The Incredible Hulk Live Action Television Series Remake


I am currently outlining an imaginary new live action television series that is both a remake of the Bixby/Ferrigno series & a closer adaptation of the comic book source material.

Each season would consist of twelve episodes to mimic a 12 issue year of comic book publication that actually adapts individual tales and long story arcs from various periods of the comic book onto the screen while still recalling the classic TV series that we all know and (hopefully) love.

Visually the series would be somewhat reminiscent of the Ang Lee’s “Hulk” wherein multiple panels were utilized on screen (though not to their best potential) to recreate the feel of reading a comic book. The period in which the series is set would either be 1) somewhat nebulous or 2) specifically the early 1960’s, most likely the former. The creature would be a combination of practical and computer generated effects and would reflect a power level closer to that of the comic book Hulk.

In addition to a number of Hulk’s supporting characters (Doc Samson, Jennifer Walters etc.) favorite antagonists (The U.S. Military, The Leader, Absorbing Man, Abomination, Brian Banner etc.) there would appear a number of other characters from the Marvel universe, both good (Namor, Henry Pym, Reed Richards etc.) and evil (Chameleon, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter etc.). I would also include the Jack McGee character from the original TV series.

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Posted by Jimsy

This sounds awesome!

Posted by PunyBanner
@jimsy said:

This sounds awesome!

Thanks! I've added some sketchy notes but I still need to make time to flesh this out more.