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you don't have to know the answer though i have heard many. the one i know is. As much wood as a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. though i did like that geiko commerical. keep up with the tongue twisters

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how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

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I know at one time she hulk had the ability to break the fourth wall. knowing (or often hinting to) the fact that she was a comic book character. does she still have this ability and what other comic book characters possess this "power"

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Just wondered if anyone out there can suggest any good webcomics.

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Perhaps you should go read her comicvine page before you come at me. First she got hold of one of jokers plans and actually pulled it off better then joker. and what did joker do instead of being happy. he got upset cause he got shown up by Harley. Second she is immune to poisons and gas. not virus and  diseases. that is why bed bug got her. 

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Actually if i Read it right it is not supposed to be Catwoman and Bane. It is Selina Kyle and Bane. what is the difference you ask. easy. They killed off Rachel in the last movie. Bruce Wayne needs a love interest. So it would make sense to add Selina Kyle. Also i don't see Catwoman teaming up with Bane. This leaves potential for another Villain. Perhaps Dr Hugo Strange or Talia to step in and be the driving force behind the storyline. Probably won't happen but there is the possiblity. Now i am not saying i like there choice of characters. I think hollywood has lost faith in its fan base to deliver the money and rely on john and jane doe to pay to watch this movie. Hence the more mainstream villains. I think Black Mask could have worked in Nolans movies. It is just a mask that is stuck to his face. it could happen in real life. As for Harley Quinn. I did the math and figured out several reasons why she can not be in a movie. 1. The guy playing the joker is dead. 2. It takes more then a Joker to make a Harley. As everyone on this site should know as a comic book fan. It takes 3 people to make a Harley Quinn. The first of course being the good doctor herself Harleen Quinzel. The second being none other then the Clown Prince of Crime the Joker. But the 3rd person in this equation is Poison Ivy. Without Ivy, Harley would have never got her immunity to poisons and gas and her enhanced abilities making her a match for the Bat. I know i will probably get a lot of they can do it without her or some other comments. And i am sure they could but would it truly be the same.

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@sydpart2 thank you i will do that

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@entropy_aegis i never said that Mr Zsasz was better then Bane. And Bane deserves another chance after what they did to him last time. I was just kind of hoping they would go out on a limb and being in some untouched characters.  Beside Mr Zsasz already made a small (really small cameo in the first movie when the inmates were escaping)
@ industrious I never stated I wanted another joker in this series. I was just stated that a lot of people wanted harley quinn and what it would take to make one and who i thought would be good for the role. Black mask doesn't wear a skull his face got deformed and he used his mothers casket lid which got shattered to make a mask which was later melted on to his face. We saw batman glide in the second movie. Yes some of the others are campy but at least i didn't pull out like king tut, bookworm, or egghead.

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29 lolth

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Captain America, the jokester from earth 3 and the joker from earth 9