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Well, Roku should win if Darth Vader doesn't use any attacks that affect a target directly, like choke, crush, etc. If he does though, which he has no reason not to, Roku's toast.

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@ShootingNova: Wookieepedia not a canonical source? Never knew that sorry. Anyway, Vader still wins via force crush.

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None of you know anything about star wars

Vader>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anakin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ROTJ Luke who won because Vader let him

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@ShootingNova: Ok 1. Luke at full potential = Vader at full potential (Lucas said so). Luke can move black holes, teleport, and defeated Abeloth, a dark side goddess 26 times more powerful than Darth Sidious. Darth Sidious can destroy planets by draining all life on them or breaking barriers between dimensions, in addition to being able to teleport light years, disintegrate hundreds of people with force lightning, immortality, killing people by looking at them, the list goes on. Vader, in power, is 80% of Darth Sidious, but lacks the knowledge to do anything I just said Sidious could do. that still provides an insight on Vader's powers. Vader can just crush Roku's windpipe and that's it. Whether Roku is one with nature or not doesn't matter here. 2. Roku has neither the metals or force fields to resist Vader's kinetite. maybe he can survive a blast sure, but it will be hard. I just don't see what Roku will do once Vader crushes his bones in the first second of the fight. Roku has more raw power int he sense of he can destroy more buildings than Vader in a minute, but Vader can always crush his head into a bloody pulp. Also, Roku does not know how to metalbend as Toph invented that, and she came after Roku's time. Nothing in the avatar world would stand a chance against a semi-good sith lord, except maybe the avatar. Even the avatar would not stand a chance against one of the most powerful sith lords ever.

Vader can read minds as well. Look up drain knowledge on wookieepedia.

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@ChadwickDavis: @ChadwickDavis: Unless Roku is a jedi, he cannot redirect it. You HAVE to use the force to redirect it.

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@ChadwickDavis: One needs to touch metal to metalbend. they can't even bend adamantium. vader's armor is stronger than durasteel (which is 3000,000 times stronger than steel) Force choke>airbending. also, had Darth vader not been injured, he could have destroyed Avatar world with a casual sweep of his hand. Also, airbending speed does not compare to force speed. Roku might have more raw power. Maybe. Vader still wins though. Plus kinetite is overkill.

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@Silver2467: Sorry, that was one of Vader's apprentices. If I'm not mistaken, she could create smoke demons with sith alchemy, which are probably immune to anything Roku can throw at them. Vader can just throw a ball of kinetite at Roku though and be done with it.

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@Deranged Midget: In The Force Unleashed, it's not falling, it actually goes back to it's original position if you let go of it

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@m0ntyb0y "Nothing is impossible with the force" -Kreia Force>magic, or Force = magic Also, crush Kratos' brain into a pulp, and curbstomp for jedi.

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Force crush Kratos' brain and the job is done. Kratos can't possibly kill Starkiller. Jedi move at almost light speed, have force precog, and can just kill anyone who is not a force user with any trick that targets the other person's organs. Force Crush lungs, heart, brain, or all together. Kratos doesn't stand a chance.

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