Creating my own X men series (and universe)

Got inspired by marvel now to create my own x men series set in my own universe i designated as earth 617. it has my own characters plus some from the mainstream universe thrown in , tell me what you guys think of the title and cover idea :) ps. black and white version will have colored one soon. synopsis coming shortly.

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

This is awesome!!! Are you going to do stories for this?

Posted by psyking18o

@Rabbitearsblog: oh yeah the first is gonna be a 3-5 issue story arc about them going up against a dangerous group called the Enforcers and i might throw in a few star studded guest cameos in the coming issues .

Posted by Tellumo

Looks sweet, remember to call it Fan-Fiction or put in all the copyright stuff or Marvel will be pissed.

Posted by NovaUniverse97

it doesn't make sense i have seen that cover before.

Posted by Veitha

That's really cool *_*

Posted by Uncanny_XFactor