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Juri wins 8/10 times.

Even starting 100 feet apart, Juri can easily close the gap. As shown in the end of the SFIV OVA she's had her limiter removed so there's no time limit issues regarding the Feng Shui Engine, and she won't hesitate to activate it once she views Azula as a credible threat. In the OVA, Juri was able to stop Chun Li's kikosho with one hand (a technique capable of KOing regular humans with ease in the Udon comics), so Azula's lightning will likely hurt but not do any significant damage. Once again in the OVA, Juri managed to blitz Guile, Cammy and Chun Li when she got serious, and proceeded to one shot all of them.

I feel like Azula could definitely do some damage with her fire bending, but Juri gets way too much of a physical boost from her engine. Plus Azula is a total glass canon and if Juri lands a solid hit then she's done for.

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IMO Richie has the feats to take Thor down alone.

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I'll never get anime's obsession with the beta males. Why much the majority of anime mains have to be uncharismatic, uncool, and just almost sad to watch?

Studios tend to take the easy route in that instead of making a genuinely interesting character they attempt to create a character who the average viewer can relate to. Ultimately it's a cheap way of getting the audience to like the character in that they can see themselves within them, which is why so many generic protagonists are so boring. Why bother creating a complex character like Misato Katsuragi or Kiritsugu Emiya when you can easily create a Kirito or an Ichigo who can easily be defined in a few personality traits.

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So apparently Law and Luffy maybe distant relatives or something....

Would make for an interesting turn, but I think Dragon would have intervened if something like that had happened to his family... after all, he did go out of his way to stop Smoker from getting Luffy in the BoS

In that case, Blackbeard and Jaguar Saul are also distant relatives to Law and Luffy

Luffy is his son though, of course he'd go save Luffy but the reason I said they might be distant relatives or something, it's that I remember hearing somewhere that the D is kept secret because of some significance to the plot, Perhaps they're all connected or something, since I believe Oda has everything planned out he wouldn't just randomly toss those in there for no reason

Fan theories amusing the Will of the D have something toward the Void Century.

All these D's popping up.

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Zaheer was already heavily invested in the Airbender philosophy, having great admiration towards their culture and ideals (ignoring the whole pacifism part) leading to great understanding of their mentality. All bending is performed with different martial art movements, making the motions for bending useful regardless of whether one could bend. My thoughts are that as Zaheer was an admirer of the Air Nomads, he based and developed a formidable fighting style around the airbending motions, which later lent him a great levels of skill when becoming a bender during the Harmonic Convergence. Not quite to Tenzin's caliber but enough to become a formidable opponent.

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The Red Lotus' plot was to kidnap Korra in her infancy and make her their own Avatar to shape the world in the image they wanted, Winter-Soldier style. Obviously enough, Zaheer was supposed to be her air-bending master. Plus, he was their de-facto leader.

Ummm. No they wanted to kidnap Korra in order to murder her in the Avatar State and end the line of Avatars. Zaheer also was not an airbending master until after Harmonic Convergence....right before he escaped.

I finished watching Korra very recently, and Zaheer did state that the Red Lotus intended to kidnap her in order to create an Avatar (presumably to suit their needs) with each of the Red Lotus members intended to be her varied teachers. Arguably, despite not being an airbender it could potentially be seen that Zaheer would still teach her the theology and motions of airbending due to his understanding. Obviously this became an impossibility once Tenzin and Tonraq had allowed her to develop her own ideals, so they instead chose to execute her as they could no longer use her.

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@pwok21: iron fist is an avenger?

Not currently, but he was at the time I posted that.

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When you asked if he'd get his standard pistol and melee weapon with his morpher, that didn't mean he'd get his entire standard equipment.

Tone it down a little to only what actually comes WITH the morpher.

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@pwok21: Its too late for trade him for Will, I guess.

Teams have been locked in for at least Three Days.

No changes, for anyone.

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Assuming this is powered Marvel Hercules...

Given their current power boost, I feel like the duo could take him.

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I voted other due to:

Cowboy Bebop, Madoka, Gurren Lagann, Gintama, and JJBA (all of which could be seen as 'the best' for different reasons).

Of the list I like Kill la Kill the most, but it's nowhere near as good as anything else I've mentioned.