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F-ck no.

Marketting holiday.And in general,it's a girl holiday....meaning,girl put much more weight on it,than we dudes do....

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Ballon D'Or is pure mess.

Tell me what did Ronaldo do in 2013,to deserve the ball?


Ribery got the CL,Bundesliga and German Cup.

Messi got La Liga and scored the most goals ever in one calendar year.

Ronaldo finished second by 15 points,and got NOTHING.......like,nada.

Bayern and Barca had won these awards , not Ribery or Messi . CL , La liga etc are team achievements , not a single player's achievements .

BallonD'or is awarded to the best player , not the best team .

Explain to me how every single year with the exception of 2010 and 2013 the Ballon D'or was awarded to players whose teams were the CL winners?.....

And please explain how Ronaldo,whose team didn't do a single thing in 2013,and he ,as an individual,didn't win anything,thus he didn't help the team win anything,deserves the Ballon D'or.....

Plus,Ribery was the best player in Bayern,in 2013,when Bayern won everything......and Messi was the best player in Barcelona,the winner of La Liga,and the La Liga top scorer for that season.....and they both DIDN'T deserve this award?

Gimme a break.

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Have for a book that probably won't be very good.

Or last very long....

And you know Marvel and covers......squeeze as many as you can,for extra money from delusional fanboys.

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@pizzaman said:

He was blocking Anti-Gamergate people? Maybe he's not so bad.

If i were Marvel, i wouldn't be fine with him potentially pissing off a current advertiser......

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@zarius said:

Never change Dan, you talentless and classless goon

I don't know if it's the norm out there,but i wouldn't Tweet "F-ck Bugs Bunny" if i were writing Batman.......for obvious reasons....

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Spider Man Crawlspace » Editorial: Slott, Marvel and the New Professionalism

“F-ck KFC”

SGW2AGoing to keep this short and to the point.

Tonight on Twitter Dan Slott apologized to many Spider-fans who were incorrectly blocked when he began using some sort of social media automatic blocking bot. While trying to autoblock people involved in the current ‘Gamer Gate’ debacle (Google it if you want but it’s not Spider-related) he apparently plugged in a anti-Gamer Gate list… and wound up blocking many Spider-fans who had said or done nothing to him on Twitter.

This brief editorial isn’t about that though. However Mr. Slott chooses to manage his social media… well that’s all up to him. But while explaining what happened on Twitter he made the tweet you see to the right.

We went with a screenshot instead of an embedded tweet in case the original tweet is deleted. Next to the screenshot of the tweet is an Avengers related KFC promo, an Amazing Spider-Man KFC promo and a KFC kids meal promo with Hulk, the Thing and Wolverine.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken, owned by Yum! Brands which also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut) has been a business partner with Marvel in the past, doing comics promotions and even kids meal promotions involving Marvel comics and movies. Even a brief Google image search shows you exactly what I mean. Most recently they have even promoted the Marvel Universe Live show currently touring arenas & stadiums across the country.

Mr. Slott’s Twitter tirades and online feuds are the stuff of legend now, and we’ve covered them here before when he’s gone after comic fans on message boards and social media.

But all the same, I find myself asking if Disney Marvel is really and truly fine with the writer of Amazing Spider-Man (the flagship title featuring a character that brought in over a billion dollars in licensing last year) hurling venom at corporate partners?

It’s 2015. Welcome to the New Professionalism.

–George Berryman!

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J.K. Simmons might return to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise as J. Jonah Jameson (audio)

J. Jonah Jameson

J.K. Simmons was easily one of the best parts about Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy. His performance as J. Jonah Jameson was perfect, and it was like he leap from the comic book pages. We’ve yet to see J. Jonah Jameson in Marc Webb’s new The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but is that all about to change?

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show earlier this week, J.K. Simmons hinted at the possibility of a return. “We doing another one or what?” Stern asked towards the end of the interview after mentioning Simmons’ three Spider-Manappearances. “I just heard that we… that’s a possibility”, Simmons replied. Check out the short clip below at the 55:14 mark.

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