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i could "bust" out better villains then a clone. DC couldn't dig any deeper into their "chest" of villains for powergirl. they should give her a double  d-ilemma to deal with. They are not going to "rack" up any new readers with stories like this. i guess i should stop. Ta-ta's for now

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I was reading up on the green hornet the other day here on comicvine and how he was related to lone ranger. It got me thinking. 
Didn't the lone ranger and zorro exist about the same time. how come they never meet each other. Green hornet and batman have meet. Can you think of any other cross over you would like to see that never happened but think could have happened.

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Yes but then i would stop caring about batman.
Probably she is trained in psychiatry after all. she would just study their behavior and escape.
Harley has shown signs that she knows what she is doing is wrong but at sometimes just doesn't seem to care. she is having fun. some people forget how to do that.
Probably go back to being a psychiatrist that is what she went to school for.
Not sure how the joker would feel about not having Harley in his life anymore. I know Ivy (or as Harley calls her red would be upset. They share a special bond.) And she has kind of grown on catwoman too. 
I hope so. Harley is just another boring prudish waste of space as Harleen Quinzell. Don't get me wrong she has room to evolve as both character but who wants another boring doctor hanging around in the pages (and frames aka tv shows) of batman. Not me. Give me that free spirit, Pop-gun with a cork carrying, huge hammer wielding Harley anyday

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With the endless comic book movies coming out and ones rumored to be in the making. I hoping i don't have to make a list seeing as where i am at and all. I wanted to know what other peoples hopes for future comic book movies would be. you can delve as deep as you want to. I really liked strangers in paradise. Is there a chance for a movie from this series?( Please don't stick to answering just this question.)

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Does anyone know of any good sites that list all the different cons that are going on this year including minor ones. does comicvine have a section listing the cons or do they just list the major ones.

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i think it is good that he was brought back and sometimes the fans just shouldn't vote. i mean look at some of the ridiculous outcomes in the battles of the whole marvel vs dc cross over. that was fan based voting and some of the results didn't take into account the characters powers or anything.

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i can't wait

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punchline ponders the perplexity of getting pwnd

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this is the way i see it. carnage beats venom . toxin beat carnage. anti venom beats them all. (yes i am aware anti venom is eddie brock )

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i think breaking the fourth wall is the coolest power in comics.