• Date joined:2012-07-09
  • City:Gothic City
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Evil
  • Points:2993 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled

Name: Kurt Pendragon

Alias: The Gothic Knight, The Perilous Pendragon, The Cognitive Crazy, The Mental Marauder, Defunct Knight, The Fallen Paragon, Paragon of Imperfection

Alignment: Morally Ambiguous

Height: 5'7

Age: 21

Affiliation: N/A

Species: Human with a corrupted X-Gene

Birthplace: Australia

Gender: Male

Family: Unknown


Trion arm: Using the (liquid) Beta-Trion internally stored within his bow to construct himself a fully operational bionic arm to replace his organic one, the Gothic Knight was able to salvage his arm after it was irreversibly damaged during a short scuffle with Shogunate. The Beta-Trion was initially injected into the damaged arm prior to being connected to a copy of Anthony Stark’s personal AI Horizon. The Artificial Intelligence went about reconstructing the injured limb whilst perfectly calibrating it to his nervous system for full synchronization, enabling Kurt to utilize the arm as he would his organic counterpart.

Capabilities; the arm in fully made out of the virtually unbreakable substance known as Trion, as durable as Adamantium and has the energy absorption properties of Vibranium rendering the metal almost unequaled in usefulness. The synthetic muscles are able to sustain and exert around 25 tons of brute force whilst providing the Gothic Knight with an almost impenetrable barrier of protection against all caliber of gunshot or knife due to the arms inherent durability. Horizon also used its default programming which Anthony Stark once used on his prototype suits; the arm has multiple inbuilt features which prove to be very advantageous to Kurt’s heroic lifestyle. An inbuilt palm repulsor ray is stored within his palm and can be called upon with a mere thought. It also has the ability to transmit electromagnetic rays to stop bullets within the air, or mimic a crude form of electromagnetic manipulation. The arm also boasts the ability to thermally super-heat itself or discharge electrical currents to incapacitate opponents, or even, electrify the arm whilst punching. The arm’s forearm also contains a compartment which houses a number of items, including (but not limited to) an assortment of medical supplies and a full diagnostic report of Kurt’s vital signs in case he needs a battle report about injuries mid-fight.


Glock 17: The Gothic Knight's Glock-17 is coated with a thin layer of the unbreakable substance known as Trion, this is done to stop it from being destroyed in combat by the inherent chaos which usually ensues. It is a semi-automatic which can (normally) fire as many bullets as Kurt can press on the trigger, and it is capable of using nearly the same type of ammunition that his bow could fire. The bullets are propelled electronically as to remove any moving parts and allow the weapon to be fired whilst under water, also, the bullets (via Source-Particle inducement) can be turned Intangible, thus rendering them mass-less, allowing them to reach velocities far greater than normal rounds. The gun only has a single clip which stores thousands upon thousands of bullets inside, shrunken down with Source Particles, and when they enter the chamber, the enlarge.

Martial Art's Master

A master through experience, the Gothic Knight has been trained by some of the words foremost martial artists, such as; Andres Knightfall and Jacob Stark and Cassius Knightfall. However, all of these mentors combined teachings were nowhere near as valuable as his peerless experience, having attained the title of Gothic Knight, not through self-proclamation nor having been gifted it by a predecessor giving up the title, Kurt Pendragon fought hard for the vaunted moniker, having battled the best the globe has had to offer (such as Charles) and survived to tell the tale. Continued experiences within Gothic City and the Ronin's Rest further cultivated the Gothic Knight's innate fighting ability, allowing him to fight fire with fire, and dirtier than even the most villainous foe. The Perilous Pendragon truly is one of the words most skilled, and gifted combatants. With, or without powers.

The Savant of the Street

While he was falsely imprisoned in Venezuela by the Supreme Chancellor, Kurt had to teach himself many things to survive in such a hostile environment. Many people are unaware that Kurt is one of the worlds most experienced and skilled survivalists, having escaped a heavily guarded mutant prison and subsequently avoided rearrest and evading the Venezuelan army for many months while learning how to track down animals (and sometimes people) and setting up ambushes against enemy troops in preemptive attacks to sustain his survival and escape. He also rallied some other escapees and learnt how to effectively, and quickly, use guerrilla warfare against a highly potent mutant army. His street smarts have also been heightened, having spent much of his later life in Gothic City, and afterwards, the Ronin's Rest, both of these locations cultivating his near-peerless street smarts.