Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 1

On a day when little water was to be found, Man spent awhile in thought and realized that he might one day die, never to rise again. Man sent Dog to God to ask that he might come back to life again, like the flowering plant, after death.

Dog went off and followed his nose toward God. He was soon distracted by the smell of soup, and followed his hunger toward the source. Leaning close to watch it boil, Dog was content and forgot his mission.

Seeing that Dog was lost, Frog took it upon himself to go to God and tell him that Man did not want to live again. If Man were to be reborn, thought Frog, he would soon muddy the rivers and destroy the birthplaces of frogs.

Dog finally arrived to tell God Man's message. Leaning low, he crooned Man's need for rebirth in the song of his howl. God was touched by the devotion of Dog for Man.

But God granted the frog's wish, because he got there first.    

Posted by ARMIV

Wow. Cool story.

Posted by PureKiwi
@ARMIV said:

Wow. Cool story.

Yea it's a cool one. Reminds me the story that Wolverine's girlfriend told him in his movie...It was also about howling and it was pretty cool    
Posted by Gsudorf

I just picked up the second Volume of BPRD. Looks like they have had it in for use since the beginning.

Posted by fodigg

This little tale has stuck with me as well. Since reading it in that trade paperback volume I can't help but still see frogs as harbingers of death. I think the frog in that image would actually be a cool tattoo.

Posted by spiderpool94

Surely this story just proves soup is evil and dogs are greedy