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@4thor said:

Bayern München rules European Football (the best) in the last 5 years. (This season i think could be a different story)

Whoa whoa whoa,dude,back it up a notch..........last 5 years?.....since 2009?!.......isn't it a tad excessive?!....
2009-10-11 AND 12 it was Barca.........what 5 years?

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@ms-lola said:

@punyparker: Haha, okay, I admit, it's mostly because you are so pervasive on this thread. You might convince me to like them. Might.

Don't need to.
Weather you like Barca,or not.

Team's history,philosophy,generally everything's unique.
So i don't have to convince people.

And in general,people who don't like Barca,is because Barca destroyed their team at some point. :P

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@theamazingspidey: Oh my god, it was a joke,and you answered seriously.In my books that's NOT a correct concession.


I love the idea of spidey being in cap 3 especially with the Russo brothers in charge. I think that is more comfortable to love about than the idea of spiderman in the avengers. I don't want him joining the avengers and I think the character would best serve as a cameo in the avengers 3 cracking jokes and fighting in an invasion not along side the avengers. Maybe he'll serve a scene rescuing hawkeye and a few civilians

But we know this won't happen because Sony's extremely afraid that after making less and less of good stuff with him,he'll go back to Marvel.

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Entirely - without emoticons, we wouldn't be able to convey proper emotion! XD.


Then your response is a little bit ignorant,becauase i clearly used an emoticon in my post.

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@experio said:

@punyparker: As a good thing, as in Xavi is leagues above him. They both believe the other is better than themselves.

Then it's cool,it sounded wrong.

@ms-lola said:

Why so much Chelsea hate? Why so much Barcelona love? Why?

I'm the only one here supporting the team.....

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What!? That's crazy - I'm not bias! I placed ASM1 as best and ASM2 as second worst... I cannot be bias!

Zero effort was put for you to hold your argument together :)


They're important in an internet conversation.

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@theamazingspidey: Eh.Whatever.

ASM is written very lazy.
Except that ,and some dumb momments, it's an enjoyable flick.

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why? because i like "big" John's art more.

i also like Medina's art more

You're half in again.

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Wait... are you confused? ASM2's writing is mediocre, ASM1's writing is excellent... that's been my past opinion for a LONG time. What are you talking about?

That's still my opinion.


I recall me telling that ASM 1's writing is average and the general "wrong" with the movie,and you not protesting or saying anything otherwise.....
And don't act like you never praised and fought me about ASM2's "awesomeness" .......just because you changed accounts doesn't mean you changed perspectives.

Anyway,do whatever you want,man.

Peter And Gwen = She dead,get over it.


from ibtimes.co.uk

Captain America 3 Plot: Spider-Man to Feature With Cap? Director Talks About 'Secret Wars' Storyline

Captain America 3 directors Joe and Anthony Russo are planning on featuring some more Marvel heroes alongside Cap in the third film. The Winter Soldier had Black Widow and also introduced the Falcon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When CinemaBlend asked them which Avenger they would want to have at their disposal for a Black Widow-sized role, they replied:

"That's such a hard question because we've kind of already done that," Joe Russo said, adding that they already built characters into their screenplay. "Do they have to be under contract with Marvel? Maybe they are at another studio."

Based on their response, the website speculated a super exciting theory:

"Oh. Intriguing. Wait one second. Could Marvel be pulling some strings behind the scenes to get THIS guy back under the Marvel umbrella?" stated the report adding the following image:

So could Spider-Man feature in Captain America 3? Unfortunately, that might not happen due to certain business reasons.

But Joe Russo's comments on the matter of a team up for Captain America 3 will get fans really excited about the possibilities. He said:

"Listen, when I started collecting, The Secret Wars was one of the first books I ever bought, so that's always been an obsession of mine to see something of that scale done – a crossover."

The epic Secret Wars storyline involved basically every major hero in the Marvel universe being transported to a distant planet to fight every villain in the Marvel universe.

"I don't know if that would ever be possible, with all the different situations at the studios. But I would love to see a lot of characters on screen together," he added.

Well, it remains to be seen what route Captain America 3 will take but judging by the directors' enthusiasm and inclination towards bringing more characters together, one can expect some cool superhero crossovers in the pipeline.

Look if they didn't want it,or it wasn't an intention,then they wouldn't let their creators talk about it......so there's something behind the scenes there,but we don't know on what level it is.