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@simon_the_digger said:

GL, I don't think Iceman would be able to really harm him.

But then Iceman can't be hurt by GL either, due to not being tied to a corporeal form.

I'd say stalemate, as I have no idea whether GL's shields would be affected by Iceman's powers (absolute zero, dehydration, etc).

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Prior to Dragonball the most popular style of battle manga were those similar to Hokuto no Ken, it was Dragonball that has turned mainstream manga into the power up shouting fest that it is today.

Manga is in no way ruined, but mainstream manga is certainly worse.

I still read the popular stuff because it can be so bad that it's amusing, but in terms of what I enjoy reading it's mostly seinen stuff; so yeah I do think you have a point in some way.

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Spiderman easily, followed by Wolverine and then Iron Man I guess.

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The trickiest part would be finding them, so I kinda had to use Inumuta. As for combat both of them are pretty capable, what with Inumuta having the ability to go invisible (and therefore undetectable) and leave after images should he choose to confuse opponents; and Sanageyama being a strong and fast heavy hitter. I mean, at his base (no uniforms which make them super powerful) he has shown to be able to deflect bullets from automatic fire.


I saw this thread and my immediate reaction was that Sanageyama and Houka are the dream team for this situation.

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As a country you tend to place yourself in a lofty position above others, seemingly knowing what is best for everyone despite having multitudes of problems that you refuse to acknowledge.

e.g. Gun Control, Wealth Deficit, Corrupt Politicians, the list goes on.

I'm not saying that other countries don't have similar or worse problems but in order to become an example to follow you must practice what you preach, and there's a whole lack of that at the moment.

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Sanageyama has his eyes physically sown shut and visualizes the world around him making Lelouch's power a no sell. Inumuta is an experienced hacker that has previously wiped all data pertaining to him from Government databases, and hacked the biggest business in their universes stocks making them crash. To delete all information pertaining to both Houka and Uzu would be child's play, and then finding Lelouch and Light would be easy. Not to mention if it gets into a proper fight that Sanageyama and Inumuta could blitz them (seriously they could with their initial suits, but this is them at the end of the series).

@racob7 Care to debate?

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Guts wins Round One with minor difficulty, and stomps Round Two with his crew.

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I dunno guys, TASM Aunt May appears to be a lot younger, and in my mind that gives her the slight edge even with having a carton of eggs...

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That's it everyone, go home.

This thread is officially over.

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Returning from beyond?

Yellow Pallet?


I think we all know where this is going.