?

Posted by queenfrost_
@Silkcuts: I wish to visit Canada one day!!
Posted by Silkcuts
@queenfrost_ said:
" @Silkcuts: I wish to visit Canada one day!! "
But I don't blame you for the places you've been. China was fun, New York is the place where dreams come
Hawaii is paradise.
Posted by Baddamdog

So jealous!