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and tapinaldo

Dafuq is this???! :P

Mostly on Bleacherrepport lol.

No,i mean i can get Penaldo,but what tapinaldo means??!!!

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@laflux said:

and tapinaldo

Dafuq is this???! :P

like 2012, Bayern won their league and league cup and got to the UCL final, with Gomez raking in goals(1 less than Messi, and highest in his league)

Messi scored 73 goals the 2011-2012 season,the highest number he has ever archieved,and you mean to tell me Gomez scored 72?.......really...

(Barca fan,btw)

but only a few would chose that over a player that scored 91 goals in a year in official competitions, even when he only won the Copa Del rey.

Again,this is a lie,73 is the number.
I'm talking Barca.Argentina friendlies are nothing to me.And they don't count for Ballon D'Or too.

I still believe Ronaldo didn't deserve the 2013 award,and that Messi didn't deserve the 2010 one.Iniesta did.

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Ronaldo took his team to the Ucl finals by scoring in every fixture in the knockout stage.

There's no such thing as "Ucl finals"

Yes Real didn't win anything in 2013, but you forget Messi's 2013 was so hampered by injuries that he only got 45 goals in 46 appearances, Ronaldo got 69 in 60. Ronaldo took his team to the Ucl finals by scoring in every fixture in the knockout stage. the major reason Messi was even the highest goal scorer in the La liga, was due to the earlier part of the season in 2012(the latter part of his 91 goal haul) come 3013 he started slipping gradually, and when his team truly needed him, they got a 7-0 thumping instead. The problem with that season for Madrid was majorly Mourinho's controversies. The only shining light they had was Ronaldo, highest goal scorer in UCL and Kings cup, took them to the final in when they were close to a loss at Barca's hand, scored in the final(though he got a red card) scored and assisted against Dortmund(The only reason Madrid lost that was because of Lewandowsli's brilliance) , towards the end of the year broke the record for most group stage goals in the UCL, but most impressive, was single handedly took Portugal to the world cup( a few days after Ibrahimovic had taunted him as being an average performer and unnecesarily remarkable),, by the end of the La liga season, he was named MVP.

If you say Ribery was the best in Bayern(1 goal in UCL) then you must have not been watchin when Robben, was helping them break through defenses, and helping set up goals(though not as much as Ribery) , infact he should have been on that list not that cry baby. If Ribery deserved that year's ballonD'or then Sneider desrved 2010's even more. I still believe there was noyhing wrong with that year's Ballon D'or because of all of them, Ronaldo was the most consistent

And you seem to not understand what i said.

If a person does all this,and his team doesn't win anything,it means he didn't contribute enough.
And in 2010,Iniesta or Xavi should have won it.But Messi did,by your stupid logic.He scored more.

And this award is given for the season performance,not the year.That was proven many times.
So don't go all "the 2nd part of the season he wasn't good".......he won La Liga,and became the top La Liga scorer......Ronaldo didn't finish anywhere,1st.....Team and person-wise....

If this year Barca wins more than one trophies,and Messi continues as he does,what are you gonna say?....that Ronaldo was very good for 2 months in the start of the season??

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@experio said:

@punyparker: You must have waited months to finally be able to refer to them as our rivals.

I just saw some very "happy" headlines,and assumed you're rivals...... :P

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@marvelman92: In general the struggle to balance the superhero theme and the human therme,is preety story "food"

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Spiderman belongs in t. Format. Movies don't do him enough justice. Seriously there are enough materials and history to do on the small screen. We can't expect a two and a half hour film cramming the spiderman mythos, rushing some aspects and wait 3 or 5 years for a sequel. When you watch something like dexter this would totally be what to expect in a spiderman tv show.

Whedon once said that Spider-Man is the most cinematic superhero of them all.

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@zarius said:

Most pleased for Spider-Gwen. I still think the writing needs to justify the hype more than the premise, but it's encouraging news all the same

I like you.
You talk sense.

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Agreed. I wonder if it's gonna last, though. :p


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You had me at Ribery. Very good point.

What a loss for France that he couldn't play for them at the last World Cup. What awful luck for a fantastic player.

And France was preety decend.With Ribery they coulda eliminated Germany.They almost did without him.

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My best friends on here.

They know who they are.

It's not a secret man ^__^. Thanks :D

Yeah....i meant you......sure... XD

joking,man, i love you very f-cking much. :)