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@petey_is_spidey: We could both quote and source 100's of studies finding this or that, (even though the biggest study EVER to date, shows being gay is a matter of genetics), it's neither true nor false yet, however, looking at simple brothers which come from the same household, with the same environmental factors, nurture, and both nature, having the same social groups and pressures, and yet... One of them comes out gay and the other turns out to be heterosexual, that's pretty obvious they were born that way. Moreover, you could just ask a gay person, huh? They will tell you they were BORN that way, and you are in no position to say otherwise, simply, because they are themselves, and you aren't able to invalidate their experience regarding their sexuality, because it's a subjective experience, thoroughly. And anyways; while some people may choose to focus on the debate of if it's born or not, it doesn't matter, people should still envision and make sure that everyone has the same rights and opportunities regardless of who they love and want to have sex with, including marriage.

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Quote from a friend who lives in America;

More of my thoughts on recent news:

First off, as belated as it is, congratulations to all who the Supreme Court's decision affects! No one should be denied a right given to others for centuries.

But more importantly, as days have passed since the decision, the verdict has come under a great deal of discussion. Naturally. And one of the biggest arguments to the opposing viewpoint, or excuse rather, is that "it's just my generation" or "it's just how I was raised". That's a cop-out excuse to me. That's the same excuse that was used to defend segregation and anti-interracial marriage. No matter your age, whether you're a young adult like me or you're 75, you should always be reevaluating your opinions, self, and perspectives.

This excuse keeps us from moving forward and keeps us from seeing one another as fellow Americans. We should be seen as fellow countrymen and women, not "straight" or "gay" or "black" or "white" or any subclass. A closed-mind can never lead to an open-heart.

Another argument is that now same-sex couples will purposely go to churches who won't marry them to stir up trouble or businesses who won't serve them. That's blatantly false and a colossal overreaction. The same argument was made when Roe v. Wade was decided. "You'll have abortions lined up out the door! It'll be a pandemic!" And it never came close to that.

Same-sex couples pay taxes. They go to work and contribute to society like everyone else. And they're denied this right to marry because their love is "wrong"? Atheists, who deny any god's presence entirely, are allowed to marry. And their beliefs and lifestyle are "wrong" too, according under the same beliefs. So it's a pick-and-choose game of what's "right" and what's "wrong"?

At the end of it all, equality shouldn't be something to be feared. And living in a self-proclaimed "land of the free", it seems that to some that means "land of the privileged free". That's not a country I want to live in.

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@petey_is_spidey said:
@legendary_starhero said:

Because Christians are idiots.

What about the millions of athiest and non-thiest individuals that oppose it also?

Why do people act like it's only Christians that are the opposition?

Not a very good argument, it's most Christian Conservatives, 95% of opposition comes from that media and circles. I have yet to see a large, influential atheist media criticize gay marriage. TBH I've yet to see an atheist do it too, but I'm taking your word on that.

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Due to work, I'm virtually going to be nonexistent on the vine for the foreseeable future, mainly in character, might pop in sometimes OOC, who knows! Thanks for the fun times!

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For the next 20-30 years, I'll be working 10 hours a day, at most so far it's only 11 hours though.