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156432 Issue Overview These Howling Commandos went to the Germany from the France. 07/20/13 11:20AM 60 Denied
156420 Issue Overview 07/20/13 11:18AM 56 Denied
156415 Issue Overview 07/20/13 11:16AM 40 Denied
156394 Issue Overview 07/20/13 11:12AM 36 Denied
156384 Issue Overview 07/20/13 11:09AM 36 Denied
156375 Issue Overview 07/20/13 11:07AM 36 Denied
156366 Issue Overview There Howling Commandos destroyed fascists airplane. 07/20/13 11:04AM 32 Denied
156358 Issue Overview 07/20/13 11:01AM 32 Denied
156355 Issue Overview 07/20/13 10:57AM 40 Denied
156353 Issue Overview 07/20/13 10:55AM 44 Denied
156349 Issue Overview 07/20/13 10:52AM 44 Denied
156347 Gabriel Jones Character Overview 07/20/13 10:48AM 6 Denied
156345 Izzy Cohen Character Overview 07/20/13 10:44AM 3 Denied
156340 TPB Issue Overview If The Deadly Dozen appeared consequently members of the Deadly Dozen must appear. 07/20/13 10:36AM 12 Denied
155309 [untitled] Issue Overview 07/19/13 01:13PM 4 Denied
155304 [untitled] Issue Overview 07/19/13 01:09PM 12 Denied
154848 Front Line Fixer Issue Overview This comics is specific in Howling Commandos appeared only the most popular members of command. In this issues they were in Italy. 07/19/13 06:04AM 39 Approved
154845 Issue Overview 07/19/13 06:00AM 44 Approved
154843 Walk or Die! Issue Overview 07/19/13 05:58AM 63 Approved
154822 Issue Overview Temporary refuge of Howling Commandos in Russia but in this issue not Gabe Jones, Rebel Ralston and Eric Koenig, they stayed in Germany. 07/19/13 05:49AM 56 Approved
154816 Issue Overview Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Izzy Coen and Happy Sam Sawyer grasped Hitler and they brought it to their temporary base in Atlantic Ocean, where they were waited Dino Manelli, but later Baron Von Strucker helped Hitler to rescued. 07/19/13 05:40AM 48 Approved
154810 Issue Overview Three main members of Howling Commandos appeared in scaled rout of fascists. 07/19/13 05:33AM 44 Approved
154788 Issue Overview They appeared in operation, where they went to the center of Berlin. 07/19/13 05:26AM 48 Approved
154768 Issue Overview some members of Howling Commandos participate in operation, where they must killed Hitler. 07/19/13 05:21AM 32 Approved
154757 Issue Overview 07/19/13 05:18AM 48 Approved
154750 Issue Overview 07/19/13 05:14AM 52 Approved
154741 The Sappers Issue Overview 07/19/13 05:07AM 53 Approved
154703 Flying Rivals Issue Overview They appeared in the comic, and even on its cover. 07/19/13 04:26AM 45 Approved
154698 Hunt For A Rebel Issue Overview Rebel Ralston by order of Happy Sam Sawyer was disguised as a fascist and sent behind enemy lines, but other members of Howling Commandos didn't know about that. 07/19/13 04:23AM 37 Approved
154694 Volume Four Issue Overview They were agents of S.H.I.L.E.D. and looked from the Hitler. 07/19/13 04:17AM 8 Approved
154691 Volume One Issue Overview 07/19/13 04:14AM 18 Approved
154684 The Strange Men - Who Are They? Issue Overview 07/19/13 04:09AM 45 Approved
154672 The Human Torch! Issue Overview Some members of Howling Commandos were are sent to help Captain America by Happy Sam Sawyer. Later they was saved by Human torch. 07/19/13 03:58AM 13 Approved
154670 The Human Torch Meets... Captain America Issue Overview 07/19/13 03:53AM 18 Approved
154664 The Man In The Crazy Maze Issue Overview 07/19/13 03:48AM 15 Approved
154661 Mister Morgan's Monster Issue Overview 07/19/13 03:46AM 7 Approved
154659 Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch! Issue Overview 07/19/13 03:43AM 8 Approved
152741 "War Comes to the Wilhelmstrasse" Issue Overview Howling Commandos with Sam Sawyer in the headed covered rear of the Invaders. 07/18/13 08:14AM 30 Approved
152731 Heil Frankenstein! Issue Overview Howling Commandos distracted fascists while Invaders fight with Frankensteine. 07/18/13 08:09AM 20 Approved
152725 Thunder in the East Issue Overview Happy Sam Sayer command of the operation to destroy the Hitler. 07/18/13 08:01AM 22 Approved