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I read that Jean's Telepathy was actually surpressed by the Phoenix Force so that she couldn't call out to anyone to release her before her healing was complete (like Xavier or other powerful telepaths or Scott), and was not caused by the sensors Reed used to release Jean. Sue is powerful and has great powers, but Jean with her dual psionic powers/potential is just too powerful for Sue.

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I always thought Donna Troy was slightly stronger than Starfire back in the early days of the Titans. Is this not so? Donna's strength has continually increased over the years, and now, as a magical duplicate of Wonder Woman, should be just as strong as Diana. Even when empowered by solar energy, I didn't think Kory's strength ever ventured anywhere near those levels. Has she ever fought Supergirl, Power Girl or Mary Marvel?

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Wow, there are so many!   And put them all in one room at the same time!
Wolverine, Hercules (any and all versions), Thor, Wonder Man, Rulk, Doc Strange Superman, Hal Jordan, Jean Grey, Black Widow, She-Rulk, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Batgirl, Catwoman and Supergirl.
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As something different, maybe they could start with Freddie, and after Freddie loses the powers to Billy, Billy will then take over the title?
Just saying...
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No.  But I wish I did!   
Although, the TSR is so old, that almost every character would need to have their stats readjusted, if even only slightly. 
People like Ms Marvel, Thor, Hulk Jean Grey, etc. need major stat overhauls. 
While others need to get profiled like Rulk, She-Rulk, Lyra Hope Summers, etc.
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Very nice list. 
Have you finished any more entries?
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Supes and Bats are front and center.   
As you move outwards and away from the center, all the characters appear smaller.
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Superwoman for the win!
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I think they are standing on a rounded platform with variable height, one that has the characters taller in front, looking shorter the further they go out on the sides.   Notice for example, how similar Supes and Bats appear at the "Center". 

Another example, look at how tall WW looks compared to GL and to Aquaman.  For that matter, GL looks much taller than Aquaman. 
The same with Batman over Flash and Cyborg and Flash looking much taller than Cyborg. 
It just seems like the heroes have shrunk, when in fact they haven't!  (I Hope!)