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I got this horrible glitch where Batman keeps falling down into an endless pit and I can't get away from it despite my best efforts. It happened right after I finished the game and after completing the Alibi side mission. I checked with an online forum and they told me the best way to fix it is to restart the game in a new slot. Nice.

Honestly, Arkham Origins is a rushed title. There are a lot of bugs in the game and it's definitely not as good as the previous Arkham games. The thing that disappointed me the most was the fighting mechanics. It didn't feel as fluid as it should be. And the storyline didn't satisfy me. Since this is an origin of Batman, I expected some cool backstory of how Bruce Wayne became Batman, how the Joker became Joker - things like that but it didn't happen.

My favorite is still Arkham Asylum.

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For me, I would want to believe that Batman simply knocked the Joker out unconscious, pushed him into the police car and off to Arkham Asylum. However, this interview with Grant Morrison have made me reconsider my thoughts. In it, it suggests that Batman indeed killed the Joker and there's even an excerpt of Alan Moore's original script that supports this argument. You guys should check it out and maybe it can help shed a light on this matter.

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I do notice some flaws in the movie like the cutting back in between flashbacks and current time (which was awfully done), the movie being too dark, and the fact that Clark Kent saved a bully but not his dad, but overall, I enjoyed Man of Steel. I liked the fact that it didn't have romance and humor but instead, focused more on the origin of Superman and his purpose on Earth. It was really deep and with the terrific performance by Russell Crowe as Jor-El, it added a lot of substance in the story.

The one thing that I wanted to see in Man of Steel (aside from a good story) was non-stop action and destruction; and this movie delivered. It was mayhem everywhere and I loved it. To me, that's what Superman is all about; not some lovey-dovey emo crap like in Superman Returns.

I give this movie 4/5 stars. I look forward to a sequel.

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I didnt like what they did to Mandarin. I'm just so disappointed because I expected much from him.

but the movie is still good in my opinion

I'm not too familiar with the Iron Man universe so I didn't expect much from Mandarin. From what I understand, Iron Man and him are like Batman and Joker; two big arch enemies who hate each other's guts. I only knew that after watching the movie and I too felt that they could've portrayed Mandarin a lot better but I enjoyed it for what it was. It was definitely a better movie than Iron Man 2. Whiplash was incredibly useless.

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They will never reveal it. The writers at Archie Comics are just too chicken to step up and spill the beans. I waited for decades for Archie to finally choose his wife but he never did. I gave up on both the anticipation and the comics long ago when they released the Archie: Will You Marry Me? book where it was like a "what if" situation in which Archie married Veronica in one time zone and later Betty. The idea was to see how Archie would've lived as a husband if he were to marry either Betty or Veronica in a few years time.

I found that book to be incredibly stupid, lame and insulting. I waited for a century for this dream wedding to happen and what do we get? A make believe situation. It goes to show that the writers lack guts and are just toiling with us with their lies and broken promises. Look at DC and Marvel Comics. Though majority of the characters are still living and breathing, much has happened over the years: Gwen Stacy died, Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman got married, the Human Torch died, the second Robin (Jason Todd) died, and even freaking Batman died at one point. Nothing has changed in Archie Comics. The kids are still in high school and Archie is still a single, horny bastard. The only big change they ever did was introducing a new character who is gay. Great job, Archie writers. I don't care what anyone says but Archie Comics is now boring, predictable and unreadable.

Back then, it was fun to talk about who will Archie marry but this delaying love triangle has got us waiting for so long that I no longer care. Just pick a bitch, shove that wedding ring to her finger and get it over with.

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Definitely an improvement from the MK vs DC Universe but costume-wise, she looks terrible.

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@snootchie_bootchies said:

Just not Michael Bay. Please...

Oh yes, PLEASE NOT Michael Bay. He ruined Transformers and almost sabotaged TMNT. We don't need any of his crap in the comic book world or any other of our childhood memories.