Powers & Skills


Elemental Mimicry & Manipulation:

Mimicking Gold
Mimicking Diamond

When Miranda makes physical contact with a substance (in what ever state - solid, liquid, gad or plasma) she can convert her body into that substance. At first she can control only the converted material aka herself, but if she stays in one form for 2 hours or more she can control the substance no matter its origin. Her abilities depend on the subsistence she turned into. With some substances she can hide her transformation (these substances can only be discover by trial-and-error method and are people specific (Miranda can stay in human form while someone else couldn't)) but it can be detected by a strong physical contact. Miranda can't convert from one substance to another - she has to turn back human first. In all non-human forms she is impervious to poisons and toxins (unless they react to the substance she's made of); mental attacks and mind reading; she doesn't require food, water, air etc; immune to pressure changes.

Elements - Human Appearance Remains

  • Ice
  • Sand
  • Rubber
  • Oil
  • Paper
  • Fire
  • Adamantium
  • Kryptonite

Near Superhuman Physical Attributes:

Miranda's body has been modified to be genetically perfect which allow it to achieve levels about peak human levels. These include:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Dexterity
  • Vitality, etc.

The Nanobot Armor:

The Nanobot Armor

The Nanobot Armor work in along with her elemental mimicry and manipulation powers. The Armor makes her body turn into an unstable chemical compound called Binary 49-B. In this she looks human but it gives her a multitude of abilities that include:

  • Super-Human Physical Attributes like Strength, Agility, Speed, etc.
  • Flight
  • Some Level of Invulnerability (Medium-Rate Gunfire, Human-Propelled Weapons, Most Physical Attacks Unless Done by Super Strength)
  • Energy Absorption (With Enough Energy Absorbed Short-Term Intangibility) and Energy Blasts; Fire Form
  • All Benefits of Being Non-Organic


Genius Intellect & Scientific Mind:

Miranda is a natural genius with a very high IQ but it applies mostly to science. She can study these things in a very short time and apply them on a near expert level.

Business Expertise:

Miranda turned the Science-Branch from almost clandestine organization to fortune 500 company to one of the most successful enterprises on the planet.

Technology Expert (Really Undiscovered Technopathy):

Miranda just gets tech like a snap.... That's it. She gets it and can use it without any problems.

Implanted Skills:

When Miranda's DNA was rewritten, some extra skills were added in hopes of turning her into an assassin. Instead she rebelled and used them against her makers. These include:

  • Expert Killer - nearly a million ways to easily kill a person.
  • Expert Marksman - can use nearly all projectile weapons in an expert manner
  • Expert Mixed Martial Artist - can combine different fighting techniques successfully in an expert manner

Expert Thief:

Miranda is a self-taught thief. She can pick pockets, pick locks, hack, break an entering without being detected by most security technology.

Expert Grifter:

Miranda is a self-taught grifter. Basically she can con people and disguise (includes voice, clothes, make-up, etc) herself so well only a really really really observant person can tell.


Miranda is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs; two scoops of crazy with a side of coo-coo-cachoo. She's loopy. ... Yeah.


See Here, Here & Here.


Reward - Redemption - Regeneration

Diary of Miranda Frost

Entry #P8X-412

I have to say I'm actually quite happy living on a space ship. Even if it is a bit small. I mean The Tempest is only meant for 60 people. The Aurora can support up to 500 people. But honestly I don't mind - I actually like it. I'm think of this place as a test home ... with enough firepower to decimate a small city. Oh, well - can't be that picky. And there are enough good things about it: teleport rings, I installed the beaming tech, an armory filled to the brim, more then a few pieces of equipment the world hasn't seen before and a huge bed. That last part's my favorite. For obvious reasons.

Though I am trying to hold myself back. Corinthos keeps telling me he's fine but it hasn't been that long and I can't help but worry. It would be so much easier if he was human. Well, that's not true, a human couldn't go through all of what he did. And when I think about it, it makes me want to kill people. But then I go down to the maintenance bay and look at that box of green slime. That just happens to be the remains of the man who did this to my love. And the best thing - even as slime he is still alive and suffering more then he could ever produce on his own.

But that's not important. Not really. It's all in the past and I have no intention of looking back. Well, if I do, then only on the good parts. Most of them have to do with Corinthos anyway and he still here and he'll always will be here, next to me. I know that without a shadow of a doubt. But the ring helps of course.

(Next post in a couple of day.)


New Equipment List

The Nanobot Armor:

The Nanobot Armor

The Nanobot Armor work in along with her elemental mimicry and manipulation powers. The Armor makes her body turn into an unstable chemical compound called Binary 49-B. In this she looks human but it gives her a multitude of abilities that include:

  • Super-Human Physical Attributes like Strength, Agility, Speed, etc.
  • Flight
  • Some Level of Invulnerability (Medium-Rate Gunfire, Human-Propelled Weapons, Most Physical Attacks Unless Done by Super Strength)
  • Energy Absorption (With Enough Energy Absorbed Short-Term Intangibility) and Energy Blasts
  • All The Benefits of Being Inorganic


  • Beretta 92FS
  • FN P90
  • Winchester Model 62A
  • Rossi Model 971
  • In the case: (bottom L-R): S&W Ladysmith, Colt Mark IV, SIG-Sauer P220 and (top L-R): Kimber, H&K USP, and a Beretta 92G Elite 1A
  • Smith & Wesson 5906
  • Tokarev TT-33
  • Taurus PT92AFS
  • Mossberg 590 Cruiser
  • Smith & Wesson 5906
  • Beretta 950 Jetfire
  • Glock 21
  • SIG-Sauer P228
  • FN Five-SeveN USG
  • Heckler & Koch USP
  • IMI Jericho 941 - blued and stainless
  • NAA Guardian
  • Sphinx AT 2000
  • AKMSU Krinkov
  • Colt Mustang
  • Smith & Wesson 5906
  • SIG-Sauer P229
  • Heckler & Koch USP Match
  • FN Forty-Nine
  • Smith & Wesson 5906
  • Grappling Hook Pisto
  • Baby WE Hi-Capa 3.8 (Tranquilizer)
  • SIG SG 552
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • Heckler & Koch MP5KA4
  • NAA Guardian
  • Walther P22
  • EDM Arms Windrunner M96
  • Heckler & Koch G36C
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • Heckler & Koch USP
  • Smith & Wesson TwoTone M&P (Stainless Slide)
  • Smith & Wesson TwoTone M&P
  • Heckler & Koch MP5SD3
  • SIG-Sauer P226 SL Sport II

Experimental Weapons:

  • Asuran Pistol (2 mods - stun [needs one shot to work] and kill)
  • X-699
  • Sodan Cloak
  • Particle Magnum (2 mods - stun [needs one shot to work] and kill)
  • Zat'nik'tel (One shot - stun; two shots - kill)
  • Kara-Kesh
  • Oranian Pistol
  • Wraith Stunner (One shot - stun; two shots - kill)
  • Stun Rods
  • Sodan Staff Weapon
  • Plasma Pistol


  • Bulletproof Clothing
  • Knife
  • Throwing Knives
  • Baton
  • Syringe Set #1
  • Infrared Glasses
  • Scope Glasses
  • Drug-infused Lollypops
  • Syringe Set #2
  • Syringe Set #3


  • Lotus Europa S
  • Lotus Elise 2008
  • Lotus Exige S
  • Lotus Esprit 2013
  • Porsche Carrera GT
  • Lotus Elise 2015
  • "Tempest"

The Lit-Up Halo - January Jones' Emma Frost moments

I have decided to start a weekly (hopefully) blog about comic-book and not so comic-book related subjects. The first topic, as people can guess from the title, is related to X-Men: First Class. I know that there are quite the number of people who were not happy with the portrayal of Emma Frost by January Jones. I think I don't have to list the reasons. But after watching the movie a couple of more times I have noticed subtle moments that are worth the Diamond Beauty. SPOILERS! I will be giving the context of the moments so if you haven't watched the movie stop reading.

Moment nr. 1 - The Stare

This moment happens quite early in the movie. Magneto ( Michael Fassbender) is preparing to attempt to kill Shaw ( Kevin Bacon). He is being all bad-a** in a rubber-suit and everything. And is completely taken off guard by Emma's psychic attack. The camera zooms in on her eyes and there it was - it really gave a new meaning to the phrase stare-down. For me those eyes filled with the slight anger but more with determination. They say "This was your last mistake! Suffer!"
Thanks the the magic of the gif, we can see it in action.

Moment nr. 2 - The Smile(s)

This is kinda of a cheat because there are 3 smile moments. But each of the smiles had an Emma Frost quality to them, a kinda "trust me" appeal. I had trouble explaining why I thought these were Emma moments but to me they had that manipulative edge to them. My favorite smile happened in Russia, after the general woke up from his mental sex-dream, he looked at her and Emma's smile was brilliant. I almost laughed in the cinema.  Prepare for the gifs.

Moment nr. 3 - The Prison

This moments was not only my favorite scene of Emma but also of the entire movie. The scene really showed all the qualities Emma Frost has - playfulness, psychological manipulation, a killer walk and a great line.  

Extra moment - The Curtain

I have no idea how to explain this but her pulling the curtain closed in the club, her face was just so Emma.
OK, here were my moments. I hope I gave good explanations and gave something to think about. Comments would be really appreciated as well as ideas for up-coming blogs. And please don't be rude. And thanks for reading!

Kara Kesh

The Kara Kesh is a multifunctional device and a new weapon of choice for Miranda. All of its features can be accessed using the neural interface


  • A scanner - designed to scan an item and reveal any information (Chemical composition; trace evidence etc.)
  • A kinetic wave - the wave is powerful enough to throw adults several meters. It can also kill when the target hits a close solid surface.
  • A neural link - a forced neural like to the victim's brain, intended to torture or even kill.
  • An energy shield - creates a shield that can block laser weapons, bullets and many other fast projectiles.
  • A remote control for beaming tech - can use the beaming tech to beam herself away without needing the commander of the ship to do it.

My summer project - A hero RPG character

I think from the title what is is about. I have a couple of ideas and I'd like opinions on which I should pick. I might use the others as well in some form at a later time.  

Super Name:                     Alraune

Real Name:                       Kuparissos

Hair Color:                         Green

Age:                                     ~ 2000 years

Eye Color:                          Red

Mini Biography:               Kuparissos is a dryad, who was turned into a cypress tree by the goddess Artemis after she defiled her sacred forest. Hundreds of years later, she was uprooted and given as a gift to Queen Isabella. She gave it Columbus as a gift for finding America. He planted it in an area that would in the future become Central Park. One day the tree was hit by lighting and her former form returned, with the exception that her skin and hair turned green.

Powers:                              Plant manipulation and mimicry, Physic protection, Ecological Empathy

Skills:                                  Expert botanist, Average fighting skills

Equipment:                        Sickle


Super Name:                     Medusa

Real Name:                       Mara

Hair Color:                         Blue (In human form) Green (In gorgon form)

Age:                                     ~ 30 years

Eye Color:                          Blue

Mini Biography:                Mara is a detective from the 31th century. Her mother was the queen of species of aliens that were said to be the descendants of The Gorgons of Greek Mythology. Her father was a police officer who fell in love with the snake –like woman and impregnated her. Their daughter was born with the looks of a human, except for scaley hair and reptilian eyes. As a teenager her powers manifested and she transformed into a snakelike creature like her mother. But that was not all – Mara could also generate hard light. Thankfully she could transform back at will. When she was 25 her parents disappeared. She spent years looking for them. When following a lead, she teleported through a solar flare and was sent to modern times.

Powers:                             Light manipulation, Fear Inducement

Skills:                                 Advanced technological skills, Archery, Skilled Hand to Hand fighter

Equipment:                      Broken teleporter (for short range teleporting), Bow and quiver



Super Name:                     Ialos

Real Name:                       Unknown

Hair Color:                         Red

Age:                                     ~ 22 years

Eye Color:                          Red

Mini Biography:                Ialos was born in Norway into a family of glassblowers. Fascinated by this craft, she spent her youth watching her family working in a glass shop day in day out. When finally allowed to work in the shop, she shocked her family with her amazing skills. But she had a secret – she had learned she was able to control glass. When she was 20, to her surprise she was offered a scholarship to an art school as she had never applied. It turned out her family had sent an application for her. She moved to New York and when seeing the amount of crime decided to use her powers to fight it.

Powers:                              Glass and Mirror Manipulation and Mimicry

Skills:                                  Expert glassblower, Skilled bo fighter

Equipment:                        Glass bracelets, Mirror, Glassblowing stick



Super Name:                     Blind Faith

Real Name:                       Temperance

Hair Color:                         Dark

Age:                                     ~ 25 years

Eye Color:                          Brown

Mini Biography:                Temperance is the daughter of a gypsy, who worked in a circus New Orleans.  Because of the environments, she had the opportunity to learn many things from the carnival-folk, like acrobatics and sword fighting (from her teacher, she got a mysterious light-based sword.  Even at that time, she demonstrated improbable luck that was her power manifesting.  When the hurricane hit, her mother died but luckily she didn’t. The only thing she lost was her sight. But this didn’t stop her from living her life.  She continued to perfect her skills.  Temperance discovered that she was somehow able to tell where things and people were around her.

Powers:                              Probability Manipulation, Danger Intuition

Skills:                                  Skilled sword-fighter and acrobat

Equipment:                        Sword


The Songs of Miranda Frost

For clarity, I've decided to put up a list of songs Miranda sings as a siren and what effects they have.

Siren's Call - Epic Score: Song of Sirens

Lures men towards Miranda no matter what.

Kati Wolf - What About My Dreams?: Song of Dreams

Shows the hearer their dreams/desires/wishes
Or the same song only in Hungarian.

Kelly Rowland - Commander: Song of The Queen

Makes men, who were affected by Siren's Call, follow her commands

Lady Gaga - Judas: Song of Maenad

Causes frenzy in weak minded women.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor feat Junior Caldera - Can't Fight This Feeling: Song of Furies

Removes Miranda from the regular space-time and turns her into a devil-on-the-shoulder, but can only use men, who have heard Siren's Call and can remain undetected for only 10 minutes.

Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar: Song of Doubt

Cause doubt in a single person.

Theme to Silent Witness: Song of Frost

Creates cold weather, ice, snow, anything cold
More soon! Thoughts and comments appreciated. If anyone has suggestion for song I'm happy to hear them, but since I'm very picky about my music I won't promise I'll use them