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@kingant27 said:

J'ohn solo's, the other make it a Mis-Match...

How would he do that?

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Batman solos with Kryptonite gum.

General Zod is immune to Green Kryptonite. Bizarro can only be weakened by Blue Kryptonite. Batman doesn't realize what they can do until a while.

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Superman is out of the picture, I can think of more than a few reasons.

  • Superman as Clark Kent is having financial trouble and has a job interview scheduled that he has to show up too and tells the Justice League that he might have to sit crime-fighting out for the day.
  • Superman just fought Zod the previous day, he managed to subdue Zod but Zod had a failsafe for the fight which was sticking Red Kryptonite in Superman's ear. Instead of making Superman evil, it made him a slacker and he didn't care much about his life as a Superhero (or Villain) anymore than his life as Clark Kent.
  • Supergirl, Superboy, and the like could take his place rather easily. Which is why in this scenario, the Super-family is another dimension fighting some intergalactic villain.


Batman (Prepped), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Captain Marvel vs. General Zod and Bizzaro.

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I know I am not the only one who thinks that Robin Taylor's Penguin is totally reminiscent of a typical Jonah Hill role (i.e. 22 Jump Street). They even have the same nose. I bet that Jonah Hill (no offence to either Hill or Robin Taylor who are good actors) might do well as old penguin, considering his body type, or even as both young and old Penguin.

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What do you think guys? Do you think Jim Sturgess could have pulled off a good young Professor X in the X-Men films?

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@thitiki said:

10 dollars but I just get free hair cuts now. Just go in get it cut then say you forgot your wallet and leave. Next time you go in they won't remember you or go to a different spot and do it.

Wow dude, isn't that kind of... theft?

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Now personally I usually visit SportsClips or some other mediocre barber shop to get a haircut, but I live by this British hair salon. It's run by British people, and the interior is so nice. They usually have like music from the UK playing in the background, and Beatles posters here and there. So that's why I decided to go give it a try.

All I wanted was a simple trim, and I got charged like $35! Plus you pretty much have to give a tip, so I spent like $40 (last time I payed like $30, it was more this time for some reason)!

I'd say the place is a mini-tourist attraction at best, a good one I might add. But definitely not worth the price (if I was rich, I would go there regularly, but I simply am not).

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So on a rate from 1-10, how much does your life suck?

1 being that you should be on suicide watch, 10 being you are always optimistic and your life rocks.

Mine is about 7.

EDIT: 1 being you are always optimistic and your life rocks, 10 being you should be on suicide watch.

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Also doesn't anyone think it sucks that Bucky in Winter Soldier wasn't a Soviet troop?
You do see a glimpse of what appears to be a Red Army soldier in one of his flashbacks, but I guess it was just another easter eggs for the fans (and history buffs for that matter).

Also, considering Nick Fury's faked death at the end of the Winter Soldier film, and the hole focus on the "infiltration" thing, I think they are remaking the Secret Invasion arc, but with HYDRA in the place of the Skrulls.

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@connect200 said:

@purplecandy: I love to see that happens as much anyone, but the hard fact is that studios will be studios. 20 Century Fox and Sony will try their asses off to keep the rights. A crossover is very unlikely. The days of Roger Rabbit are gone sadly. It is nice to think like a fan but, we sometimes have to see things from their prospective.

True. I guess the division between the Fox and Sony movie universes is what makes them unique anyway, it gives them a chance to be different.