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Honestly, I would leave him as is, except for his superspeed.  I would take much of that away.  
It makes the speedsters a little more pointless if he can much of what they can while also being invulnerable and strong.
I would cut his ground speed to a few hundred mph, still fast enough to be faster than normal eyes can track at close range, but not enough to make him take away the speedsters role.

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@danhimself said:
" I want some comedy in the next movie...I want Spider-man cracking jokes and one liners "
You said it for all of us.
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@ArtJoker said:
" you gotta be kidding me. you know there use to be a time where there were original movies, now we all settle for watching the same movie. "
I wouldn't say that 'we all' do.
A lot of us are tired of it. :/
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@Gene_Pool said:
" Yoruichi is black? If so, then I'm totally going with her. She is AWESOME! XD "
Yeah, thats just  bad picture of her. 

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Movie could have been better.
They could have had an actor who looked the part and had the accent.  I was annoyed at the change to the very core character.
Otherwise. as a movie its all right.  As hellblazer its poor.

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Its very hard to choose.
The marvel universe is much more unfriendly.  The free world has showed signs of slipping into fascism.  From mutant concentration camps to the loss of civil liberties.
if this were the 80's, I would probably say Marvel.
These days, DC.
Its a real shame, I love the mutant mythos, its why I got into comics in the first place.  I want to be a mutant, most of my chaarcters I have played are mutants..
yet... I hate the modern marvel universe.  If I could be a mutant in DC.. i'll say DC.  If I couldnt, Marvel, and i'd probably retreat into seclusion until the insanity stops.

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inferiorego said:
A parody character that ended up becoming what he parodied... i hate him

Same here.
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Scarlet witch in general.  (though originally, I dindt mind her powers.. it was the sudden boost to scope she got that I had problems with)

And more than anything else.

Emo rage time altering punches.

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Rock Lee
Yakushi Kabuto