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@strigidae_23: LOL I'm so sad they never met, the racist conversations would be funny xD

Now Ivana can be Vibranium-Central, she is gonna be even MORE deadly O_o

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@claymore1998 said:


Were you a victim? If there is a love story involving you falling in love with someone you later found out to be a guy I would love to hear it ^_^

Come on, man up and spill you history =)


I've had intense feelings for pyrogram and God_Spawn in the past and I knew they where guys all along :P

Mutual, dude :P


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@strigidae_100: I haven't seen Autocrat much, but from what I have, looks fun, future soldier and all.

Anyhow, I gotta go. Off to learn about... Custody Procedures, yippee -___- LOL

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@strigidae_100: Oooh? Damn. I see!

If I hadn't given Kurt to Charles, I'd have let Gerd take him out. But as you said, shit happens :P

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Your father killed me, bitch!

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@strigidae_100: I'm hoping I don't miss your inevitable confrontation with Dark Vengeance, that's gonna be fun.

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@strigidae_23: The Garrison Grail/Ivana/Rafael and Kurt (And the entire damn team dynamic) was just phenomenal. The RPG was intense.

  • Ivana had her personal stories as per usual, revolving around her being a "villain" among heroes, and that was amazing to read. I actually felt sad for Ivana, at the end of Shift, reading her and the blue guy and how she must fight alone.
  • Garrison Grail, IMO, the best Gambler character for a while, had his entire tale about heroics and losing his faith in it after the Paradigm event. Plus the start, him looking up to Kurt, and hoping to start his own heroic adventure. (Which was inevitably shot down as he lost faith). I think Garrison went through a lot of development during this phase, I loved reading him.
  • Kurt had his ongoing woes, he was dealing with Mistress Sangria and you know, and, in contrast, going through the best time of his life -- MVP leader, and getting recognition. But on the inside he was being eaten alive by insecurities and such, a very deep time for Kurt, one of the funnest to write.
  • Then there was Rafael -- The Panther King, the voice of reason, etc. He was with Valerie, had less woes (at the present time) and such, but he brought that voice of reason to the team.

I'm missing more, but there were so many stories it was surreal. The narrative was almost like a real TV show.

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@strigidae_23: In my opinion the MVP's were the best thing of 2014, that entire storyline, short, but amazing. The entire plot had so many separate stories intertwined into one -- Your RPG that is, the hero vs hero one.

@strigidae_100: Sucks that Kurt's dead/MIA and I can't write >_< I'd have loved him to meet and see Gerd, I wonder what he would think of Kurt (a hero + Commissioner etc).

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@legacy_: Haha, sorry! I've evolved xP