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First Issue Success 0

I know this review is coming in a bit late but I forgot this book was coming out. Anyway, I thought I would still do a little something since it’s the only comic book I’ve been interested to read for about two years now. So here I go. The Good Valkyrie – definitely a good choice for a lead character. She’s been severely underused for a while now and ever since Fear Itself: The Fearless, it because even clearer how important it was to have her be center stage. She doesn’t disappoint here br...

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The Dead Revealed 0

I'm not a big fan of this series. I have picked it up around the time when major team changes happen. So I was quite shocked to see the death of Gamora, Mantis and the others. So this issue was to quite shocking, but I'm not going to reveal it.  Anyway the Good: The Story - I really felt a connection whit this story. The Cast - I have always felt that this series has the best cast in any Marvel book. The characters are written well and also play off each other quite well.  OK:  The art - It has ...

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Here Come The Girls, Well An Assassin And A Goddess 0

This is the series is why I now like Black Widow. This issue was just great, I liked it, but I'm not sure everyone is going to like this. But on to the issue: 1) Great story, really shows of Black Widow and how good she really is. 2) Usage of Enchantress was brilliant 3) Good use of flashbacks 4) Great twist 5) Really good art.  Rating: 5 of 5, my favorite issue this week...

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This Made Me Like Doctor Strange 0

I had never been a fan of Dr Strange before. Then he lost his Sorcerer Supreme title and this series began. I tough OK I'll read this. I was so surprised by how good this was. And now on to the issue: 1) Good art, that brought out the "magic" of the issue. 2) A very good side cast, especially Dr Strange's apparent new student Casey 3) Amazing dialog, really brought out the individuality of the cast.   Rating: 4,5 of 5  PS. Don't expect to see Dr Strange a lot in this issue. ...

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Well, I Still Like It 0

When The Initiative first started I didn't like it. But then it got better and better. I really liked the usages of B-and C-list characters. But now on to the issue. 1) The story was a bit confusing, but quite interesting2) Liked that Diamondback, Trauma and Tigra have a big part in this story 3) Felt a bit short. 4) Good art as always 5) The ending was great, made me want to read the next issue and lifted the rating from 3,5 to 4.  Rating: 4 of 5  Favorite character in this story: Penance (Grea...

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Team-Up On A Massive Scale 0

So The New Avengers have been here a long time and I'm happy to say the quality hasn't fallen.But I do have a problem: The Cover: The art is amazing, but this cover is very misleading. Going in I tough I was going to see Spider-Woman team-up with Spider-Man. Then no Spider Spider team-up.  Though the story was still amazingly good. So many characters and may were my favorites like Hellcat, Misty Knight and Valkyrie. Also Victoria Hand keeps surprising me and in my opinion the best character intr...

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