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"I've been in the hero business a long time, made a lot of friends, granted, I don't think the owner Valerie likes me very much... But her partner, Rafael, is a friend of mine. And Garrison Grail, the Superior Sapien, both friends." He furrowed his brow, was Garrison still his friend? He hoped so. Kurt didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, and he understood. "Trust me Xia, I know," he said, gently lowering them back down, the cold air swat at their sides, and Kurt hugged her tighter.

"I spent the first year of being a hero broke, no money, no food, nothing. I didn't eat, didn't sleep, lucky my powers kept me alive." He was too lucky in fact, and his first break was being employed as Andres Knightfall's bodyguard. And we all know how that worked out. "I won't fake to say there're all good, but some of them are heroes. Besides, we'd be going to dance," he nuzzled her nose with his, "and have a good time. I don't intend to get close to anything out of Gothic, not for a while. I'll bask in this time of peace, for the first time I feel I can relax," and as he said the words, their feet touched the ground. "With you by my side." Kurt smiled, happily.

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Kurt hadn't seen Malcolm Press, or otherwise known as, Dark Vengeance in months since he had become Commissioner of Gothic City, and in truth, he rather missed his old, yet quaintly amusing friend.

There was once a time when they were both secretive heroes who tried to shy away from the camera, publicity, and all -- Now? Kurt was in the public spotlight nearly all the time.

From the MVP's, to being a hero, and now commissioner. Since the MVP's had been disbanded and he returned to Gothic, Kurt hadn't really left... At all.

Confiding himself to the city felt like a responsibility as much as a job, but more so, now, he had met Xia? It was his life.

He didn't see a reason to venture out anymore. The world bore him, what could possibly intrigue him more than his city? Walking through, the Gothic Knight entered the cafe, wearing a simple suit without a tie, he instantly saw Malcolm gave him a friendly smile, slowly walking to the cashier and ordering himself a simple glass of water, he took it, and sat down opposite of the man, leaning back, and chuckling. "How have you been? I haven't seen you in months." He said, taking a sip of water. "I never thought I'd say it... But I missed you, somehow."

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I need to consume so many more calories every day, it's so dumb. I eat way too little...

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@allure_ said:

So, when will this blasted site let me upload and have pictures?

I figured out a trick for that if it's still troubling you.

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I'm a Mexican... how the hell did I burn the beans?!?


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"You know, I've got friends in high places. A bit of me wants to see how cute you'd be if we went to the Hellfire Club Masquerade Ball, I have a friend there, Rafael," he smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist, and pulling her in closer for another embrace, he gazed at her. "A bit of me wants to show you off, but another bit of me doesn't want to make you too nervous. I mean... It's a high-class prolific event," Kurt leaned in, planting an amorous kiss upon those lips.

"Maybe we could go in masks, make a little roleplay out of it, you be my sexy, alluring girlfriend," he winked, "not that you aren't already sexy, and I'll be your rich, charming boyfriend, you'd have to dress up of course. But hey," Kurt shrugged, slowly circling them in the air, "what's life without a little adventure, of all kinds?" In truth Kurt was considering that, but he knew how nervous Xia was, and didn't want to fully do that to her, it would be as torturing as enjoyable, probably. Maybe a second date in Gothic or somewhere less illustrious was sensible, she wasn't cut out for that life.

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@_rose_: Doom is my favorite Warsman alt behind Allegiance personally.

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@valerie_huntington: Don't mind me, I love a little love (huh, that wasn't even intentional, LOL) :P