My Jean Grey Design

This is my design for Jean Grey , its a very modern take on her phoenix costume ,partly inspired by the x men film costumes . tell me what you guys think
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Posted by Mercy_

I like it...a lot, actually.

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@Mercy_: thanks i did it for my own comic series based off of the x men plus more pics of different x men are on the way .

Posted by ARMIV2

That is really freaking cool!

Posted by Veitha


Posted by XsPectre28

Yes..... New Jean Grey!!!!!!!

Posted by MisterMxy


Posted by Crimsonlord53

looks good not liking the phoenix eye tatoo though,

Posted by Serena_Death

Well done ^_^

Posted by Uncanny_XFactor

I think it's quite cool, however, overall, I personally don't think I want to see Jean wearing this. It comes off as a bit slutty to me (maybe that's just me though), if there was no skin showing, and the filled-in parts were green, it'd be perfect for me.

Posted by Teerack

I like the pants.