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Come on kids, it might be good. The movie is an interesting premise i'll check it out. A comic book about monsters, vamps and such it has potential

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I have seen some crazy and random shit in my life but that's got to be the most random thing

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Its kind of random but its Timberlake, Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds, those are the three the producers are choosing from. I think the article i saw said the choice was going to be announced at Comi-Con. Reynolds will probably say no because of his Marvel deal, his getting shafted because The Flash never came to be and with all his recent dealings with superhero/comic roles hes probably afraid he'll get typecast. Timberlake is actually a pretty solid actor but i just can't see him as Hal Jordan but Bradley Cooper i do and he is also a solid actor. Cooper has played some diverse characters

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No marvel no venom. He should be in all marvel movies regardless

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More action, goofier comedy, Mudflap and Skids were hilarious (robots that can't read and have gold teeth yep racist all black ppl are like that. If someone thought they were racist they're the ones who are), more action.


Robots that make devastator are fighting in the desert, that bandage of Sams kind of came out of nowhere, only decepticons die (i love me some autobots but some gotta die), Where was Jolt?, Megans hot but really a butt shot the hood scene in the 1st was just classier and AMAZING also in the 1st she looked more natural in this one like they tried to make her overly hot, not really needed with pot brownies and parents at college still hilarious but not needed. The Fallen in that ship how long has that been there, did they really need the matrix and sometimes i thought why is this happening,


experimental gun taking out devastato from so far...1) its a movie 2) its experimental who knows it potential, the accents really? Jazz spoke "thugly"  in the 1st, the Doctor needing glasses really? nothing like a site gag and a different way to show a robot magnifying an image, Bumblebee as a bug = LAME/gay/weak so he was a bug when you old guys were kids but yea a camora has balls why would anyone complain about flames on Optimus does it really matter, someone asked why didn't our ancestors destroy the machine....with what stones and sticks pretty dumb thought on their part, pretty sure it was said the original good primes were not violent and the Fallen was the strongest AND he was "family" killing fam = not cool, this is out there but...maye Optimus is diferent and needed the matrix to be brought back, one of the 1st things Meg Fox asks Bee is if hes still having voice problems and he nods so when Alice is in the car he messes with her and really thibk if bumblee was like" yea that slut is a bot," a couple things would have happened she would have attacked, sam would have been like "bull shit," and bumblebe might not have known because he probably thought she would have gotten Sam in trouble.


Its a summer blockbuster made with Micheal Bay who goes for excessive action not awards, so last summer we had The Dark Knight which is one of the finest pieces of cinema created but how many summer movies have been that high of caliber?Movies are meant to entertain and Megan Fox even said "This is a summer popcorn movie," not a profound film that will revolutionize future films. Those who are tearing this movie down so strongly you have to remember ITS ABOUT ALIEN ROBOTS THAT TALK AND FIGHT. So people shut the hell up and enjoy themovie its pretty entertaining. I didn't go in thinking wow can't wait to see character development or a thought provoking plot i wanted to see huge robots fighting and Megan Fox running in a low cut shirt
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Did you get this pic from a comic or did make it up? Its a solid drawing

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Def agree Buckys' Cap is pretty solid Roger's can stay dead until the series starts to blow. Its only been a year in the Marvel-verse but Rogers should stay dead for at least a couple of more years. His death was national news but i doubt his return will catch much attention

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Steve Rogers is dead...for now. Reborn #1 is coming soon and with come Steves revival. Is it me or do you think this could have waited? I love me some captain America either it be Bucky or Steve but we all knew Steve would be back. with Captain America coming to the big screen i think the the movie comes out should be the year he retur. Who should play Steve Rogers anyway?

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I have the Blade DVD i never saw that alternate ending where or what edition is it on.

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Will Smith as Deadpool? You're drunk. Who would be the main villain? I say T-Ray but I can see the producers or whatever making Ajax and Tray the same person of sorts. Copycat and Outlaw choices = perfect. Maybe A.I.M and Hydra can be used.

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