Locke and Key: The Patients at McClellan Hospital

In Keys To The Kingdom, we were given a glance at a floor map of all the psychiatric patients admitted to McClellan Hospital. I immediately noticed T. Gilliam and N. Peart and realized that these were all names of real people (besides Erin Voss who is a character in the story itself). So i figured that they were having fun with this and naming people that they were fans of or people that influenced them.

So here is a list of all the real life people that are psychiatric patients in Locke and Key! I left some of them blank so if you know who they are or who they could be just let me know:

  • Terry Gilliam - Member of Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • Douglas Adams - Author of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • J. Wilson -
  • T. Hopper -
  • Geddy Lee - Lead singer and bassist of Rush
  • P. Brown - Possibly the football coach Paul Brown?
  • Kevin Smith - Silent Bob of Clerks
  • Garth Ennis - Comic writer
  • Alex Lifeson - Guitarist of Rush
  • K. Challis -
  • G. Jones -
  • Neil Peart - Drummer of Rush
  • V. Chong
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Posted by OneDollarWilliam

J. Wilson could be lots of people, but I'm going to guess former TV Cajun chef/comedian Justin Wilson (I gawr-On-Tee!).

My best guess for T. Hopper would be Thomas Hopper the English architect. Perhaps some of his work influenced the design of Keyhouse?

P. Brown has too many options to count: the number of recognizable Peter Browns alone is quite high. My vote goes to Paddington Brown (aka Paddington Bear) the fictional stuffed bear of children's literature.

G. Jones could be the country singer George Jones, actress/singer Grace Jones, or possibly Garth Jones the early 20th century woodcut artist (he did illustrations for Doyle and Wells).

Having been unable to find any solid results for K. Challis and V. Chong I am forced to consider the possibility that some of these people are friends of Hill or Rodriguez, and thus we can't know for sure... unless someone asks.

Posted by brainvision

T. Hopper maybe Isaac T. Hopper?

G. Jones maybe Grace Jones??