• Date joined:2012-07-09
  • City:Gothic City
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:2993 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled

Name: Kurt Pendragon

Alias: The Gothic Knight, The Emerald Archer, Verdant Knight, Paragon of Power, Apex Archer, Commissioner Pendragon, Emerald Eagle Eye

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 5'7

Age: 23

Affiliation: The MVP's (Team Leader), Gothic City (Commissioner), COPs (Team Trainer).

Species: Mutant (Corrupted X-Gene). Powers stabilized via power ring.

Birthplace: Australia

Gender: Male

Base of operation: The Gothic Warehouse

Relationship Status: Relationship with Mistress Sangria

Family: Thee Jester (Cousin) Percival (Brother) Drake (Alternate version of himself) Naomi (Adopted daughter)

The Emerald Archer

Internationally regarded as one of the globes most skilled archers, Kurt Pendragon is capable of using his bow and arrow in ways which seem impossible. Shots which baffle crowds and stun even the most intelligent scientists as his emerald arrows bypass the laws of physics time and time again without him seemingly breaking a sweat. Extensively trained and experienced in the antiqued ability of archery, the Gothic Knight is not only a peerless, superlative shot, his entire physiology through his abilities has slowly adapted to using the bow and arrow in the way a mind would create strong and stronger neurological pathways, this is through his internal energy shifting abilities slowly crafting each nerve, tendon, and muscle within his body to respond to wielding the bow was surgical care. This is a power which grants him monumental control and precise dealings with the arrows. In theory he could take a single look upon a target, close his eyes, and allow his body to instinctively fire shots and land with flawless accuracy. All in all, lending the Emerald Archer to be one of the most skilled and revered archers of the modern age.

Bow, arrows, and other equipment...

The Gothic Knight doesn't actually need to carry a bow and arrow, his inherent energy conjuration and construction abilities allows for a totally constructed bow via thought. Nonetheless, Kurt Pendragon is luckily in possession of an extensive array of arrows gifted to him by Andres Knightfall and Anthony Stark, and due to his lack of intellect in their ways, he is unable to easily construct any arrows which are more potent than simple trion manifestations. Any "trick" or "advanced" arrows are beyond his mental grasp of comprehensions.

His physical arrows include fragmentation, flechette, energy absorption arrows, atmospheric disruption pressure arrows, sonic disruption, electroshock, thermally charged arrows, explosive arrows and even corrosive arrows, among many more. His bow is capable of discharging arrows at speeds far surpassing sound and entering hyper-sonic. Due to being mentally constructed, it has zero draw back weight, and can be fired almost instantly as ethereal arrows are manifested onto the string.

Trion arm

Using the (liquid) Beta-Trion internally stored within his bow to construct himself a fully operational bionic arm to replace his organic one, the Gothic Knight was able to salvage his arm after it was irreversibly damaged during a short scuffle with Shogunate. The Beta-Trion was initially injected into the damaged arm prior to being connected to a copy of Anthony Stark’s personal AI Horizon. The Artificial Intelligence went about reconstructing the injured limb whilst perfectly calibrating it to his nervous system for full synchronization, enabling Kurt to utilize the arm as he would his organic counterpart.

Capabilities: The arm in fully made out of the virtually unbreakable substance known as Trion, as durable as Adamantium and has the energy absorption properties of Vibranium rendering the metal almost unequaled in usefulness. The synthetic muscles are able to sustain and exert around five tons of brute force whilst providing the Gothic Knight with an almost impenetrable barrier of protection against all caliber of gunshot or knife due to the arms inherent durability. Horizon also used its default programming which Anthony Stark once used on his prototype suits; the arm has multiple inbuilt features which prove to be very advantageous to Kurt’s heroic lifestyle. An inbuilt palm repulsor ray is stored within his palm and can be called upon with a mere thought. It also has the ability to transmit electromagnetic rays to stop bullets within the air, or mimic a crude form of electromagnetic manipulation. The arm also boasts the ability to thermally super-heat itself or discharge electrical currents to incapacitate opponents, or even, electrify the arm whilst punching. The arm’s forearm also contains a compartment which houses a number of items, including (but not limited to) an assortment of medical supplies and a full diagnostic report of Kurt’s vital signs in case he needs a battle report about injuries mid-fight.

The Gothic Knight

A martial arts master of the highest degree, Kurt Pendragon fronts himself as one of the worlds toughest, most trained, and certainly most experienced fighters. Once upon a time, the Emerald Archer was trapped within the desolated country known as Venezuela during it's time of ruin.

Surviving for many months alone, Kurt taught himself how to fight, survive, and even thrive within the wild. Against nigh-impossible odds, both soldiers armed and unarmed. Sadly for the Gothic Knight, he was captured by the anti-human response squad and imprisoned within one of the worlds worst prisons, being forced to life among the dregs of society in the land of a post-apocalyptic war, this didn't break the Pendragon, no, it merely cultivated even more of his fighting spirit. Having to fight within the nasty and gritty prisons of Venezuela day in day out and refined Kurt into an entirely different person.

Further refining his skill-set and seeking tutelage from Jacob Stark, Anthony Stark's older brother, the Emerald Archer was taught both hand to hand combat, and how to utilize multiple weapons. His specialty being the bow, and escrima sticks. This was the first person who taught Kurt how to truly fire a bow, and it served him well.

Upon returning to America his continued experiences within Gothic City as a small time hero were valuable, yet easy, there wasn't much trouble in Gothic since Venezuela, he'd gone from a battlefield to a lesser urban warzone rife with crime... Until he met his first super villain, a villain, who best Kurt, and nearly left him for dead. This villain being the infamous Brahma Bull. Feeling broken, Kurt, out of pure chance, was approached by one of this newest friends, and eventually ended up being trained with by one of the worlds greatest combat artists, becoming a long time student of Andres Knightfall for many weeks and months, being taught both practically, and theoretically.

After many months of fighting, training, gaining experience and refining himself into becoming one of the worlds deadliest combatants both armed and otherwise, he was only excelled further when taught by Cassius Knightfall, mastering the short-blade, and, again, Kurt fled America. Going to stay within the Ronin's Rest, the Gothic of Japan, it fueled Kurt into a monster of never before. His past morals, shattered, capable of killing an opponent without a second thought. Kill or be killed, became his ideology.

It isn't rare for being to be unaware that Kurt is perhaps one of the worlds most experienced and skilled survivalists, having escaped a heavily guarded mutant prison, subsequently avoided rearrest and evaded a heavily equipped mutant army, and honed skilled gorilla warfare during his time away, the Gothic Knight, isn't an individual who is defeated without a fight, till the very last breath.