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Real Name: Andrew Joseph Stone 
Age:  27
Height:  6'4"
Weight:  220
Hair Color:  Dark Brown
Eye Color:  Hazel
Hometown:  Imperial City
Identity: Secret 
Martial Status:  Single
Known Relatives: Leslie Stone (Father), Lynn Miller (Mother), Michelle Stone (Sister), Connor Stone (Brother), Rose Miller (Sister)


Andrew grew up in a split household. Though being close to both his mother and father. Especially after his father and siblings gained powers of their own through Division's Secret Weapon Testing. Living what most would describe at as a "normal" childhood all the way through school. Though feeling as he's been different, nothing resulted from it. Being a genuinely good person with good morals, nothing extraordinary ever happened. He got accepted to work at an engineering firm that seemed to be rather easy work. Rising up the corporate ladder rather quickly. This, though, would be where Andrew Stone's life would change forever. 
Becoming the Hero, Birth of Quantum Man
Andrew Stone was just an everyday working guy at an engineering firm in Imperial City. One morning, Andrew was on his way into the office when a thunderous crash from space smashed the parking lot. Investigating the assumed meteorite, a surprise came. A mysterious, unknown language jumbled some frequency of words, and then followed by this incredible neon green flash.   Knocked onto the ground apparently unharmed, Andrew runs to tell his co-workers. But on returning to what should have been an incredible site, was nothing. The source of the flash of light was gone. "What?" Andrew thought to himself for hours that followed. At his computer at work, an unexpected green arc as an electrical appearance zapped his computer. Going home to rest, Andrew could not figure out what on earth was going on. 
The Chrodayians:   After continued failure to fight crime, but determined never to give up, Andrew meditated on another means to harness abilities of the metals. This meditation triggered a similar flash and voice that was originally found at the crash sight that gave Andrew his power. The strange, untranslatable voice became understandable. A man's voice. Ceilfur was his name. Ruler of the Chrodaynians is who he submitted himself to be. "What do you want with me?!" Andrew cried in the echo of space of his consciousness. Explaining who he was, and that he was the source of Andrew's powers, Ceilfur also explained that Andrew was injected with a dorment catalyst at birth. In order to hide the super weapon Quantum Force from Zoran-Mek, an opposing alien race. Ceilfur also informed Andrew that the Chrodaynians has been watching over him for quite sometime. Waiting for the oppotune moment to activate the armor. Seeing the time was right, they sent the activator to earth. Passing the test of truth Ceilfur explained, Andrew has proven himself worthy to accept the Phase II of his abilities. An upgrade, if you will. After this, a blinding and painful ligth illuminated the void of Andrew's mind, this location of conversation with Ceilfur and then all of a sudden, Andrew wakes up in his apartment.  
Feeling different, and yet stagnant all at the time. Andrew tried to make sense if it had been just a dream....or what? Just then, a screaming noise, unsenseable scorched Anderw's mind. Crawling on the floor from the pain, Andrew tried to find a way to calm it. Focusing, the intense noise stopped, and became sirens outside, a conversation from a distance, and a song on a radio station. As he opened his eyes to make sense of all these transmission at once, he thought "What is this.....how am I doing this? Then, a shimmering sudden flash in his eyes, focusing on the blur, Andrew notices that he can see through the floor across from him, and in the other apartment across the hall. "WHOA!" he jumps up suddenly, suddenly, his arm extends to a highly designed weapon, what appeared to be a cannon of some sorts, before he could make sense of it BOOOOOM! a rocket emerges from where his hands used to be and jets out his apartment window and detonates over the park. Calming down, his body calms down. His body shapshifts back to it's usual state.  "I'm thinking....that was some freaky dream" 
After a few weeks of training his body, adapting to his new abilites, Andrew concluded that he had the ability to not only shapshift his body to any form he desired, but he could also grant those shapes mechanical and electrical parts. Giving Andrew an entire arsenal of new abilities for his cause against crime.  After weeks of waiting, Andrew finds himself ready. Keeping his ear on the police scanners, he finally hears what he was waiting for. A call on a bank robbery by a man with telekenisis. "At last", he said to himself as he shapes to his generic hero form and jetting towards the sirens, "a rematch". After defeating Madhand with a discovered ability to convert nearby matter, into his metal, add it to his own mass to increase his strength exponentially, a newsreporter runs into merit him the credit thats due for the past months of unrecognized heroic reports. Hoping to get a name. Assuring the reporter that they'll never need to thank him and that he will always be there to fight the wrong, he leaves saying "just call me" then jetting off into the sky "Quantum Man"

Rise of the Paladins:   After fighting one of their "regulars" once again, and putting him behind bars, once again. Xaldin, Portal and Quantum Man had the great idea to "team up more often". Andrew and Xaldin actually considering it quite a bit before presenting the idea to Portal. Showing the " super-hero line up" and the "special" floor of Power Enterprises that housed anything remotely close to high tech gear for fighting crime. Portal agreed and the sign up requests began. Gaining Creature, Zero-Point, Daydream, and Atom Pounder, an epic team of fighting super villains internatinally began. Quantum Man being one of their greatest assets.
Malachor Invasion:
Death?: With all of the Malachor Invasion aftermath, Tech Freak amongst others, were unsatisfied with apparent death of Quantum Man. Reading all the energy signatures read out from the sun, Tech Freak noticed something bizarre. An unknown energy signal, that shouldn't be there. Taking a specially designed vessel to investigate, Curiously enough, they were able to access the energy and siphon it from the sun and channel it into a specialized chamber suit. Low and behold, it was Quantum Man. The living energy form. The Quantum Force at it's rawest form. Returning to Earth to celebrate, Andrew remained in the specialized suit for some time so that Tech Freak would be able to conduct further research. After all the testing, he came to his final conclusion: The Quantum Force was indestructible.  

Red Quantum:  After the Zorans were embarrassingly forced to retreat from their invasion on Earth at the hands of Quantum Man and the rest of the Paladin defenders, Zoran-Mek devised a super weapon of his own. A weapon that would rival the Chrodaynians and Quantum Man. The only sample Zoran-Mek had was tampered with to no end. But in all testing, no Zoran species could inculcate the Quantum power. Which led Mek to conclude only one thing, it had to be induced onto a human. After much search of hatred on Earth for the Quantum powered hero, he found one man perfect for the job: Albert Finch. Albert had been hunting down Quantum Man ever since the media blamed him for Finch's girlfriend's, Becky Bernhardt, death. Finding this long lost specimen, Zoran-Mek granted him the power to make Quantum Man pay on one condition: to serve the Zoran Empire in the war against Chrodaynia. Finch agreed with much enthusiasm. Finch has since been Quantum Man's greatest foe. Having all the abilities of the Quantum Force but no morals to restrain him. Albert became the Red Quantum. A murderous villain who will stop at nothing to defeat Quantum Man once and for all.    

Enter the Hourglass:   
Son from the Future: 
The Quantum Force gives Andrew an array of powers. Before his upgrade, Andrew solely had the ability to shapeshift his body into most any shape he could imagine (Axe, blades, glider wings, claw hands, etc). He could also exert the Quantum Force, what powers the alloy and is what Andrew is now a living being of, and channel it to other, inorganic matter. Converting it to the same alloy Andrew possess and then would be able to manipulate it (creating additional mass to himself, molding bigger weapons, etc). This power when applies to organic lifeforms, is excruciatingly painful for the recipient. Though the energy is not capable of converting organic lifeforms to the alloy, it will still try. Causing pain on a molecular level.  
At normal levels, Quantum Man has super strength and durability. Being capable of pressing 80 tons and durable enough to take surface to air missiles with little ill effect. He can convert within seconds his hard metal skin, into a malleable, shapeshifting form. Making Quantum Man unpredictable. 
After Ceilfur granted him the second phase of the Quantum Force, the alloy upgraded. Becoming an highly advanced computer construct as well. This new power allowed Andrew to mold mechanical weapons in his alloy. Such as energy cannons, missles, various types of visions, radar, radio transmitters, and rocket propulsion. He has a complete Chrodaynian database to reference from and to help him with day to day situations.  
Quantum Man, in a sense, is a living energy. At times, he has been able to covert his physical being, into sole energy, and transfer it to other locations. Such as nearby vehicles, satellites, and alien ships. Doing this allows him to transfer his being into another state., convert himself to  mass larger than his previous form, or take over electrical/mechanical devices.  
 Although the human part of Andrew consciously feels he needs to, Quantum Man does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep.