Another order

Looking to pick up an order this week (amazing if it'd be today). I can't wait to read them =D

It was:
The Joker: complete series, 1-through-to-9, 2005 Villains Secret Files and Origins, Joker's Last Laugh Pin-Up Secret Files and Origins, and 2007 Villains Secret Files and Origins, Detective Comics #365 The House that Joker Built, several Harley Quinns, some of Chiropteran's additions (Bullock's Law, Nosferatu, etc), some others.. Another order included Robin: Wanted, Joker's Asylum mini-series, R.I.P #677 variant edition,  Batman Archives volumes.

I need to go find a copy of The Batman Encyclopedia; I've already got The.. can't recall the name, but it's an essential encyclopedia; volume 1 was Batman, and the other two were for Superman and Wonder Woman.

I need to change my e-mail here; Chiropteran let me borrow one of his forum!ones; as my other e-mails are private.

The Dark Knight can't come fast enough: damn it, July 17th! Although we can pre-order tickets on the 12th. =D

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