Are superheroes vacuum packed?

I mean, no matter how muscular are you and if you are using a Lycra clothes, there's no way your clothes show every muscle you have.

   This is the image that made me think about this entry in my blog.
So, what do you think? 
More examples:

 Well, at least we don't get to see his other 'muscle'

Pretty worked out for a blind person, isn't he?

My Life Today

Alright to start my blog on this site and to have the quest done, I will begin my first blog post talking about my life in this days.
I just finished my degree in systems engineering and I've been working in this job for a year now (I started working here before being graduated). It's a good job but I 'm getting really tired of it. It seems to me that it's way too repetitive.
So, I'm considering in getting a new job. I've always think if something doesn't make you happy just leave it. Then, I'm going to follow my own advice and look for something new. Hopefully this new job will get me a step closer to my real goal, which is being a Game Developer.
Being a game developer is something relatively new in my country so I'm going to step on totally unknown ground. I hope everything work out for me. And maybe someday I can reach my dream .
Whish me luck! =)