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And where is that exactly? Because The Avengers movie is huge. Unless you're biased or in a location that that for some reason doesn't have much Marvel stuff except for some T-shirts, there's no denying that Avengers merchandise that are big sellers amongst the major retailers. Just a look online at sites like Amazon shows a lot.

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People are confusing recognizability with popularity. DC's Trinity is very recognizable, like Mickey Mouse. But being popular means people like them (i.e. buy their stuff). Mickey is not the most popular as far as likability goes. That's Tinker Bell. Batman is very popular, with a distant second from Superman. But Wonder Woman hasn't been popular outside of certain niches in a long time. I can't remember the last time I've seen a Wonder Woman anything in a store like Walmart. And just by taking a look at Marvel's licensing revenue, Marvel's characters are clearly more popular than DC's overall.

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I think modern superheroes have the staples of superpowers, a nom de guerre, secret identity, distinctive outfit, and being a more effective crime fighter than conventional law enforcement. Even Batman, while lacking the superpowers, have four of the five traits. This rules out most mythological figures since they usually just have superpowers while having none of the other traits of modern superheroes.

So with those rules, The Shadow is the first to combine all elements. Earlier examples possess increasingly less number of traits. Zorro, who doesn't have superpowers, have one less. Scarlet Pimpernel doesn't have a set outfit so he only has three traits, and so on.

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@cuddles666 said:

What about Marduk? He saved the gods from Tiamat and by proxy, ensured the later creation of humanity. He also has all kinds of super powers!

Wasn't that more of a power struggle between the gods? Humanity being saved seems more of an aside rather than the main reason.

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@Rumble Man said:

@cuddles666 said:



the first hero to be ever recorded in human history which predates all mythology

As for superman

the closest thing in mythology would be hanuman or gatotkaca (as they did the flying without wings things centuries before siegel and shuster made it happen)

Hero of a kingdom? That may be. But superhero? I don't think he was.

First superhero, in terms of defender of humankind especially the common people? That would probably be Thor. It's why he had a day of the week named after him after all.

But first modern superhero is The Shadow, 1930. He's the one Batman ripped off.

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As Mifune shows with his iaijutsu, anybody fast enough could outright prevent the ninjas from making seals. Mihawk and Zoro is easily as fast and can slash at a range. Eneru and Kizaru could speedblitz most of them. Only taijutsu specialists could have a chance to react. Actually, Eneru could call down unlimited lightning bolts from miles away with his madra. Most of the Logia are WMD for that matter.

It's hard to tell how Haki and Genjutsu will interact. Haki can be used to predict people's actions. It's why speedblitzers don't just stomp all over the Haki users. I think this would go a long way in neutralizing genjutsu. Doflamingo can also control people and his ability appears to be impossible to resist even by strong fighters.

With support and prep, Gekko Moria could create zombies out of the ninjas. There's your army to counter Edo Tensei right there. Now the One Piece crew could also have their own jutsu-using ninjas.

Blackbeard may or may not be able to absorb the abilities of he ninja like he can with the Devil Fruit users. But it would be interesting to see.

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Plants vs Zombies? Isn't there already a game on this?

Plants win. Then they all make music video afterwards.

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But you're basically saying that Batman, who while he has access to many military knowledge but for the most part is a loner, is way better at strategizing than the guy with photographic memory who was actually in the military and have experience commanding groups of people as well as access to the tactical and strategic knowledge that both the US military and SHIELD have developed.

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Genghis Khan could neither read nor write, and there were no Mongolian military leader before him that came close to what he accomplished. And we all know how successful he was.

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Sleepwalker have better overall stats and combat abilities than Darkhawk, though I'm not sure about the armors full capabilities. I think he can summon weapons that he could change things. He also has that Hulkbuster-looking armor which I don't know what it is capable of. Sleepwalker can take a hit from Hercules so he's more durable, but they both have fast recovery where Sleepwalker can return to the mental dimension and Darkhawk can unsummon his armor and have it quickly repaired. Sleepwalker has a limited reality-altering ability with his eye rays that could warp the shape of anything, and have some other effects like banishing extra-dimensional beings and breaking possessions. It's also fast enough to warp bullets in motion.

Since they have met before, Sleepwalker is most likely aware that Darkhawk is wearing an armor and not some kind of cyborg. He'd probably just completely disable him by warping his armor. I'm not sure if he still has it, but Sleepwalker also had a weapon that could completely capture a person's mind if he swipes the head. I'd give the edge to Sleepwalker.

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