Body Betrayal

Long story short, something has managed to weaken my heart.

Still not sure if it was a virus, pnemonia, or what but my heart is enlarged and beating harder than it should.

On medication but doctor says 33% of the time it will get better, 33% will get worse, and 33% will stay the same.

So I have a 66% change of being screwed, by career to would be down the toilet.

I'm in my early 30s and have two children, the idea of this both terrifies and angers me.

I'm not even allowed to pick up my children much less to anything even remotely energetic.

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What hero am I most like?

After some consideration I realized I have some similarities to:




Even with the knowledge of being Donald Blake, Thor is not of this world. He comes from a strange planet with strange customs. No matter how hard he tries he will never truly fit in on Earth.


At times I find myself adapting to the strangeness of society in general. Scatching my head when I watch the news or having someone talk about themselves. Our society has changed so much over the last few years I feel like by the time I understand the new generation it will be time for the next generation to change society.




Odin the All-father removed his eye so he could have ultimate wisdom, its believed that he knows everything that has and will come to pass. In the mythos he was clever at times quite deceitful. In the comics he has done at times cruel things to that Thor will learn and understand so that one day he will replace him as King of Asgard and possessor of the Odin-Force.


I consider my father to be a renaissance man. He knows a little bit about of everything. At times his anger gets the best of him but I consider him to be a wise and clever man. I remember my father telling me stories or having me do things that didn't make sense at the time but eventually I realized why he said or had me do such things and I am a better man for it.

I know that I will need to impart both my father's wisdom as well as my own upon my children, and take my place and head of my household.




In the comics Loki is Thor's stepbrother. He is a powerful being whom works behind the scenes to destroy Thor. In the mythos he was also a shapeshifter that could take almost any form.


I love my sister but at times I feel that she believes we need to compete for our parents' affections. Sometimes she appears to be helping me bring my parents and I closer together, then suddenly she changes rails and once again my family and I are at odds.

Also my enemy seems to shift to other people, co-worker, boss, family, friend. But the problems with them always seem to have the same core issues.




Not anyone can lift Mjolnir, only those of worthy are capable of lifting it. It is both a device of creation as well as war. Its use depends solely on the weilder.


I consider my family my Mjolnir. There are times when I get frustrated or angry with my wife or kids that I have the fear that perhaps am not worthy of fatherhood. At times I wonder if my children will be a boon to society or a bane.

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