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Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward

The Emerald Archer

Name: Kurt Pendragon

Alias: The Gothic Knight, The Emerald Archer, Verdant Knight, Paragon of Power, Apex Archer, Commissioner Pendragon

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 5'7

Age: 23

Affiliation: Gothic City

Occupation: Gothic Police Commissioner -- Currently Missing in Action, presence unknown.

Species: Mutant

Birthplace: Australia

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Atticus (Father) Percival (Brother) Matthew (Half-Brother) Naomi (Adopted daughter) Drake (Alternate version of himself)


Paragon of Power

Since the emergence of his abilities within Venezuela, it was discovered that the Emerald Archer was imbued with an immeasurable amount of raw, undifferentiated energy within his body. This energy has been so vast, and unlimited, that Kurt has often gone many weeks without eating nor drinking a single thing, and solely relying upon his stored energy to survive. This has all often been done whilst fighting in Gothic, and luckily enough, his body is able to function (and repair) at exactly the same rate as usual. Kurt doesn't have to ear nor drink in reality, doing so is only indulging himself for fun. He has often had sporadic sugar-rushes when exposed to sugary drinks hence his preference being water whenever in a social setting, unwanting to become too invigorated by his energy levels.

It was later discovered by the Brainchild that Kurt's mutation allows him to somehow access a dimension of pure energy. Exactly the full nature of this energy and its purpose within the rest of the greater universe is yet unknown. The energy from this dimension is constantly radiating through him, capable of sustaining him as a being of energy, allowing him to go without food, water, or sleep for many weeks on end, and even heal himself from physical wounds. The energy is also able to be manifested physically via thought, and can be formed into concrete objects, channeled through his body. His corrupted mutant gene currently inhibits him from tapping into this energy and projecting it out into this world without the help of a compensating ring constructed with his genetics. This energy surplus give him an astounding array of abilities, or simply enhance his performance, some of these include;

Enhanced stats: The Gothic Knight's physiology is dramatically boosted by his energetic abilities, due to his ability to never succumb to physical exhaustion no matter how hard, or long, he trains or fights, Kurt is far more capable of combat than normal, one major advantage is his bodies ability to recruit 100% of his muscle fibers 100% of the time without adverse effects, for instance, his body does not produce fatigue toxins nor does his body run out of the source of energy known as Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). For every cell in a body, ATP is the source of energy that keeps everything working, and it is the biochemical way to store and use energy. The Verdant Knight has a limitless supply of this, and in theory, could exert himself fully for days on end without feeling any symptoms of exhaustion, combined with ultra-flexible joints and a modified arrangement of bones and tendons to support extra weight and athletic ability, all in all, this lends to him being able to perform feats which look fake to some, able to nearly outrun sound with dexterous footwork alone and lift far more weight than his body would normally allow, up and around five tons.

Forcefield: An extension of his energy abilities permeating through his physical body, this light forcefield radiates approximately just off of the edge of his skin, no more than a millimeter. Emitting a faint green glow, almost unnoticeable save for when Kurt is manually powering it via thought, the forcefield usually envelopes his body as a type of autonomic response to external stimuli. For example if a bullet was inbound and on the surface of his skin, the forcefield instantly envelopes his body. Meaning no matter the assault, his forcefield would always mitigate the effects. The forcefield is also able to stabilize Kurt to any environment no matter how harsh, for example, if he was within the vacuum of space, it would somehow protect him from the harmful radiation, the extremely low temperature, and speeding dust particles etc, likewise, within deep sea, it would protect him from the pressures and take in oxygen from the water, instead of needing oxygen from the air. In space -- However, or where there is a lack of oxygen, Kurt is able to breath via his innate energy fueling his cells.

Trion arm: During a scuffle with Shogunate, the Gothic Knight lost his arm, and through the help of a friend and his own technology, he was able to construct himself a new limb. Trion is a metal, as strong as adamantium, and can absorb energy like vibranium. The arm is capable of sustaining and exerting around five tons of brute force, and gives Kurt an almost impenetrable barrier of protection against all caliber of gunshot. The arm was formed via a combination of technology derived by Anthony Stark and Andres Knightfall -- It also boasts the ability to thermally super-heat itself or discharge electrical currents to incapacitate opponents, or even, electrify the arm whilst punching. The arm’s forearm contains a compartment which houses a number of items, including an assortment of medical supplies, and can act as a radio, and other things as required.


The Emerald Archer

Archery: Regarded as one of the globes most skilled archers, Kurt Pendragon is capable of using his bow and arrow in ways which seem impossible. Shots which baffle crowds and stun even the most intelligent scientists as his emerald arrows bypass the laws of physics time and time again without him seemingly breaking a sweat. Extensively trained and experienced in the antiqued ability of archery, the Gothic Knight is not only a peerless, superlative shot, his entire physiology through his abilities has slowly adapted to using the bow and arrow in the way a mind would create strong and stronger neurological pathways, this is through his internal energy shifting abilities slowly crafting each nerve, tendon, and muscle within his body to respond to wielding the bow was surgical care. There has been no scientific method to measure which hand Kurt prefers to use with the bow, able to his his left as good as his right, and his right as good as his left. His eyes are also ambidextrous, having no preferred shooting eye, and can effortlessly switch from eye-to-eye. He is also able to forsake the standard forms, and can fire from virtually any angle, no matter how crude.

Training routine: Day after day, night after night, regardless of his own personal tragedies and lifelong stresses, the Emerald Archer maintains his arduous exercise routine with astonishing diligence and unwavering concentration, as though serving a type of misguided penance for every life, every family, and every victim he has failed to protect.

The Gothic Knight's recently reacquired powers however, have in effect, rendered typical bodyweight training effortless, but in reality, it is a type of mental condition to keep him grounded and disciplined. A strict routine, a routine to be followed religiously day in day out no matter what depressive or joyous moments fill or break his glowing heart, for it is during training where all of the angst and irrational anxiety clouding his tempest of a mind is dispelled. Since losing to Charlemagne, the Killer of the Knightfalls and having his (now returned) abilities stolen, Kurt toughened his routine and drastically altered it into a far faster, vigorous, and physically demanding ritual.

Martial Arts Master: Martial arts master: A highly distinguished and capable fighter, the Gothic Knight has forged himself into one of the world’s toughest and most experienced fighters over the years, following his arduous ventures, some of these include, being a prolific hero within Gothic City, having escaped a heavily guarded mutant prison, subsequently avoided rearrests and evaded a heavily equipped mutant army, and honed an intimidate understanding of guerrilla warfare, evasion, and other war-like tactics within Venezuela, and surviving one of the worst places on earth... Ronin's Rest.

His experience has also been solidified by a harsh training regime, and once people pupil to Andres Knightfall, one of the best fighters of the modern age. He has also sought tutelage by Jacob Stark, Anthony Stark's youngest brother, and once shown how to utilize knives in combat more effectively by Cassius Knightfall. Through all of his fighting, the Gothic Knight has fashioned himself a personalized system of combat, one mostly tailored upon counter striking, and infusing his powers into hand-to-hand to create a lethal combination.


Through multiple friendships, ventures, and sources, the Gothic Knight has amassed an almighty armory which even some of the worlds top heroes would be jealous of. Stored underneath his personal estate within Gothic, and only accessible via authorization from his metal palm, it's largely secure from most threats save for forced entry. Housing weaponry built by the likes of the illustrious Andres Knightfall and even the infamous President Anthony Stark.

First and foremost, Kurt Pendragon has a variety of different arrows, these include;

  • Standard arrows: The standard arrow which the Emerald Archer, these are far more deadly than usual arrows due to their eerily sharp potency of the Trion compound they are crafted from. Being nigh-indestructible due to their nature, nearly or as strong as adamantium whilst having the shock absorbing capabilities of vibranium, it would take a considerable amount of force to damage them. Theoretically these arrows should be able to penetrate into virtually anything, due to their infinitely sharp points. Due to the rarity of the arrows they have been produced with a function to atomically deconstruct themselves after a short period of five minutes, meaning the compound does not fall into unwanted hands (although his process can be halted via a command from Kurt's bow) all of Kurt's arrows have a variety of interchangeable arrowheads, these include:
  1. Single point arrowhead: A single sharpened point which are mostly used to penetrate and go cleanly through an opponent. Most uses for these arrows could seem inconsequential due to them not actually being as dangerous as a broadhead and do not give any added benefit. The only reason Kurt would use these arrows against an opponent is to lessen the damage (as a Broadhead would usually cause life threatening harm) or for a more subtle kill or attack due to the quick entry and exit wound leaving less of a trail.
  2. Broadhead arrowhead: These are triangular shaped arrowheads and are mostly commonly used throughout history in wars and habitually preferred by hunters throughout the world. The function of these deadly arrows are to traumatically deliver a wide cutting edge as to kill an opponent as quickly as possible by cleanly cutting or severing major blood vessels and causing further internal trauma and bleeding within the target until the arrowhead is removed.
  3. JUDO tipped arrowhead: These arrowheads have a four pronged tip which are designed to penetrate into an opponent and not leave, but embed themselves into an opponents body and stop them escaping through a metal line being attached to the back of the arrow and the bow. An electrical current can be run through the electrical line in an attempt to electrocute an attacker who is stronger than usual.
  • Fragmentation arrows: Considerably more dangerous and malicious in thought, these arrows are made from the same Trion and upon departure from his weapon are instructed to deceptively take the appearance of a standard straight arrow being nothing out of the ordinary...Yet, upon command they would explode and fragment into a plethora of deadly Trion-Shrapnel in all directions .capable of totally annihilating even the strongest and most durable opponent with hundreds of miniature lacerations and punctures in under a second, rendering them torn apart from the inside out with only a single shot.
  • Flechette arrows: As per usual, upon departure from Kurt's bow these arrows look like the standard straight arrow posing no abnormal harm to an opponent. However, during flight these arrows are capable of dividing into dozens of miniature flechettes capable of dousing a large area with a single shot. Each flechette upon division travels at supersonic speeds (due to the bows powerful shot) and even a single cut could render an opponent defeated due to the forces imparted.
  • Energy absorption arrows: These arrows are capable of utilizing the energy absorption properties of Trion to render opponents significantly weaker upon contact or being near the presence of the metallic substance. These are strategically used against opponents who are not purely physical and rely on metaphysical, or ethereal means of existence and may be harder to combat. They are also capable of reducing the thermal energy of an object and rendering them frozen, or attempting to freeze the target if required during combat (by "stealing" the heat from an opponents body).
  • Pressure arrows (Written by Impero): These Trion arrows rapidly envelop the target in a specialized, spacial isolating field, specifically separating the enveloped target from the Earth's atmospheric pressure. As a result, the liquid that consists of seventy percent of the contents in the human body fails to remain in its liquid state, causing exponential expansion until the formation of water vapor. This violently causing severe internal swelling throughout the body, painfully swelling said target to approximately twice their body size. The swelling however, is insufficient to burst the skin. The absence of the Earth's pressure in this specific field possesses additional effects. The lack of pressure causes the oxygen in the bloodstream to reverse-dissolve and escape from the blood causing hypoxia, rendering the cardiovascular system useless, and no oxygen would be delivered to the muscles and vital organs. The lack of pressure affects the nitrogen in the body as well. It causes nitrogen bubbles to form throughout the circulatory system, leading to excruciating joint pain, blockages in the arteries and veins, strokes and seizures by bubble formation in the brain, and heart failure should a bubble form in the heart. Difficulty in maintaining blood pressure would be an existent dilemma as well. The final effect due to the lowered pressure is the lowering of the boiling point for bodily fluids because the lower the pressure in an environment, the lower the boiling point will be for any liquid in said environment. The nonexistent pressure enables easier movement for molecules, requiring less thermal energy to transform the molecules of a liquid into a less dense gas. Due the complete absence of pressure within the momentarily materialized field, theoretically the boiling point for of a target's own blood would drop to the same as the standard human body temperature causing fluids to boil.
  • Sonic disruption arrows: These arrows are specifically crafted to disrupt an enemy by giving off a dual pronged sonic attack in the form of a very high pitched and intense noise which can cause harm to most of the superhuman population who are highly adept at hearing, this alone could render the standard human crippled due to the agonizing pain pulsing through their ears. The secondary noise is a very loud, and sudden sonic boom which alone could rupture somebody's delicate eardrum and cause disorientation and confusion towards an opponent. To confuse a vehicle which may be using sonar as a means to locate Kurt, Stark further gifted him arrows which can deceptively use a transponder located within the arrowhead to mimic a radar echo with a delay to indicate incorrect range thus making it harder for him to be tracked.
  • Electroshock (taser) arrows: These electroshock arrows are an elegant approach to incapacitating violent opponents who wish to cause Kurt harm without ever needing to opt to lethal measures. These arrows carry an electronic pulse which perfectly mimics the electrical signals used within the human body to communicate between the brain and the muscles which are responsible for moving. The arrows interfere with these electrical impulses in order to tell (or force) the attackers muscles to perform a great deal of work within a very short space of time, and yet, the electroshock does not direct the work to any particular movement. In consequence, the shock depletes the attackers energy reserves and potentially leaves them too weak to continue fighting. In effect causing their entire body to cramp and become ideally incapacitated. Kurt could potentially perform these attacks and turn them lethal via upping the bodily instructions to expend more energy than the body actually has in it's reserves, causing the target to die of exhaustion. They are usually used against opponents who pose a non-lethal danger to Kurt, or a lethal opponent who needs to be weakened.
  • Thermally charged arrows: These Trion based arrows are able to fly through the air while their atomic structure frantically vibrates causing a rapid heating of the metal to degrees which is capable of burning through virtually any material on the earth. The thermal potency of these arrows is boosted by their energy absorption capabilities meaning they absorb the kinetic energy during flight and covert the energy into heat, rendering them thermally supercharged and extremely deadly. They are often used to burn holes through heavily armored opponents (and equipment/vehicles) with little to no effort.
  • Explosive arrows: Probably one of the most simple but effective weapons within the Emerald Archers expansive arrowed armory allowing him to fire an arrow which can detonate with an explosion capable of blasting through the strongest bank vaults doors.
  • Adhesive/acid/corrosive arrows: These arrows upon contact with a surface are able to discharge an acidic or adhesive corrosive substance for numerous purposes. The corrosive properties of the acid are able to easily corrode through solid concrete while the adhesive substance is able to bind together things with a maximum limit of five tons before the adhesion fails. The adhesive is also able to be saturated with corrosive properties rendering it a sticky and highly volatile attack.
  • Electrified Titanium/Trion alloy netting: A simple arrow yet effective trick arrow. These are used to ensnare an opponent within a titanium/trion alloy netting and averting them from causing harm to Kurt through non-lethal means. They are also able to give off an electric charge and further incapacitate an opponent. If the situation calls for it, Kurt would be able to activate a thermal supercharge and heat up the alloyed netting, causing vicious scolds and burns to an enemy which could potentially be fatal. The netting is almost unbreakable due to the Titanium/Trion compound used...Sadly, due to it being an alloy and not a pure for of Trion, it is breakable if enough force is exerted.
  • Source particle arrows: These Trion based arrows were atomically infused with a large quantity of source particles during the process of creation allowing for them to fully tap into the potential of which lies within the realms of source particles and their versatile combat use. Anthony Stark personally gave Kurt these arrows with the selfish motive of watching them be field tested. The particles correspond to a signal attached inside of Kurt's bow and works via an instantaneous communication link to the bow and the arrows allowing them continuous a connection. The unique source particles are able to instantly alter the size of anything at a subatomic level with seemingly no restriction on what they can alter. By altering an items size they can exponentially increase or decrease an objects physical mass to scale without any adverse consequences to organic matter. They have also been known to interact with their surroundings and flawlessly mimic the effects of intangibility. The also have the capacity to disrupt most fields of energy and have even been known to infect an organic hope with an inorganic virus to cripple their biological systems. These particles are very elusive and it has always been hard for even Anthony Stark to analyse and understand how they work exactly. The only knowledge which has been deciphered thus far is they effect nearly anything at an atomic level (or the "source" level) to which everything is created, and with instruction, these particles have limitless potential. Kurt is often seen using these Source Particle infused arrows to attack an enemy who may be hiding through a wall or he does not have clear access due to obstruction. They are quite possibly the deadliest arrow which Kurt possesses within his extensive armory.
  • Smoke screen/flash arrows: These arrows are simply a way for Kurt to escape and evade from an enemy without causing harm to himself or any onlookers. Upon detonation an emerald smoke screen is emitted which clouds the area in a thick haze of mist until it dissipates from the air after around fifteen or so minutes after being used. The arrows are also capable of sending out a vividly bright flash of light in all spectrum of light intended to temporarily blind/disorientate a normal human, this is also used to wreak havoc with unprotected visual devices (such as cameras) which are unable to adjust to the sudden brightness. The flash is often accompanied by a loud bang which in itself does not cause any harm to anybody, but can turn be used as a further distraction. These arrows are made from simple carbon fiber (stored within telescopic arrowheads) and are not intended to be lethal, hence being blunt and not actually capable of harming anybody (although, the sudden flash of light does emit a type of heat which could potentially burn or scold a target).
  • Power dampening arrows: Source Particles. Particles capable of almost any task given the correct programming, miniture nanites once used to disable Amaranth's intangibility. Often used by the Gothic Knight to dampen the abilities of foes, first developed to restrict Psyknight's abilities (which worked) the arrows are able to usually bypass an opponents immune system, and constantly adapt, disrupting their nervous system and hopefully dampening, or restricting access to a mutants X-Gene, regenerative factor, or a meta-humans powers.
  • Cryogenic freeze Arrows: Arrows which fire and upon contact, emit a highly sticky substance which instantly freezes any target it is placed upon, capable of reducing the temperature of anything almost instantly, causing a body to freeze, thus incapacitating an opponent.
  • Energy arrows: These arrows are constructs, made by Kurt, and can take the form of any other arrow in his armory, they are able to be directed during flight, and can effectively curve around surfaces and obstacles to target opponents.