Dark Knight Rises Predictions

Hello people, it's me Cameron Roberts here to share my predictions for the Dark Knight Rises, and ofcourse next year's coming film The Wolverine. Now let's get started shall we?

Here are some snapshots going around, so I'll tell you what I think so far. Here is a picture of Catwoman.

Well as you know she is going to be played by Anne Hatheway, so we won't be getting Ororo Storm Halle Berry as Catwoman this time, which is fine. So far in the leaks she seems to be delivering a good job. As such she meets Bruce at a dance, much like in the original animated series. Apart from looking hot for our more lustful common audience, will she make the performance that Comic books nerds want? In my opinion I think she might to a pretty good job, I mean who else could truly bring catwoman to life apart from her? Now let's move onto Bane

Okay if you asked a Comic book nerd to point out a flaw in Bane it would be...? You guessed it, his mask! I am sure some fan boys want him to wear his cheezy wrestler luchador mask like in the comics, but as a batman fan I have to say I think this octopus mask does just as well. For common movie-goers who probably never even heard of Bane, I think this Mask brings out his sinister personality, because let's not kid ourselves the wrestler mask would just look plain silly for a future blockbuster Cinema like this. Not to mention I wouldn't expect Bane to be using his steroids Venom in the film since Christopher Nolan focuses on realism.

So overall what do I think? I have to admit I'm sure it won't be the best movie ever especially since the last movie was pretty much quote from YouTube user burtonrules123 "you feel like you need a degree in Law to know what the hell they are talking about, it's like CSI meets Gotham City"., let's hope little Nolan learned from his mistakes and makes Batman kick ass this time. Until next time people.

So what do I give this film from what I've seen?


Not the best movie ever, but still worth seeing.

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