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Looks great! Tintin is win. Hopefully they don't miss out on the Watsons. :)

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Skimmed through but didn't see it yet, the 33 denotes an anniversary of the 1975-79 "Iron Fist" series.

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They made Midnighter ... all ... shiny.  With Hawksmoor's old shoulder pads.  >.<

Curious as to see if they will keep Midnighter and Jack as violently dark as in WSU, or Midnighter's relationship with Apollo. Time will tell I guess. Grifter is a good choice for the WSU character test drive - hopefully these and the Voodoo title will eventually open up more WSU integration.

As for the new host of #1s, as a never been a DC person (nor particularly enjoy their main selection of characters) - this relaunch will be doing me a favour. I'll be checking out a large chunk of these first issues.

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The largest issue I have with the current series is that Way(?) seems to have trouble expanding on "who" Deadpool is as opposed to what he has done in the past. I can think of two recent examples, a reference to the iconic Spiderman senses where recently Deadpool just copies that reference material, and similarly, with the reappearance of the box. This to me shows an underlying struggle for the writer attempting to 'Deadpool' his writing. Referencing Spiderman isn't Deadpool, it's the effect of his character's ability to reference pop culture at will. Similarly, using the box isn't Deadpool, the box is an extension of Deadpool's darker violent tendencies coupled with his inability to relate to normal individuals. To  'Deadpool' the writing would be to recognise what these iconic moments are and then expand and extrapolate into new examples, consistent with it. When I see Way simply copying past events it's a little cringe worthy.

/fan rant

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Also, that Green Lantern weapon is just ... awkwardly placed. >.<

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Eh, I'm not a huge fan for the majority of DC lines, so it means less (read next to nothing) for me. I'll give a few #1s a try and see. I'm curious as to if this will be the Wildstorm remnants stepping into the main DC lines opportunity - though serious doubts as to that. But hey, DC actually supporting a Jim Lee reboot, what can go wrong ... 

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There's one comic where her abilities to fight are likened to Wolverines at a skill level.

And I remember one issue where she just reads some guys martial moves due to processing speed and consequentially completely owns.

I'm too lazy to scan though. :P

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Cable & Deadpool #17 he 'absorbs' physical damage via molecule shifting. He can generate forcefields, so I'm not sure how a speedster would fare hitting into one. Concussion I'd imagine. :P There was a fairly recent comic where he was shown battling Apocalypse to a stalemate just post creation for what it's worth. 

TK body manipulation

Auto sleep

Astral Plane

Touch KO.    

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The all important naked mannequin scene. Phew. 

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I'll own up to being a huge fan of Sage. I wasn't too impressed about her wtf shelving at the end of the Exiles run. :P As far as I know she wasn't a very popular character.