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Sorry forgot about that. Need to go back and reread my venom

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I remember the crossover with Batman/Captain America where Joker punched Red Skull in the face and said something about hating Nazi's. Nice to know that even though Joker wants to kill everyone that he has pride in his country. What would happen if Joker and Loki teamed up. Maybe Joker and Arcade.

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Mark hamill's joker was and still is the best. If you don't believe me I have proof. Not only did he own the role in the Batman

The animated series  but also in

Arkham Asylum Video Game . Having voiced the role in both. Two different media's same great laugh
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I think all is right with spiderman. We have a new venom. I like the choice of Flash Thompson. Carnage is back. Mac is once again the scorpion. (spidermans new white costume for the new Future Foundation epic)

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Joker and Harley have taken different paths. Though it does seem that they have downplayed Harley a lot since her own series. This is a girl that had joker hanging from the emergency phone after blowing the bottom out of an elevator. She got kicked out of hell by none other then the devil and took on the martian manhunter while hopping from body to body.  Where is her giant pop gun. Where is the acrobatic woman who can take on batman and hold her own. Where is the Woman that went to metropolis with Joker while he had diplomatic immunity and went toe to toe with mercy and held her own. She is trained in psychiatry why is not among the select few that has figured out Batman's identity. It isn't like she would tell the Joker. He would kill her if she did. Not that he wouldn't kill her anyway if he got the chance. Not knowing who the Batman is Bruce Wayne is part of Jokers whole game. He doesn't care he just wants to cause havoc and destruction and prove to everyone that life is one big joke. I think that they are better both going on their own paths and there is room for both of them. I don't think they need each other. I think Harley has proven she can hold her own as a character. Joker has been around since the beginning. So he isn't going anywhere.

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hey this is fun

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This are both creations of Paul Dini and so i thought it would be interesting to see them battle.

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why is dc not using this world more. it has so much potential