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He was being tortured and killed over and over again so he finally came back as a woman because they can withstand more pain apparently (from childbirth)

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It's not cancelled yet. I asked Joe Benitez when he was going to finish #4 when I saw him at Fan Expo in Toronto and he said he will finish it as soon as he is done drawing it lol ...That is not much help but those are his words (as best as i can remember them)

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The Justice League Dark was the exact place that I have been hoping he would go to ever since I heard they were ending the series. It would either be there or DC Universe Presents.

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Everytime he dies, he comes back with a completely different power. So what you are saying is correct Kid_Omega_Prime. The only time he has been able to access multiple powers at the same time was during the DC 1,000,000 storyline. He was able to control his power to a certain degree and was able to choose which power he wanted to come back with. He even had a device that would kill him so that he could come back with these new powers. He used a base set of powers (invulnerability, super strength,.. basically superman-like powers) during that storyline on top of the power he chose to use.

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If you read the DC 1,000,000 storyline that involved Resurrection Man, he does indeed die for good in that series. If you cut off his head, the tektites would just grow him a new one. Or his head would grow a new body. Throwing him in a volcano won't work because his powers are influenced by the way he dies. It will act as a defensive mechanism (as it did in the 1st volume when he became a woman). So if you throw him in a volcano, he will most likely come back in a lava form or maybe a rock form, or some other type of form that will help him survive.

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In the first volume he was married but, upon returning home after being presumed dead, he found out that his wife was trying to kill him. She appears within the first 10 issues of the first volume.

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I know one thing I definitely would not do and that would be try and return to Earth. On Mars I would be for lack of a better word "superhuman". On Earth I would be just like everyone else. In the end I would probably fight to end the war.

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Catwoman = 8

Wonder Woman = 24

Batgirl = 5

Mary Jane = 10

Jean Grey = 20

Rogue = 19 (-1)

Psylocke = 20 (+1)

Emma Frost = 31

Storm = 12

Huntress = 10

Sara Pezzini = 16

Buffy Summers = 18

Poison Ivy = 14

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@HolySerpent said:

I want to read it but I hate the fact it's not monthly

Definitely is a major downer with this type of comic. I just wonder how many people are waiting for a TPB or even another collected edition?

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@Adnan said:

@puinno: I meant the Body Doubles, my bad. From what I read, I kinda liked Suriel. I dropped this series due to now having a smaller comic book budget than before, though I hear it's been getting pretty good lately.

Yes it has been getting better. Resurrection Man was admitted to Arkham at the end of #5 and he is starting to interact and meet other notable DC characters for the first time.

@RoboShark said:

It's a cool book. I want to know if the old ones are any good.

The old ones were really good in my opinion. A lot of people probably do not know that Resurrection Man was a member of the Justice League for an extremely brief time (not to mention his superhero costume during that brief time was bad ass..kinda miss it).

This was part of the appeal of the first series. The scope of events surrounding him and his origins progressively got larger. He felt like he was just some normal joe trying to piece together his past. Resurrection Man is actually among the oldest characters in the DC universe, right alongside Savage and Immortal Man. Another great appeal is how his powers are constantly changing so it always is interesting to see what powers he will receive in the following issue. I compiled a list of all his deaths on the Resurrection Man main page, check it out.