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Sin's Past

Just to be clear...i wanted to say that a long time ago.

To ALL of you bitching about Sin's Past.To all of you who are "insulted" by the storyline.

For starters,if you are 15-30 yrs old,just......go back the way you came,will ya?.....

Gwen is a character who died several decades ago,and you were born when she was gone several decades ago, cant be mad or not pleaed about this!!....i didnt like the fact Norman did this with Gwen,not because of Gwen,but because of Peter and his pain....i was sharing Peter's pain.

If you read Spider-Man when Gwen was alive,you'd realise she was a typical superhero girlfriend.Boring to the bone.She was calling Peter and if he was telling that he cant go out she would start crying!.....this is typical 60's superhero girlfriend!!!! be fair we would not know how she would've been written nowadays.I give you that.But we have this history.We must respect history,but not having it as a 100% standard!....i mean,in 2003 we read that Felicia started doing what she was doing,because a dude,raped her in college!.....after 20 years,we "learned" why the Black Cat was stealing! think that it's bad? first,yeah,me too,but then she said that she was prepared to never trust another man,and Spider-Man got her out of this "cage" by showing that true men exist!...that gave another escense to the character both of Felicia AND Peter!...

I cant say anything to people who read Spider-Man while Gwen was alive.NOTHING.Cause they lived her.And probably thought of her as a family.

For me Peter was always an older brother,and Mary Jane was his wife,so like a very very close sister-like character to me also.......if Mary Jane and Norman would have done such a thing,i would gladly read an issue with Peter cutting Osborn's junk off.You know why?....cause MJ was Peter's companion all my life,and i cant imagine Peter with anyone else!!.....and i respect people who were burning their issues of ASM #121 because we, who are bitching and whining about Superior now,in comparison with their tragedy,are some dirty little rats!!.....Imagine someone killed MJ that way,without they being married or even knowing that Peter is Spider-Man!!

All i'm trying to say is that we cant feel for characters that we didnt know for real the time they can feel fro Peter when he got extra arms,or when he lost MJ to the plain crash or when he lost May,OR WHEN GWEN DIED,even if you didnt live when these stuff happened!!!!....why?....because it's Peter the main character of the book!!....he is and he will always be!!....and our grandsons will feel for Peter when they read Superior cause it's Peter who got the trouble....!!.....

I wasnt sad,never,about uncle Ben..or his loss,or whatever.When i read Ultimate,where you get to know him,and he dies issue 6-7(i dont remember) you really understand the whole "great power great responsibillity" lesson....because you're SAD that a character you LIKED for 6 months is dead!!....

Hope i made myself clear enough.