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Ok, there are many factors hurting the movie, the first is the cast. Look Avengers was a shock that it was a success, as it was though nearly impossible to have such a larger cast and make everyone of them important. Justice League is a bigger team, needing seven. While for Avengers, we had solid introductions to Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. So we really only 3 character to introduce, and Black Widow had a large part in Iron Man 2, and Hawkeye was under mind control for most of the movie. So we really had one major character to introduce Fury. But with Justice League, excluding the obvious Superman and Batman, we need to introduce 5 characters. It is easy for the film to become a superman and batman, with 5 characters, no one but the comic community cares about movie. Second, why in god's name are they having the movie during the same time period as The Avengers 2. Are they suicidal.

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One of the funniest moment was when Daredevil called Otto a tube of lard. He notes that Spider-Man was grinding his teeth, that was hilarious

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Anything but the TDKR. The plot holes are sad, very very sad.

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Ok, DC copying, or not. GET CONTROL OF MAKING YOUR DAMN MOVIES. I mean, make a DC studios or something, do not let WB keep manipulating your franchises. I mean besides Batman look how well that turned out(Green Lantern, Jonah Hex), they under performed and with horrible critical reception. Hell, look at what nearly happened to Wonder Woman, and what they did to Green Arrow(I like the show, but the comic Green Arrow, is a heavy liberal, who hates killing, while in Arrow, he killed in the first episode). Because, Marvel is killing you at the movies, besides Batman, what can you do. I mean Marvel has three franchises still running, and the Avengers. While, Man of Steel is so far mixed(some like it, other dislike it), and Batman is over, and any attempt to reboot a franchise is likely to have negative reception at first(Think Amazing Spider-Man, but with Nolan fans, crazy) If you are planning this, fine, but make a good story, or everyone will lose faith in your movies, and everyone will think the justice league is a cheap copy of the Avengers

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Actually it could be, when Hope spread the Phoenix force, all remaining mutants's were further empowered, while reawakening the x-gene is others

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Is Warner Brothers trying to directly compete with Marvel, it feels like they are. Which is a stupid idea, Avengers was the highest grossing movie of the year, and 3rd of all time, with nearly everyone saying it is awesome. Even if Justice League has Batman and Superman, the idea of the Justice League will seem to be a rip off of the Avengers. I mean in the same year as Avengers 2, and a villain similar to Avengers 2's and the fact they restarted production after hearing of the Avengers success. It feels like DC is trying to piggyback off of Marvel's success without trying to make a quality product. DC take your time, you have learned from Marvel before do it again. I mean lets look at Arrow, everyone thought he was a rip off of Hawkeye.

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@Jorgevy:@Jorgevy said:

marvel needed to outdo DC's Wonder super couple

I think you are right, Marvel, here is how to outdo The Super/Wonder couple. BRING BACK THE MJ/PETER RELATIONSHIP. I mean I feel like Spider-Man will get a huge jump in sales, if they do that

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Ok, everyone stop whining. It will be Peter. I mean Marvel has learned not to take Peter away from the marvel universe. Everyone makes fun of the clone saga, and it was so bad Marvel nearly went Bankrupt. I mean everyone thought Alpha would either replace Peter or die. Turns out he is still alive with little to no powers. So stop guessing what Slott is doing, and just be happy we have a new Spidey book.

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Have anyone your read AVX 11. As it is kinda just Scott there.

The X-Men are teaming up with the Avengers.

Also, Series has been showing that in the end, the Avengers are right, as the phoenix force destroyed a world on the way back to earth. And the Avengers know it. Although they did do some morally gray things there. Which has been called out on, in the tie ins. So Marvel realizes that the Avengers are not being morally clean as well.