Dead Lantern? Green Pool?

So Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, Hannibal King and now Hal Jordan aka the Green Lantern. I think Reynoltds is a great actor who has a great depth as an actor, Van Wilder he was great, charismatic and hilarious and The Amityville Horror he showed he was capable of being serious, scary and of course his charisma was still evident. If i was him i think i would consider marrying Scarlet Johansen my greatest achievement. Whenever a new super hero role pops up he is always considered for the role, there's nothing wrong with that like i said he is a great actor. he was really interested in the role and was the #1choice for playing the Flash and was attached to star in it for a long time but it never came to fruition. Now if they make it say he does playy the Flash how will they ever do a Justice League movie? But i digress from my intended point, why always consider the same ppl for super hero roles? Hal Jordan came down to Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake (surprisingly a good actor) and Reynolds, why not Cooper or Timberlake. will there be a difference between how he portrays Deadpool and Green Lantern? I srtill think chosing Reynolds for GL is a good choice but why don't the movie makers give anyone else a chance? Will Reynolds play Captain American too (being Canadian that would be soooo not cool)? Maybe Robert Downey Jr. will carry the shield or Hugh Jackman, its like the ppl making the movies are afraid to take a chance on any other actors who have yet to don spandex, a mask or whatever their alter ego wore.Hiring the unknown Christopher Reeves was a great choice for the Superman franchise and his career also (many may disagree) Brandon Routh portrayed Clark Kent/Superman excellently which led his career to slowly flourish. Superman Returns may have been a let down to others but in my opinion, it was a great movie. With lack of diversity of actors playing heroes will the inevitable crossovers have actors interacting with themselves as different characters (i doubt this would ever happen but with the current trend who knows)?


Cap'nAmericavs.Thorvs.IronMan2vs.GreenLantern READ ME!

I can't wait for "The First Avenger: Captain America." I want to see that shield flying through the air taking out nazi's and all the possibilities of movie easter eggs and cameos. I'm pretty sure I read Bucky is confirmed to be in the movie and well duh Red Skull will probably be the foe but what about Zemo or the other classic baddies. Huge geekgasms have the potential of occuring by maybe giving Jim Hammond and Namor screen time show the classic Invaders but also Wolverines old ass can potentially show up but also a Mr. Isaiah Bradley. I think Scott Speedman (Underwold 1&2 and The Strangers) would be a great Cap or Zack Morris himself Mark-Paul Gosselaar hes a pretty solid actor checkhim out in "Raising the Bar" or one of my fave movies "Deadman On Campus." Who do you think the cast should consist of? WRITE ME BACK DAMNIT!
What movie are you more looking forward to? Thor? Cap? Iron Man 2? Green Lantern? or whatever movie? I think Iron Man 2 has an impressive cast but with all that star power will they be fighting for screen time/overwhelming the screen? Jon Faveau and Robert Downey Jr. carried the 1st and made it the great and succesfull movie it was and rober saved an extra during shooting for the sequel....RDJ is my hero. The story also revealed a LITTLE bit of a scene the guy was part of a group fleeing from...wait for it... a group of robotic villains! oh the excitement makes me chafe, will there be hordes of actual robotic minions to battle or Mickey Rourke have some armored allies OR will Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) suiting up? Possibly the greatest part of the movie will be Scarlett Johansen as the Black Widow which mean tight leather outfit...oh i'm drooling again. Thor oh Thor...I have no doubt this movie will be good Kenneth B as director = great choice. I'm not huge Thor fan but having the pre-Avenger Thor movie being mainly in Asgard would be awesome and a great stepping stone for the Avengers movie and possible Thor sequel. What will he wear? I dig the goofy helmet with wings but how would that transfer to screen or his cinder block on a stick/hammer I think the ultimate Thor hammer would be the best choice and it would be smart to combine the Ultimate uniform with the classic Thor outfit, but of cource the torso plates will be there. What kind of Loki will we see? I always pictured him of course a genius schemer but also a dark-clownish/schizo character who enjoys what he does and might provide a few laughs but always taken serious.  I don't know whats really going on with the Green Lantern movie but its being released on Christmas, I think thats not the best choice of release dates but the Latern franchise is near endless and has so many possibilities. The series of course first feature Hal Jordan, i assume he'll probably have a trilogy then Jon Stewart (Common gets my vote) gets his 3 and my favorite Kyle Rayner. The Lantern movies can be earthbound action movie or a space epic and can feature Oa, Kilwog and other famous Lanterns and of course Hal will battle his teacher Sinestro. What do think? PLEASE COMMENT.


I been digging Deadpool for years.wbu?Wat got u hooked?

Lets face mr.Wade Wilson is awesome. Hes pretty unique a world where almost everyone has a "healing factor" his is bargain bin quality. Nasty skin, constantly healing which messes with his mind and for awhile he couldn't grow and limbs back and the mofo is CRAZY...i don't rember the issue # but he roshamboughs Cap=he kicked him rights in man region. Deffinetly one of the few that breaks the 4th wall and he just won't stay dead.I'm pretty sure he has died 4 times.

Why do you think hes gotten so popular in about the last year?

U want to see deadpool get his own movie?