Am I as green as I look ?

I understand why I'm neutral. I have the smile and the humor of the joker and the delicacy of Hulk.

Your results:
You are

The Joker 82%
Mr. Freeze 67%
Magneto 62%
Apocalypse 57%
Green Goblin 57%
Dr. Doom 55%
Dark Phoenix 53%
Riddler 50%
Two-Face 49%
Lex Luthor 48%
Juggernaut 41%
Venom 40%
Poison Ivy 39%
Catwoman 38%
Mystique 37%
Kingpin 33%
The Clown Prince of Crime. You are a brilliant mastermind but are criminally insane. You love to joke around while accomplishing the task at hand.
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Your results:
You are
Hulk 65%
The Flash 65%
Green Lantern 60%
Iron Man 60%
Spider-Man 55%
Batman 50%
Robin 40%
Catwoman 40%
Wonder Woman 35%
Supergirl 20%
Superman 10%
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.
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I'm wondering why they translate this names like that in France.

I'm wondering also if there are other strange translations in other countries.

pictureHeroFrench nameTranslation of the French name
Green GoblinBouffon VertGreen Buffoon
HobgoblinSuper BouffonSuper Buffoon
KingpinCaïdGang Leader
pictureHeroFrench nameTranslation of the French name
Susan StormJane StormJane Storm
Puppet MasterLe Maître des MaléficesMaster of Evil Spells
LockjawGueule d’orGolden Mouth
pictureHeroFrench nameTranslation of the French namepicture
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It is not funny

O.K. I see what my friends will say when I will anounce that my super hero date is the invisible woman.

"We know it. It's been a long time you date with the invisible woman."

"Don't confuse her with the invisible man"

Thanks a lot !

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I’m not a good translator, but this quotation could be translated as “The true secrets of someone are more secret for him than for others.”

Even for a person who tries to keep a maximum of his mind secret, it is not possible to hide it. And it is not you who could read easily in your mind. That is why we must prick up our ears to people criticising us because they could help us to be better.

But what is the link with comics. It is simple. Some writers have this thought. I will give you one example: Peter Parker tried to keep his secret identity from Mary Jane. He thought he succeeded. Nevertheless, since the beginning M.J. had known that Peter Parker is Spider-man. And by this superiority, Marie Jane could help greatly Peter. Moreover it is her who thinks to create new identities (Slingers) in order to solve Peter’s identity crisis.


He was an immortal (he belonged to French Academy). All along his life, he saw such awful things done by humans that he darkened his thoughts. Indeed, for him, humans are more subject to envy and jealousy than for good feelings.

He was a genius in Philosophy, Essay, Poetry,…

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