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I always wonder, for billions of years we have evolved and survived... Like, most animals have an instinct to pass on their genes and have offspring... But for what reason? Perpetual survival? Intriguing :P

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Awesome! Congrats ^__^

I found my girlfriend on Comic Vine too, this place is like a dating site for some xP

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@noone301994: @sophia89: Also did either of you two even read that source? It literally stating that comparing UK/US knife-crime is not a good measurement, LOL You posted something without even reading it. Please, for the sake of the future, read your OWN sources prior to sprouting them out. From the author himself;

Note that even the statistical comparisons I present here are not sufficient to prove a case.

Also, within your source too;

Look at DEATHS

273 knife deaths in the UK in 2008.

23,145 gun deaths (over 80% homicide) in the USA.

Don't mix apples and pears and pretend to come up with meaningful stats.

Carrying a knife is illegal in the UK. If you are searched (and people often are) and one is found. That is a knife crime. (This accounts for nearly 88% of knife crime in the UK apparently)

Look at deaths; even injuries.....Not "crimes"

If carrying a gun (anywhere other than a range) was a crime in the US, how many millions would that add to the poorly researched figures?

Stats and figures compared over the UK/US are impossible to compare because crime is measured differently. Outside of murder, that is.

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Feel like a genius, top of my class and passed with 99% xD Fk yeah :P

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@rpgesus said:

@ironshinobi88: what if a girl doesnt find black skin attractive?

Yeah? Feminist doesn't = you have to be attracted to everyone.

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@sophia89 said:
@noone301994 said:


@pyrogram said:

@noone301994: 11000 deaths vs like an average of 30 deaths a year is ridiculous. You have no argument against those stats.

When you guys banned the guns the criminals literally just switched over to knife violence.

  • In or about 2006, there were about 60 million (actually closer to 58M, but we'll use the rounded-up number to be kind to hopolophobes) people in the UK as a whole, including Scotland.

  • In England and Wales alone — discounting Scotland — there were over 163 thousand knife crimes.

  • By the end of 2006, there were more than 300 million people in the US as a whole.

  • In the US as a whole, there were fewer than 400 thousand gun crimes.

  • In the UK, based on these numbers, there was one knife crime commited for every 374 people (rounded down).

  • In the US, based on these numbers, there was one gun crime committed for every 750 people — less than half a gun crime per 374 people (about 0.4987 gun crimes per 374 people, actually).

  • That means that, based on these statistics, you are more than twice as likely to be a victim of knife crime in the UK as you are to be a victim of gun crime in the US.'


So go ahead you hoplophobe, ban the knives next. Then the criminals will switch to baseball bats. Then you'll ban the sport. After that it'll switch to hammers and then you'll ban those too. If you don't see how stupid that is then we should just end this discussion right now.

But England banned Knifes, then baseball bats, then sticks :/

I understand the wands, but spreading all of their jelly without kitchen knifes is really hard. At least they still can use salt.

Going by your OWN sources, you two do realize that nearly 90% of knife "crime" in the UK don't even have a victim?

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@aphasic: @ren_: Is this some pre-planned thing or are people open to defend if it gets any bigger?

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@sophia89 said:

@rpgesus: That is it, you're too mean.

Time to repeal the first amendment to make sure people like you don't insult others with facts.

I legit saw that once and thought huh? Some people are crazy, seriously, groups of crazy extreme feminists are some of the funniest. Even if I am a feminist, I have to admit, extreme ones are just... Way too funny.