• Date joined:2012-07-09
  • City:Gothic City
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:2993 Points
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Name: Kurt Pendragon

Alias: The Gothic Knight - The Emerald Knight - The Verdant Knight - The Emerald Archer - Paragon of Power - The Paragon - Pyro - The Apex Archer - Guardian of Gothic - The Gothic Gunslinger - The Perilous Pendragon

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 5'7

Age: 21

Affiliation: The Paragons - The Gothic Warehouse - The Blacklist - Commissioner of Gothic City - Personal Aide to the president

Species: Human - Powers recently taken by Charlemagne

Birthplace: Australia

Ethnicity: Australian/British

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Male

Family: Unknown

Relevant blogs: History Blog (needs updating) - Bow and arrow (past weaponry) - Kurt's Training

Enhancements -- To be Written

Trion arm: Using the (liquid) Beta-Trion internally stored within his bow to construct himself a fully operational bionic arm to replace his organic one, the Gothic Knight was able to salvage his arm after it was irreversibly damaged during a short scuffle with Shogunate. The Beta-Trion was initially injected into the damaged arm prior to being connected to a corrupted (but working) copy of Anthony Stark’s personal AI Horizon. The Artificial Intelligence went about reconstructing the injured limb whilst perfectly calibrating it to his nervous system for full synchronization, enabling Kurt to utilize the arm as he would his organic counterpart. Capabilities; the arm in fully made out of the virtually unbreakable substance known as Trion, as durable as Adamantium and has the energy absorption properties of Vibranium rendering the metal almost unequaled in usefulness. The synthetic muscles are able to sustain and exert around 25 tons of brute force whilst providing the Gothic Knight with an almost impenetrable barrier of protection against all caliber of gunshot or knife due to the arms inherent durability. Horizon also used its default programming which Anthony Stark once used on his prototype suits; the arm has multiple inbuilt features which prove to be very advantageous to Kurt’s heroic lifestyle. An inbuilt palm repulsor ray is stored within his palm and can be called upon with a mere thought. The arm also boasts the ability to thermally super-heat itself or discharge electrical currents to incapacitate opponents, or even, electrify the arm whilst punching. The arm’s forearm also contains a compartment which houses a number of items, including (but not limited to) an assortment of medical supplies and a full diagnostic report of Kurt’s vital signs in case he needs a battle report about injuries mid-fight. It also has access to a corrupted version of the AI known as Horizon, this is able to help Kurt during missions, yet the corrupted AI misses many vital functions which make it as proficient as the standard AI Stark possesses.

Trion coated AR-15 (and Glock 17): Kurt's AR-15 is coated with the unbreakable substance known as Trion to stop it from being destroyed whilst fighting (due to being thrown around a lot) and enable Kurt to use it as a melee weapon if the situation warrants it. The AR-15 Kurt uses is a fully automatic assault rifle which can fire exactly 800 rounds per minute on the standard setting. It is capable of using nearly the same types of ammo that Kurt's previously used Bow was capable of using. The bullets are propelled electronically as to remove any moving parts and allow the weapon to be fired while under water, also, the bullets (via Source-Particle inducement) can be turned Intangible, thus rendering it mass-less, meaning they can be directed by Horizon and fired at an enemy at nearly any speed, this is rarely utilized by Kurt however due to the deadliness but it is a viable option against real threats to his life. The gun also has a sight which can view things in any spectrum of light, and lock onto targets for him. The Glock 17 is able to perform the same functions as the AR-15, but encased within a pistol (apart from the fire rate).

Close Quarters Combat Knife: Although the blades themselves are not fully made out of the substance known as Trion. They have both been coated in the exotic material rendering them sharper than diamonds and capable of cutting through nigh any object. This also makes them impervious to all changes in temperature and (almost) unbreakable. The blades themselves are 20 centimetres in length and 4/5 centimetres in width. The handholds are perfectly tailed to Kurt’s palms shape, rendering them very easy to use. Kurt often uses they knives whilst engaging opponents who are more formidable than him in the Hand-to-Hand department or are simply too dangerous to fight without them.

Enhanced senses:To be updated