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I'm a sucker for this Elector costume. Future Awesome Toy Picks selection?

I love the Spider-man they made.

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@rustyroy: Deacon Blackfire

Hush is more popular than Blackfire and didn't he already appeared in Eternal? I stopped reading after #10 so I don't know what going on.

We must revive the Discussion thread.
Why did you stop reading?.....i don't read Eternal,so i can read it whole when it ends.

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Where there's a f*ckload of crime

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Spider-Man 2 is your favourite Spidey film and you pin several flaws with ASM2's writing, right? Okay... allow me to pin some flaws against Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2:

It's not exacly hard to do.......it's far from perfect,it just has flawless action,and some good momments where you feel bad for Pete.
It's cheesy.

Okay - first off, why did Doc Ock strike a deal with Harry? Couldn't he have simply threatened to kill Harry if he didn't hand him the tritium?... That's stupid and plot for the sake of plot.

Don't call something stupid,that easily.
If Harry was dead,he would never have knows where the Tritium is,and it's a character momment for Ock,who's a noble villian.

Second - how did Doc Ock find Peter in the café? That's a major plot point and a turning point in the narrative but it's SM2 so you'll forgive it nonetheless... out of all of the places in NYC... he just HAD to look in the café. Lazy writing.

Third - why did he toss a car it Peter? That could've killed him... that's simply stupid.

Fourth - why did Ock get over his wife's death so fast? You could agree that the arms were controlling his brain, but exactly my point... lazy writing. Doc Ock took a 360 degree switch - he was a likeable guy than transformed into a MERCILLESS KILLER! At least, with Electro, his motivations fit into the character's back ground.

Fifth - why is MJ so badly written and off of the source material? You have read A LOT of Spidey... tell me one good thing about Mary Jane... I dare you...

Sixth - why is 2/3rds of the love triangle so unsympathetic? And why is John Jonah Jameson a 2D character and he wasn't fleshed out at all? He was simply in there...

Seventh... Doc Ock's motivation is to buy tools to build his experiment... but if he's capable enough to tear banks with his metal arms... why doesn't he just simply walk into a tools store and steal the tools? And if he was planning to buy the tools... how would he walk in as a criminal and cash them in?

It's SM2... so you guys will forgive these flaws...

Nobody denies those things,you know.......and nobody is trying to "not forgive" or something..........the car toss was cool,that's it.It's a film.About a guy who crawls walls......
Same stuff with every other superhero movie.

What are you trying to prove,here?......We can do the same thing with ASM2.......and with,literally, every other film....ever.

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Okay - I'll give you that one, Goblin is Peter's arch nemesis whilst Two Face isn't... although - you wouldn't have minded if Goblin wasn't in the film at all - would you? Nope... in all honesty... I don't think you would...

Of course i wouldn't......a character less?......maybe the film would be more fluid,and well rounded.Would be cool to introduce Harry,and make him Goblin in the next one.......they're making 4 of them,anyway......

Also - there isn't a single justifiable reason to be being bias towards the film - if anything, I'd be bias to the Raimi films because they're my bread and butter and my childhood, Lol - why would I be bias for a series which debuted only two years ago?

Don't take it too close to your heart,i didn't make a verdict,we're just talking.If you're not biased,then you're not and that's it.

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Nope - I'm not bias towards those films. I can easily argue that you're bias for the Raimi films and that you simply are jumping the bandwagon and hating on the new films for the sake of... sake, but you aren't because you compliment the new films every now and then.

It's funny that i can say the same to you,man.
You defend the ASM films with all your heart,but you compliment the Raimi films every now and then. ;)

I am not biased towards any film.......that's my policy.I'm not a fanatic....i was,not anymore.
If it's good,then i have absolutelly no problem to say it,and love the film.....if it's not,i'll bash it,cuz it has my favorite character in it!

Same with everything else.......i aknowledge quality.And the opposite.

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@themetalgearzero said:


Wow... what is it you didn't like about Black Flag?

ACIII ,with a polishing......repetitive,in general......you ,probably ,haven't played the first one and the Ezio ones,but you'll see that with every game,the Assassin characteristics are vanishing.