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Powers & Skills


Default Weapons


Early life:

Queen's Halo was born in New York to [CLASSIFIED]. From a very young age she wanted to make a difference, so she started to educate herself by learning four languages, dancing, acrobatics etc. At puberty her powers emerged during a pool-party, where she froze the water in the pool. Her parents sent her off to Paris, so she wouldn't damage their reputation any more.


In Paris, she lived with a old blind woman, who gave her the knowledge of manipulating men. She also made her go to many heroes around Europe to learn to control her powers. After some time she left Paris under mysterious circumstances.


She returned to America, but she didn't contact her parents. She kept to herself trying to advance her abilities. A villainous organization, the Science-Branch saw that she could be a promising candidate for their experiments and since no one would miss her she was taken. She was stripped of her powers. After months of work, she had been given a new power: paper mimicry.


After this process she was awakened in hopes that she would work for them. Queen's Halo however killed everyone there. She left to find those responsible. She did and they died slowly and very painfully. She took control of what was left of Science-Branch and now rules it with an iron fist. Also during this time she killed her parents.


Queen's Halo knew that if her plans were to succeed, she need to make The Science-Branch a respected and the the best in its field. So she transformed into Miranda Frost, the CEO of SB. Using her looks (and bold hair) she made many contacts around the world and got some of the most famous scientist to work for her or at least their brains.

New Start:

After a rather long peaceful period Miranda's life took a turn. Turing a testing process an energy/real explosion removed her powers as well as her ability to speak. Fortunately for her Dr. Weir built her a mechanical voice-box that also gave her a controllable vocal frequency. But that wasn't the end - in a twist of events Miranda was turned into a siren.

The Purge:

Miranda's powers were all purged by a robot that she and Sarah Lockheart built years before.


Age: 29

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 9 1/4'' Weight: 130 pounds Eye Color: Emerald green

Hair Color: Blond

Identity: Secret

Registration: No

Super Power Origin: Original powers: Born with them. Former: Genetically modified; Current: Technological

Place of Birth: New York

Known Aliases: Queen of The Science-Branch; Shinigami (Angle of Death); CEO of The Science-Branch; CEO of The Hellfire Club; The White Queen (of The Hellfire Club)

Team Affliction: The Science-Branch (Disbanded); Vine Syndicate (disbanded) ; Thee Wildcardz (disbanded) , The Vine Thunderbolts (Disbanded); The Devil's Mark Sisterhood (Disbanded); The Hellfire Club

Name: Miranda Frost

Locations: SB Offices (Venice, Yucatan, Dark Utopia)

Appearance: Miranda Lawson, Yvonne Strahovsk, Zhen Ji, Konan, Lois Lane Robot, Kasumi Goto, Katherine, Emma Frost; Mandy Capristo, Lily Cole

As a villain Now blond as well
As a businesses woman with her staff



Elemental Mimicry & Manipulation:

Mimicking gold

When Miranda makes physical contact with a substance (in what ever state - solid, liquid, gad or plasma) she can convert her body into that substance. At first she can control only the converted material aka herself, but if she stays in one form for 2 hours or more she can control the substance no matter its origin. Her abilities depend on the subsistence she turned into. With some substances she can hide her transformation (these substances can only be discover by trial-and-error method and are people specific (Miranda can stay in human form while someone else couldn't)) but it can be detected by a strong physical contact. Miranda can't convert from one substance to another - she has to turn back human first. In all non-human forms she is impervious to poisons and toxins (unless they react to the substance she's made of); mental attacks and mind reading; she doesn't require food, water, air etc; immune to pressure changes;


Diamond Form:

Thanks to a ring from the SB, Miranda can now turn into an organic diamond partially or fully. In this form she is super-strong (100 tons), indestructible (except for one weak spot, that can destroy her), immune to mental attacks, also she is slightly faster and is devoid of all human emotions. As she is no longer human Miranda doesn't require food, water, air. Also is is not affected by pressure. She is also unable to use her siren and vocal powers in this form.


Siren Form
Siren Form

Miranda was given the powers of a siren by an old woman, who calmed to be the last of the line. She has powers both in human and siren form.

Siren Form:

As a siren, Miranda appears a green floating spirit-like being. In that form she can attract men with a song. As the power comes from the frequency of the song not the song itself, even men without hearing are affected. People with high intelligence or mental powers are less likely to be easily overtaken by the song. Women are not affected, unless the woman is specifically targeted and Miranda has a lot of energy. When she is threatened, Miranda's color will turn red.

Human Form:

As a human, Miranda is super strong -she can lift up to a ton. She can heal from medium-level wounds (These powers were temporary). Also men are more likely to notice her and respond positively to her requests .

Vocal Frequency:

After losing her paper power she was given a voice box to replace her broke one (broken in the same accident where she lost her powers). To her surprise the box had been super-powered. Using her PDA Miranda can manipulate the frequency of her voice. So not only can she create a high frequency pitch but also a low frequency pitches

Sonic Scream:

Sonic Scream

A high pitch or sonic scream can cause both structural and physical damage. The long the scream the worse the effect on the target

Paper mimicry:

Queen's Halo can turn into small pieces of paper, which she can control. In this form she doesn't feel anything, need to eat or breath. To turn fully into paper, she needs 2-5 seconds. At that time if interrupted she will turn back to human form.


Queen's Halo can transform the papers, she has turned into, using origami. She can create shuriken stars, kunais, butterflies, plains etc. She can also combine the paper to great one big version of a thing, like a butterfly.

Partial reforming:

Queen's Halo can reform parts of her body when in paper form. These parts are usually her eyes, ears, mouth, head and upper-body, or hands.

Paper control:

Queen's Halo can control paper, that did not come from her. She can also absorb it to have a regenerative effect. In human form she needs to touch it, but in paper form she needs to be near (Max around 20-30 m) away.


Queen's Halo can absorb paper to heal herself. She can absorb more than she needs and that gives her a slight boost in abilities.



A ring made by the Science-Branch before Miranda took over. Found it by accident. Allows her to turn into an organic diamond form. Destroyed


Queen's Halo's gun of choice. Built to be easily hidden while being as powerful as possible. The bullets have been hand-crafted by Queen's Halo and have been implanted with tracking devices for easier targeting.


During her time in Paris, she fought a dog-like villain, who, before defeat, bit of her right hand's index finger. A scientist in Munich built her a mechanical finger. With it she temporarily disable mechanical equipment or stun people.


Queen's Halo carries with her a a mysterious suitcase. No one knows what is in there. Rumor has it that it hold her doll assistant/killer and/or bodyguard/killer.

The evil organization's equipment:

After taking control of her transformers, she learned that they have multiple shadow companies funding them. This mean she has access to large amounts of money, private planes, housing around the world etc.

Chain Whip:

Queen's Halo's Chain Whip was given to her in Europe by one of her trainers. She seldom uses it, only when her powers would not give a positive outcome. She holds it in her suitcase, or so it's said.

Ice Queen Cannon:

The SB's new weapon in space. A wide-spread shot can temporarily freeze anyone in a 500m radius, but a concentrated shot can fully freeze anyone and anything. [Usable after RPG nr4.]

Imperfect Angle:

Is a Smith & Wesson Model 5906 built especially for her. It is however just a normal gun without any scientific upgrades. This is why Queen's Halo loves it. [Usuable after RPG nr5.]

Black 2007 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S:

Pure Edge:

When Queen's Halo needs to be discrete, this is what she uses. A lipstick/mirror/face-powder that hides a knife. Oh and the powder is toxic. [Picture made my payno]

The Shield:

A mental protection, The Shield can block out any and all telepathic attacks and telepaths in general.

The Hammer:

An advanced piece of technology. A large hammer that is hidden in her purse. It increases her strength by 10 times.


Highly educated:

In her youth, Queen's Halo was tough by many prominent teachers. This allowed her gain many skills that she could use. These included languages, mathematics, business, psychology, ballet, acrobatics etc.


In Paris, Queen's Halo learned how to manipulate people using her looks. This and her many revealing costumes sometimes give her an edge.


Queen's Halo has a natural marksmanship, but she uses this mostly in throwing/propelling papers. Sometimes she uses small-caliber handguns.

Martial Arts:

Queen's Halo is skilled in many fighting skill, but has not mastered any. She is however capable of combining them to suit any situation.

"Soft" Weapons:

Queen's Halo is trained in the use of many roped martial arts weapons, like the Rope Dart, Meteor Hammer and Chain Whip. This also allowed her to use many throwing weapons like knives.

Other Skills:

  • The Moroccan Fire Dance



Human form of Tatsu

Tatsu is a robot built by the science-branch. Its many job is to be an assistant to Queen's Halo, but in

some cases it can be used as cannon fodder. Tatsu 1.0 was destroyed when New York sank but was quickly replaced by the identical 2.0 who has all the memories of the previous model.

Doctor Weir:

Doctor Weir

Doctor Weir is the only surviving member of the previous Science -Branch. Queen's Halo saw promise of redemption in her and spared her. Now not only did she get a promotion but now she is responsible for making some of the SB's technology.


Transformed Bara
Human form of Bara

Bara is second robot built by Queen's Halo herself. Its functions are manly offensive. It disguises itself as Miranda Frost's bodyguard.


Greta is the newest employee at SB. No one knows what she really looks like (not even Miranda) as every day see comes in with a new face. Greta is a master fighter and guns expert, however she rarely uses them in her job.


  1. Child's Play ( OOC/RPG) - Canceled
  2. Unprotectable: Queen's Halo & Clutch ( OOC/ RPG) - Ended without conclusion
  3. Grand Illusion (Queen's Halo vs. Tessa McIntosh) ( OOC/ RPG) - Finished (Goal achieved)
  4. Legal Confidentiality - Queen's Halo & Umbra ( OOC/ RPG) - Ended without conclusion
  5. Devil's Mark Sisterhood: Invitation and Initiation ( OOC/ RPG)
  6. Aqua Fuga ( OOC/ RPG) - Ended without conclusion
  7. Bob helps Miranda solve a MURDER (Queen's Halo & hydrabob) ( OOC/ RPG) - Ended without conclusion
  8. Worst Infiltration Ever! ( OOC/ RPG) - Finished (Goal not achieved)
  9. The Water-Cooler Moments - The Science-Branch Team ( OOC/ RPG) - Ended without conclusion
  10. The Collector (Dark Utopia RPG) ( OOC/ RPG)

The SB Things:


In Action:

(Not mine, but I'm working on one.)

(Made by me, uploaded by a friend)



Queen's Halo has many different costumes, but she mostly rotates between six different costumes:


Variation Battle-suit:

Public image:


Miranda's Favorite Sayings:

  • “I'm an excellent judge of character. I think you'll find my assessments to be right on the money.”
  • "You could trust me, but where's the fun in that?"
  • “I don’t have patients for incompetence or recklessness or heroes.”
  • “This mission might seem insane and the odds of survival might be low but I will achieve success because of this crew or in spite of it.”
  • “Do you want me do shave your eyebrows to numb you into submission?”
  • “I'm the best in this business, not the most famous. Need to watch my step to keep it that way.”
  • “Please! Remember who you’re talking to.”
  • "I'm actually sweating. The last time I sweated there was gunfire involved."
  • "I love a good suicide mission."
  • “Smooth and silent, the same technique I always use for moving high explosives.”
  • “By the way, for the record, I will not at any point during this mission be dressing as a belly-dancer.”
  • “Something is different about you – the confidants, straight spine. Can’t be true but ... you’re behaving like you’re having regular sexual intercourse.”
  • “As hard as a secret is to uncover, it’s even harder to keep.”
  • “It’s like watching a nervous breakdown, sponsored by volumizing shampoo.”

  • "I'm gonna go crazy. And I'm taking you with me."

  • "I’m so on to you. You’re a shark! You pretend you’re not ambitious and everyone falls for it and then you swoop in for the kill. Actually you’re more like a duck – all sweet and calm above the water but underneath your little legs are churning away. Quack! You are so obvious."