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What ever happen to her and her son?

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Love the episode but i was kind of bumed they made Pumyra an enemy now. I mean during the old 80's show they didn't use her as much but when i watched the new one i was glad they was finally use her more. I'm just hoping that this change won't be perminate. And hoping at least become good again.

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God i'm just hoping Gambit's on going will give him better developement, and yes Mags need to lead his own team maybe a new Dark X-Men, or BTOEM. Just saying but i feel like all of them are being written badly.

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I rather it be other X-Men then just Storm and Wolverine. I know many other X-Men that can join other teams too.

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NC i mean Nightcrawler but i think there is more we can add to that list.

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@Redberry said:

I'm still pissed that Magneto lost against Ironman. I'm a bit biased toward Magneto because he's awesome. :p

Anyway, I doubt anything would happen to the losers. Both teams go each on each other. Magik could have killed or just trapped Dr. Strange in her realm, but she didn't. How Magik can beat a being who fought a pissed-of Wanda and cosmic beings is nothing less of a headscratcher.

Pretty much PIS for the most part!

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@illegal said:

In AVX #4 Cap defeated Warpath and Gambit(how he did still a mystery to me) what do think will happen to 'em and the other X-men defeated by the Avengers

Just going to have to keep reading it, but still that was a PIS moment

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@bamfamf said:

They better do gambit proud in this one.


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@MyraMyraMyra said:

I don't think that any of the writers currently working for Marvel like Jubilee (except for Marjorie Liu, who did such cool things with her in the X-23 series). She's been abused by ignorance & poor writing choices for years now.

That's a terrible shame, because I love Jubilee to bits. I hated how she lost her powers, and I was even more annoyed by the decision to turn her into a vampire. That just didn't do her any favours as a chatracter. Liu kind of made her vampirism work, but I still would rather have her turned back to the way she was.

I'm still waiting for that Jubilee & X-23 team-up miniseries I've been fantasizing about since their awesome BFF developement in X-23. Better yet, I'd like to see an all-girls X-book focusing on Jubes, Laura, and other young female mutants Marvel is currently ignoring (even if there are already too many X-titles out there). The suffering comic book industry could use the financial support of the under-represented female demographic, so why not put out a girl-centric title to appeal to the young female audience?

That might work, with the all girls book, but maybe just a Jubilee/X-23 book, but why not others than just them, but you are right about Jubilee though what Marvel have done to her and others is just plain worng.

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@THEBlaqueBasterd said:

@Purgy: Hudlin needs to comeback.. PRONTO!!

Hudlin, i've heard the name before sorry if i sound dumb with that post.