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I'm genuinely more interested in Season 2 for Agents of Shield.

That's how much I care about every single one of DC's TV properties atm.

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Just bought Last Light and Natural Selection 2 because they were cheap.

Guise I think I may have a problem

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@jedixman: Yeah, they don't give you another copy of Skyrim but the DLC is cheap with the Legendary Edition so it's worth it IMO.

I also ended up buying Papers Please. I'm sorry wallet.

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Probably either Shinpachi from Gintama or Okuyasu from JJBA depending on the company I'm with.

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Bumping this topic with a current damage report.

I spent £12.50 on Skyrim Legendary edition (cheap dlc yo, even if I already own Skyrim :P), Game Dev Tycoon and The Stanley Parable.


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@scorpion2501: Spend half your time studying, spend the other half selling your soul to Gaben for cheap games.

It's a win-win scenario really.

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This thread is to discuss the sales themselves, games you want to buy in the sales or the damage reports from your wallets.

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Thor versus Diana with equalized speed is a tough match to call, but I'd lean towards Diana 6/10.

Thor is not beat Black Adam though, dude's a monster.

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I've never seen the show or done roleplaying before, so I don't know if I'll enter the first round. That being said if you so need someone to enter to make up the numbers I don't mind giving it a go.