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Nice! Everything's coming up Hulk!

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@bezza said:

..Hulk and Superman sure have a fierce rivalry and its easy to light the blue touch paper with any superman v hulk debate. Just wondering if there are any other Hulk fans out there who also are fans of Superman? Is it possible to love both characters? As a child of the 70s, Superman and Hulk were the two (along with WW) powerhouses I grew up with so naturally I have a soft spot for both. Anyone else feel the same?

I am with you in this regard. I grew up watching the Bixby Hulk series on television and relentlessly watching Superman's I and II and I had an adoration for both television/cinematic iterations of the characters. When it came to comics, however, I found both to be extremely uninteresting...that is, until John Byrne came in and revamped Supes and Peter David came onto the Hulk title at which point both comics became must reads for a while...I eventually dropped reading the Superman comics but to this day have a love for Hulk comics, even post Peter David (thought the quality of Hulk comic has never regained the heights it could boast during the PAD years).

But no, I think that both characters are compatible in ones fandom...just don't ask who would win in a fight!

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I could narrow it down to no less than six covers...

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Supes and Hulk stomp. And how come Bats and BP only get prep? That's what I never got about fights like these, only one side gets prep while the other one doesn't.

The lack of prep on that team is the only thing that makes this battle even remotely plausible...even so, Team One crushes.

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I don't see how Wolverine could kill the Hulk before the Hulk could knock him out. It could happen, but I doubt it.

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Popeye the Sailor Man

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In a brawl, Malcolm X.

But seriously, while all three are deserving of our respect I personally hold Malcom X in the highest esteem.

Bullsh#t. A racist just posted this, he knew communist people, he wasn't one himself.

Typical. One points out that the man MLK wasn't a saint and he's suddenly a racist. If that's your only argument it's absolutely pathetic.

Links to Stormfront are suspect, I suppose ; }

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ok the biggest threats here are the leader (prep time), sandman (in his sand form), and the abomination (seeing as though he already beat the hulk. And i think hulk has what it takes to clear imo because the rules state he gets angrier as the fights drag on and im guessing he would be near wb level when it comes time to fight sandman and i can totally see hulk doing this...

sand man would fall through the cracks or get clapped and also when hulk starts to oose gamma radiation (witch is the hottest form of wave/ray)he could solidify sandman, the leader is too promising but fails too much, abomination is too stupid for him, the thing sometimes is just useless aginst the hulk and so is absorbing man, hulk already mopped the floor with iron man, doc sampson, grey gargoyle, wolverine and abomination, idk too much about half life dr hyde or madman, if he stops he does it at seven, and ross cant hulk out witch is a big downfall and his place should have been switched from his current order but i like this thread you got some good fights

I wonder if Hulk's WB gamma vibes could turn sandman to glass, or is that what you are referring to?

I put Ross at the end more for poetic reasons than difficulty...though the military forces are the real challenge in that round.

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Seeing as how this is a win by "knock out, death or incapacitation" I could see the Hulk completing 1-6 without too much fuss. Not too sure about Hyperion, but I think Hulk probably loses 8 and 9.

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I can't speak to his work on Superman but what I've read of his tenure on The Hulk was pretty decent...