Creating my own X men series (and universe)

Got inspired by marvel now to create my own x men series set in my own universe i designated as earth 617. it has my own characters plus some from the mainstream universe thrown in , tell me what you guys think of the title and cover idea :) ps. black and white version will have colored one soon. synopsis coming shortly.


My Jean Grey Design

This is my design for Jean Grey , its a very modern take on her phoenix costume ,partly inspired by the x men film costumes . tell me what you guys think

Storm : Back to Basics

Now that Storm and T'Challa are divorced ( thank god ) what do you think should happen to the weather goddess and more importantly do you think she should stay single , personallly I'm a fan of her hooking up with Wolverine . Tell me what do u want to happen to her after AvX and who you think she should hook up with .