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  • Revenge for the fallen is a bad example.
  1. Firstly, Envy, the one who started that RPG, is probably the most against the Thoughty Thoughts lock out of everybody in the RPG section. He would have made it regardless.
  2. Secondly, events such as that were made prior to the TT lock, my own first event, the destruction of the statue of liberty was during the TT era, TT didn't stop me making that thread whatsoever.

And there aren't any positives. They aren't any negatives. That's what I think. The lock generated a little activity at the start because it brought novelty and energy to the section, but now it's normal... Things are exactly the same. Exactly the same. There has been no lasting teams, no lasting anything (apart from Avalon, and Venezuela, and both of those became chat-central). The lock didn't do half as much as people assumed it would do, it didn't even do 1/4th as much. I don't think it done anything lasting beyond the initial novelty.

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@arquitenens: [I was actually going to PM you about that, haha! I'll reply when I can, I got a little busy with things]

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Seriously? Not fixed? Whoa.

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@_nox_: Even me, as a massive ass Arrow fan, am wondering how far there're willing to "adapt" batman stories xP I wonder if they'll ever brine Bane in. What do you think?

@aphasic: I'm not sure if shutting down TT has any real impact to be honest. Activity is virtually the same. Initially it had an impact (as in, the first few months) but now? Meh, we still haven't had a lasting team, and people still use IC threads for OOC reasons. As you just highlighted. People like the social aspect of RPGing. *Shrugs* That's what brought me here instead of writing fan fiction.

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@natasha_stark: Screw it, I think I can agree possibly under one condition, I'll PM you soon, just going for an hour or so.

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@natasha_stark: I just feel it undermines the point of Stark not wanting to be found. Anyone could make a genie and make wishes against other characters, but that's cheap. There's nothing to discuss really. Stark simply doesn't get found unless he wants to, or someone finds him with some conceivable manner. I rarely say no to things, but instant finding a character no matter where they are? Yeaaah...

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@atrocity_: You have advanced Puzzler Syndrome xP

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@_nox_: LOL! Yeah. Well, I guess I'll reply tonight and it's still correct :P