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LOL @ the guy on the bike who said Batman and Robin.

And I doubt that guy at the end has been with a woman in the last twenty years; don't let the bitter old men with no taste get to you, Babs!

EDIT: Oh! And my favorite? Apollo and Midnighter.

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John Valentine said:
"Soap Operas have mutants, mutates, gods, demi-gods, costumed vigilantes, aliens, monsters etc etc etc?"
If only.

But I've noticed some similarities, myself.

Thankfully, we don't see many of these in comics:

A) paternity questions
B) cheesy music intended to sound ominous
C) stares that last half a minute, usually accompanied by aforementioned music

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After years of disappointmant courtesy of Pierce Brosnan, I've been really happy with the last few Bond flicks. Good to see he'll be in more.

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Mantid said:
"Oh and Qoheed, I'm not denying myself, I haven't read a comic in some time and just wanted to check out wuz up with the dead guy."
Understandable. I just thought you may have been one of those people who refuse to give a new face a try. My bad. :P

But definitely pick up an issue of Captain America; Brubaker's doing an awesome job.
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So, you're going to deny yourself of the awesome run Brubaker's been having...just because Steve is dead?

He's dead; get over it. We don't know when he'll come back. I've been enjoying having Bucky in the limelight while Steve is in limbo.

Oh, and Steve's been screwed with and killed five times since Sunday over the years. And every time it ends with "SURPRISE! I'M STILL ALIVE!" two issues later. Give Bucky a chance. :)

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I got Orange!

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Hypershock said:
"That's pretty much what the cartoon looks like...

and it's meant for kids. It's not like the kids are gonna sit there and say something like:

"This art is craptastic! I refuse to even attempt to read this garbage because of this horrible art!""

It's a comic aimed specifically at kids. It's a goofy kind of style, and to be honest, I think it's a pretty decent fit for a similarly goofy series and comic.

I don't take it seriously. I'm just glad there's a version of Batman that isn't brooding, getting laid, and/or kicking the snot out of everyone that they can get to kids.
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I do agree that this issue was a let-down; the Morgan Le Faye incident was retardedly simple to wrap up, and Bendis' writing seemed waaaaay off. As far as the Osborn interaction with Doom is concerned, I could see it being written off as "textbook Norman", what with his mental instability. But when someone bi-polar like me says it's off...I think it's off.

That said, the last two pages reeeeeally piqued my interest in what they have in store with the next issue, what with the mean muggin' and "OMG!"-ing.

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Yes, Babs. Just yes. Nail on the head, as far as my opinion goes.

I love New Avengers, but Dark Avengers has just been amazing, in my opinion. I pick up New Avengers every month, and it feels like I'm picking it up to tide me over to the next Dark Avengers issue nowadays.

I'm not sure how much longer it'll last, but I'm enjoying the ride.

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I'm usually a paperback guy, but this one I'm grabbing the day it comes out.

Looks wicked.