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Nice blog Pyro

Posted by lykopis

Thank you! This is very cool -- and fun to read, bio-wise. About bloody time. <3

Posted by Pyrogram

@lykopis: You read all those? Respect Lyko, Respect! My pleasure :)

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Posted by Lvenger

@pyrogram: WHY NO FAN FIC BLOG LIST? :P Nice list mate, very comprehensive number of RPG accounts you have :P

Posted by Medusa_Merc

nice. I have a strange feeling that by this time next year, this list will have doubled in size.... But that might just be my insanity.

I had a psychiatrist replace my conscience with Old Gregg XD

Posted by _Braveheart_

Nice list man.

Lol I had no idea Xenon was one of your RPG accounts!

Posted by cbishop

FYI: anthony_stark is on your list twice.

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And here I thought you were alt addicted :P

Posted by Pyrogram