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Greetings fellow comic book enthusiasts. My name is Psykhophear and I welcome you to my profile page. My three passions in life are art, music and video games. My favourite comic book character is Batman.
My all-time favourite comic book artists are Brian Bolland, Jim Balent, Joe Jusko, Adam Hughes, Michael Turner (RIP) and the Dodson duos (Rachel and Terry). They're my frickin' idols! 

Additional Info:
Favourite Games of Al Time: Check out my list
Favourite Pet: Cats  
Favourite Bands: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, Rammstein, Megadeth, AC/DC & Weezer 
Other Favourite Bands/ Artists: Blink-182, Buckethead, Garbage, Limp Bizkit, The Offspring, Green Day, Foo Fighters, The Police, Leona Lewis, Elton John, Backstreet Boys (Guilty pleasure!)
Favourite Movies: Ghostbusters I & II, Star Wars I-VI, That Thing You Do!, Back To The Future I-III, Robin Hood: Men In Tights
My Other Profiles:  
Chrotokho Creative (My official blog)