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@The Dark Huntress said:
" @HawkQuality over quantity. I've true doing shorter posts but can't seem to pull it off. "
Did someone say my name? :P
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Quality had dissipated far from the scene. Slight was worthy, Enigma was worthy, both of them had proven a point to Mark that he couldn't bring them both down at the same time. He needed to recuperate, and then try again. Hopefully, Mark didn't end up fighting two heroes that were great on the battle field when only one was his target. Quality is a relentless human being, a being that doesn't stop until he is positively dead. He would murder Slight soon as his job needed to be finished properly, and he would kill Enigma out of spite. Both would have clean deaths, no pain, just peace.  His influence on the battle was mysterious, angering the others who frantically were looking around for his presence. It seemed that mark, however relentless, had vanished. His body leaving this face of the Earth and reappearing somewhere else. In truth, as the smoke engulfed the three's bout, he had disappeared over a sand dune. Silently watching he praised his ability to disappear mainly because he would have been hit by Slight's quick, yet expertly returned, blows. It seemed and very surly seemed, like Mark had given up. For him though, he had one last choice....

"I wonder what these two would do if I simultaneously activated my Diagons. Explosions, and one or both would burn to smithereens," Quality muttered to himself as he peeked over to see Slight searching the area for his body.

 As soon as he felt Slight looking his way, Mark ducked quickly. For a few seconds he had felt like he had been caught, his heart rate sky rocketing as his thoughts rushed adrenaline to through his body. A few more seconds, and he realized the man hadn't seen him, and that he was perfectly fine where he was. Time to plan; this was the final bow out. If Quality could concentrate, he could activate all of his thirty Diagons, the rest were smoke for get-away defenses and fragmentation for clean deaths. Combined there would be a lot of smoke and a large explosion close around sixty yards. Mark he a faint idea in the back of his mind that if he could perfectly activate them all, and then use compressional sound waves to shake his molecules into a 'phasing' that he could avoid most of the explosives' blasts. He would get hurt, he would be out of his game for a very long time, but there was the chance he could survive. A small percentage, but luck and fate are better to believe in than mathematics.

If this failed, this was the end of a assassin trained to kill. This nagged in Quality's brain like a warning siren.

No time to bicker with myself. Go with what I got.... That's all. Instantly Quality barreled himself over the dune and into the air, using his hands and feet. Mixing a gravitational disturbance with his jump, Mark was much lighter; therefore he wasn't falling down as fast he normally would. When he neared both Slight and Enigma, Quality screamed. "Enigma, shield yourself! He'll lie, say I'm the bad one, but don't believe him.....I'm saving everyone else from that monstrosity that calls himself human!" Within moments Quality shook his arms frantically. In his mind he concentrated. Five...Four...Three...Two....One.


It was over. Everything, the whole battle that had just happened here before the eyes of three men. The deaths of hundreds, the broken railroad, the blackened and blood colored sand revealing a struggle, and even the emotional toll on those who had been deceived and changed their ways out of the 'greater good.' The explosion was massive. The Diagons were small, but they were full to the brim. Decisive, the weapons were great. The first to implode and then explode were the frags. After that, the air was engulfed in red flames. The whole battle field just erupted into chaos. The train caught fire again as the wind blew the red substance towards it, turning it further black. The actual tracks began to melt and smolder. After the ruckus of that, the smoke Diagons exploded. The flames were exposed for a moment before a black cloud blocked anyone from seeing the mess.

As everything cleared, the spot where Quality was hovering over was blackened. It was obviously the center of the explosion in the first place. Quality's blackened bones were nowhere, his body seemingly being disintegrated. If someone wished for a body, they were terribly mistaken. Enigma hopefully, would see this worthy deed. A deed that should not go unnoticed, and instead should reveal revenge upon Slight.... the real monster in his mind still.

It seemed, the greatest assassin in the world was dead or still alive. There was no knowing.....as of now.
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Sorry guys, been away for awhile. Please delete those posts, I'll try to get something up to night or tomorrow noon- I'm starting now though.

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I'll figure something out and do it Sunday or Monday...

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@lagoon_boy said:
" @Quality; another mentor "
Seriously? Alright! BooYA!!!
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ah......-_- d!ck.... or should i say Prick.... Jking :P


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@dreadmaster said:
"The best way for you to learn is just pull somebody who does RPG'ing all the time and ask them to RPG you or to train you more indepth, but you also need an origin story for your character, something that defines your character like how your character got there powers, their family members, etc. Lots of stuff and being specific is a must for all RPG'ers, though i'm am still new and i don't think i could train you.Here's a list of reccomendations of people to teach you:AndferneGamblerFerro VidaThe HunterKing SaturnRiskyLstPaladinNobodyFinal ArrowG'BanditThe DrifterClosureBasically pick people with about 5,000 posts or more to get you to train you personally, give you tips, etc. Or or you do what some Viners do and "wing it". "

Um.... Great job :D

good luck geraldthesloth, you'll be here a few years now v.v hehehehehehe!...
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Hey, guys. Since I'm on less and less, and I don't want to 'slow' this down and "KILL" it, i'm going to make one post. It should sum up what my character would be doing....:D...and there can be two possibilities.

1) If this is Non-Cannon, he can just blow up a two mile radius with all the Diagons he has......See, who survives.

2)If this is Cannon, he can just have the rest of the Diagons be smokies and disappear.....Leaving Slight, and you, Enigma to fight it out....

All I know is that i'm accepting ideas... I just want my 'ending' to go with a bang that affects ya'll... or maybe I can make two posts in which in a fit of anger Slight exacts a blow towards me, but then I realize that Enigma's behind me, so I take the blow and die.....Alll I know is I won't be back as Quality for a long while, and his 'ending' here would probably be his shady death that would be debunked if I wanted him back- basically... Good job boy's, proved your worth to me :P, but I can't stay in the game...So I'm giving you a chance at killing the unique Mark1212...

Plus, I'm not goonna just bounce out, I'm going to post until a conclusion is seen fit... I like to finish things.

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@Giapeto said:
"I think it's Qualities turn to post, but he hasn't been on in a while...he says I didn't respond to his attack, but I didn't see one...btw..this is Slight "
MY whole last one and a half paragraph was an attack....

From shaking both his arms, a few sashes opened, and then he produced three small, spherical discs within each hand. These discs are called Diagon (Small spherical discs that can be loaded with explosive materials, usually TNT mixed with different grenade powder, by which upon impact will explode. Some however are used as throwing balls in which upon impact, a nylon wire will surround a opponent and trap them.(Usually thrown at feet) and are special made. The three in Mark's left hand are the throwing balls while the other three, in his right hand, are TNT mixed in with smoke grenade powder.

Mark looked Slight straight in the eyes as he threw the six discs into the air. He put a look of resent on his face to sell himself to Enigma if the man was watching. The smoke powdered Diagons would hit each other as they were rigged. Two of the throwing ball Diagon's would hit each other, and hopefully become a lethal weapon with four spiraling balls while the third was meant to precisely hit Slight in the left leg. If it did hit, than it would wrap around Slight's feet tightly in an almost tapped way. Now, all The Silent Killer could do was wait.