The Lights and the Recruits

Does anyone else think that the rest of the Recruits should join with the Lights? I'd kind of make sense I mean the Recruits wouldn't just do small mission and I'd give the book a little verity (I mean I love the book but they should expand a bit) and I fell they should focus a little more on Pixie she is basically just there so they can save a life in time(not a bad thing)


Marvel Geneisis: X-Men #3

Marvel Geneisis: X-Men #3-X-Men Rising Part 3

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel.

New York-

A girl wearing a long green trench coat with the hood up, jeans, a black t-shirt, a brown backpack, boots and a pair of long white gloves is walking on the side of the road until she sees raindrops starting to come down.

Unknown girl: Ah, crap.

She starts running down the road until she sees a church and quickly runs to it. When she opens the door, the church is empty, puts her backpack down, and begins to take of her coat.

Unknown man: What are you doing here?

Her coat drops to the floor revealing her brown hair with white streaks and sees it is just a priest.

Unknown girl: Well I was walking alongside the road and it started to rain and I needed shelter cause I got nowhere to go.

Priest: Are you sure no friends or family?

Unknown girl: No. Can I just stay for the night? I’ll be out in the morning I promise.

Priest: I don’t think that’d be a good idea---

Unknown girl: It’s not like I’m gonna throw a wild party and He is kinda the only person I can talk to right now and I’m not ruining my chances.

Priest: Oh…Fine. But I have to warn you that the church is a bit strange---

Unknown girl: You’re just trying to scare me off now aren’t you?

Priest: There is no changing your mid. I’m locking up.

As the priest leaves the girl sits down on a bench and props her feet up and a blue devil tail drops down from the ceiling. Back in front of the Drake’s house Scott, Jean, Moira and Bobby are faced with Vulcan and the two other Hellions behind him.

Vulcan: Now all we came for is Bobby.

Jean: And you’re not getting him you—

Scott: Seriously Jean let’s not go there.

Jean: Fine. But if they start name calling I’m saying it!

Vulcan: No need Quicksilver, Blink, or myself have no need for name calling

Moira: For such a small team you have so much confidence.

Quicksilver: Oh please you think there are just three of us? There is more if we need them but we just thought that you guys are so inexperienced that we didn’t need everyone.

Scott: Do you even know what we are capable of?

Vulcan; Enough small talk give him to us now or pay the price!

Scott: Hell no!

Scott presses the button on his visor and a powerful optic blast shoots out and pushes Vulcan into a house across the street.

Blink: Fool! Do you know who you are dealing with?

Blink reaches for one of her mini javelins but Jean uses her telekinesis and throws a car at Blink who quickly teleports away.

Jean: Crap! Watch him!

Jean runs over to Scott but is knocked down by a speeding Quicksilver. Blink reappears right beside him.

Quicksilver: You need to watch where you are going.

Scott: Jean!

He goes to blast Blink and Quicksilver but Vulcan blasts him and he lands onto a car and hovers over him.

Vulcan: I told you that you’d pay the price!

Angel swops down behind Vulcan and stabs him with a knife. He drops to the ground and covers his wound with his hand.

Vulcan: What the--! Who are you?!

Angel: Let’s just say I’m their guardian “Angel”.

Blink: Well You are going to be dead pretty soon!

She throws several of her mini javelins glowing pink at him but he quickly dodges them and grabs her and throws her into Quicksilver.

Angel: You two had better make a run for it or else you wanna end up like your friend.

Blink quickly looks over at Vulcan and sees he is bleeding and quickly rushes over to him.

Blink: Pietro! We need to go!

Quicksilver: Are you serious? We can take them on just you and me!

Blink: Now!

She pulls out one of her mini javelins and starts to glow pink.

Quicksilver: Fine. Later losers! We’ll be back.

He runs over to Blink and in a flash they are gone.

Jean: Glad that’s over.

Scott gets up and walks over to Angel.

Scott: Hey thanks a lot um…

Angel: Angel. But you can call me Warren if you’d like.

Jean: Nice to meet you Warren! I’m Jean that’s Scott, Moira, and Bobby.

Angel: It’s nice to meet you all.

Bobby: Whatever pretty boy.

Moira: Tell us Warren why did you help us?

Angel: Well about a year ago the Hellions came to recruit me to join their cause but my younger sister Emma tried to stop them she was also a mutant but Vulcan killed her and left me alone but I vowed to avenge my sister’s death but as you can see no luck.

Jean: Oh god……

Scott: I know that you feel bitter Warren but killing Vulcan isn’t going to help. Maybe if you’d like you could come with us and we could help you threw it and get you revenge in a different way.

Angel: You know that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Bobby: “Yay”.

Moira: Let’s go back to the mansion to regroup. It isn’t too far of a walk.

Moira, Scott, Jean, Bobby, and Angel start to walk but Angel stops quickly and his forehead has a glowing red diamond appear then it disappears and he quickly catches up with the rest of them. Back at the church The girl is resting on the bench using her coat as a blanket but when she walks up she is covered with a nice white blanket and quickly get’s up and get’s ready to take off one of her gloves.

Unknown girl: Hello? Priest guy? If you are some kind of stalker freak I’m warning you I have powers and I’m not afraid to use them!

Behind her and boy that looks a year older than her with black hair, blue skin, yellow eyes, pointed ears, three fingers a black trench coat, a tan shirt, red pants, two toes, and a devil-like tail lands onto the ground behind her as she turns around he disappears but a little purple smoke is in the air.

Unknown girl: That priest wasn’t kidding when he said strange.

She turns around and he is hanging upside down face to face.

Devil boy: Hello!

Unknown girl: Oh my---!

She trips backwards and the boy quickly teleports and catches her.

Unknown girl: What the---How did you---Get off me!

She quickly pushes away from him and runs for the door but he teleports in front of the door.

Devil boy: Please I mean no harm!

The girl stops and pulls off one of her gloves.

Unknown girl: Get in front of me one more time and I will put you in a coma!

Devil boy: Oh is that your power?

Unknown girl: Well I don’t know but…wait why am I talking to you?

Devil boy: Maybe you are getting tired of talking to the same person the whole time.

Unknown girl: That’s true but…you were listening to me?

Devil boy: Well I was sitting on the beams and heard your conversation with the priest.

Rogue: Well that is understandable. I’m Anna but some people call me Rogue.

She puts her glove back on and puts it out to shake his hand.

Christane: That’s an interesting nickname. I’m Christane nice to meet you.

He shakes her hand.

Christane: Please sit down it gets kind of lonely here.

Rogue; Don’t mind if I do.


A blonde haired woman wearing a white tank top, blue eyes, jeans and black heeled boots is riding in a limo, her phone begins to ring, and she picks it up.

Blonde woman: Hello? Hello Steven did you find anything about him yet? No. Why do I even bother with you? If you want to be of some help, get me a flight to New York. Yes by tonight you dumb ass I need time to pack. Good bye!

She ends the call, puts the phone in her purse, and then pulls out a picture of her younger wearing a white swimsuit next to a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes to wearing a pair of red swim trunks at the beach.

Blonde woman: Don’t worry big brother I’ll find you and I promise I will not let them put you back in that horrible place ever again. Emma’s gonna take care of you.

PREVIEW: Scott, Jean, Moira, Bobby, and Warren plan their next move. Rogue and Christane get to know each other a little better. A mutant is running from the Hellions but why? Also Charles comes face to face with the rest of the Brotherhood of Hellfire.


Marvel Geneisis: X-Men #2

Marvel Geneisis: X-Men #2-X-Men Rising Part 2

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel.

Xavier Mansion-

In the living room, Scott is pacing back and forth and Jean is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Jean glances up at Scott.

Jean: Scott sit down she’ll be here.

Scott: I can’t with the Professor gone.

Jean: He’s a man with a powerful mind. He could play the old innocent man act and POW smashed against the wall.

Scott: Jean I wish I could think like you.

Jean: I wish I could get inside your head and make you think positive but that’s something I can’t do. Not anymore.

Scott: Wait you’re a telepath to?

Jean: Yeah but all the thought s messed with my head and when the Professor locked it away until I’m ready.

Scott: wait he’s---

Jean: Yup he’s a telepath. I would have thought you’d know that by now. I mean how long have you guys known each other?

Scott: Yeah---

There is a knocking on the front door and Scott and Jean rush to it and there is a woman with brown hair, a trench coat, a white button down shirt, a black skirt and heels.

Scott: Are you Moira?

Moira: Yes. Now you said the Professor just disappeared correct?

Scott: Yes. Moira: Was there some kind of struggle?

Scott: No nothing. I didn’t know of any enemy the Professor had.

Jean: Speaking of him did you two---

Scott: Jean!

Moira: This is bad---

Scott: What is?

Moira: Did the he ever tell you about the Brotherhood of Hellfire?

Jean: I’m sorry the Brotherhood of what?

Moira: They are an organization of mutants planning to resurrect a powerful mutant.

Jean: So they don’t sound too tough.

Scott: So what does the Professor have to do with all of this?

Moira: He was once a member of the Brotherhood but had a change of heart.

Jean: Wow who would have known such a nice guy was so evil.

Moira: Yes it’s hard to believe. Please follow me.

hey walk over to the elevator and Moira presses the button to go to the sub-level. When the door closes, a knife slips in-between the front doors and walks in Angel.

Angel: Now let’s have a peak at what the old man is hiding.

Down at the sub-level Scott and Jean are following Moira down to a large door with an x on it.

Jean: What’s that?

The door opens to show a sphere like room with a walkway and a computer like object with a helmet on it.

Jean: Better question what is that?

Moira: Charles called it Cerebro.

A device amplifies his telepathy and allows him to locate other mutants.

Scott: Is that how he found us?

Moira: Probably.

She sits down on the chair.

Jean: Wait I thought you said only telepaths can use it?

Moira: I did but it doubles as a computer. He left a fail-safe program up just in case anything happened to him.

Scott: A fail-safe of other mutants?

Moira: Yes Scott.

A list of many mutants appears onto a giant screen.

Jean: Oh my god---

Scott: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Moira: Now we find the closest mutant and we go from there.

Jean: Sounds easy enough.

Scott: Isn’t that what everyone says?

Moira: Found one. Robert Drake. He’s here in New York.

Jean: Awesome! Let’s go make us a team!

A black van pulls out and drives off and Angel looks out the window and pulls out a phone.

Angel: Hey. It’s me. They’re on the move.

He then opens goes to the front door walks out and flies away.

Unknown Location-

Charles wakes up chained to a chair with a metal helmet on and one light above.

Unknown man: Up already.

Charles: Why I never thought I’d see you again Erik…or do you still go by Magneto?

Magneto steps out of the shadows wearing a red and purple helmet, a purple cape, a red jacket and red pants, and black boots.

Magneto: Yes I still go by that.

Charles: Tell me why did you kidnap me?

Magneto: Because I have big plans me and the Brotherho--

A girl with pink hair a black dress, torn up black fairy wings, and black slippers walks in.

Mutant girl: Um I’m sorry for interrupting –

Magneto: You should be.

Mutant girl: Master Azazel said you were late to the meeting and told me to get you.

Magneto: Tell him I’m busy.

Mutant girl: But Master Azazel said it was about Xavier’s mutants.

Magneto: Alright.

He turns back to Charles.

Magneto: Looks like your little friends are causing trouble. I’ll be back.

He storms out of the room and pushes the mutant girl out of the way and she walks out, shuts the door, and leaves the room dark again with only the one light.

New York-

The black van pulls up in front if a white house and Scott, Moira, and Jean quickly get out of the van and quickly walk to the house.

Moira: Let me do all the talking you two just stay back.

Jean: You’re telling me we should have changed before leaving. We look ridiculous wearing our combat gear out in the open.

Scott: Don’t complain Jean.

As they walk over to the house, the windows begin to freeze over and as Moira goes to open the door the door knob is frozen over.

Moira: I can’t open it.

Scott: Then let’s do this the old fashioned way. Stand back.

Moira steps away and Scott presses a button on the side of his releasing a powerful optic blast shattering the door. They quickly make their way into the house and start looking around. Jean makes her way into the living room and finds a frozen Mr. and Mrs. Drake.

Jean: Scott! Moira! I found the parents….I think.

They run into the living room seeing the frozen parents.

Moira: My god…..

Scott: Who would have done this?

Jean: Do you think he did this? Robert?

Moira: It’s possible that his mutation got out of control and may have frozen his parents on accident.

A noise is heard from a closet. They slowly and as Scott signals to Jean and with a swift motion of her hand the door is ripped off its hinges. Scott and Jean walk in front of the door to find the closet completely frozen and find a kid around their age wearing a red shirt and tan shorts sitting in the corner and partly in a frozen form.

Scott: Are you Robert?

Bobby: My friends call me Bobby. Are you a friend?

Scott: Yes . I’m Scott Summers that’s Jean Grey and Moira MacTaggert. We are here to help you with your Mutation.

Bobby: I’m just another freak no one can help me.

Jean: Not true. He’s a freak to and so am I and together we are making a team of freaks.

Bobby scotches more into the corner. Scott kneels down and puts his hand on Bobby’s shoulder.

Scott: I know this isn't fun but you need to get over it soon. We’ll help you threw it.

Bobby: ……..Alright.

Scott helps Bobby and they all start to walk out the door and make their way to the van until it explodes and they are pushed back.

Unknown man: You should have stayed home.

A man with black hair, glowing yellow eyes, a red and blue jumpsuit and a yellow belt floats down to the ground. Then a girl with pink skin, a green long dress, dark pink hair, yellow eyes, green gloves and boots, and a pouch hold small javelins. Also and A boy with white hair and a green outfit with a white lightning bolt design on it and the same as the belt quickly runs in.

Scott: Who are you?

Vulcan: My name is Vulcan and we are the Hellions.

PREVIEW: Scott, Jean, Bobby, and Moira face off against the Hellions. Two mutants meet each other. In addition a mysterious woman is searching for her brother.