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@RogueJuggernaut: Yeah they agree on some points (mostly on the bit that he is to melodramatic at times, I also think he is a tad whiny at times, but it is no worse than Batman). Many people I have seen on here and on other site and many of the reviews around the internet love the series,. But why don't you pick up another series if you are bored with this one? There is plenty out there with heroes that kill, pick up some of the early spawn issues by Todd McFarlan I bet you would like those :) or maby you will find the new Spidey ongoing better?

Also Kaine is not a carbon copy of Spider-Man far from it, they are like twins but with completly different mindsets, Kaine is dark and brooding, Peter used to be light and warmhearted (Spock is another story).

Kaine don't take pleasue in what he is doing and if you have read scarlet spider 13 he even scares innocent girls to keep them safe, something Peter would never do. Kaines series also deals with themes to dark for the more mainstream Spider-man series (like the recent humantraffic stuff). Also Kaine is a lot more violent he don't care if he breaks someones bones or sends them into a coma.

I still think he would be willing to kill, but only if it realy counts and there is no other option. Something Peter never ever would do under any circumstance. (and mostly I think Kaine do not kill out of respect from his brother Peter, and also if you where given a second chance in life, it would be a waste to go back to your old self. And not trying to be something bigger and better than before. Showing compassion is a greater gift then killing).

Saying he is boring because he don't kill would be the same as saying Iron Man is boring because he stopped drinking.

But allas maby we can agree to disagree. :)

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Kaine is a darker vision of Spidey, even though he don't kill people, he hurts them a lot more.

What is happening to Kaine is development and I for one like it. There is a reason he have remors from his past life, he was given a second chance in life. He is trying to figure out what kind of person he is, leaving his killing days behind as much as he can. He is slowly becoming the hero he should be a anti-hero vision of spider-man while honoring Peter by not killing everyone only as a last solution. If we had a seires with Kaine just killing everyone it would become boring quit fast.

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@spideyfan69 said:

Maybe? if he can keep his mind off MJ's tits long enough.

Lol Win!

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@consolemaster001: Check out Scarlet Spider 13 if you haven't yet, sure there is a bit of whining. But one line changes. Be Afraid.. Can't get enough of that series one of the best Marvel books on the shelf if you ask me. But thank God we don't all have the same taste. Would be kinda boring ;)

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@Strider92 said:

I bet its gonna have something to do with that timeshift thingy that was invented by Horizon. As Miguel is from the future he may come back to help out in some way but I don't think O'Hara will take over from SpOck. I think we will see him. He may even have an important story-arc but he's not going to be the new Spider-man. Good to know he's appearing though I like Miguel a lot!

I agree with you he won't take the mantle from spock. But just having O'Hara show up is awsome (hope it's not just a one panel thing or some flashback)!

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A little too late for that. Everything was ruined when they decided to follow through with this dumb idea. Still think Kaine should have been Superior Spiderman.

Why would inferior clone of normal Spiderman be Superior ?And i don't think that Peters mind is Dead its fused with Ottos and is obviously taking over

Kaine is far from inferior anymore, have you been reading Scarlet Spider, one of the best series in 2012.

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In Comics - No

On Comic Vine - Yes

This. She's so over rated on here that I actually can't stand her anymore as a character

I agree.

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SSM#2 variant cover


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Looks good, can't wait.