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Although I am not crazy about Barbara being Batgirl because I like Steph, they need to do a story of Barbara getting revenge on the Joker, a bloody, bloody revenge with Batman interveneing to stop her from killing, sure that might be a little out of charater but the Joker shot and paralysed her and, it would make an amazing story

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Looks like robin from the movies.... probably not the best move....
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So is this going to be a solo series, because I would read that, it sound interesting, if it is another avengers book I probably won't get it. 
If it is Ghost Rider, Red Hulk and Venom will it be called Ghost Rider and Friends
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I don't really care one way or another about whether she stays dead or not, but it would be nice to se a character that is dead stay dead, especially one who has a reputation of returning. 
But when she does return, it would be awesome for her and Hope to fight because they are borth so powerful, in fact I bet that them fighting over the Phoenix Force may have something to do with Hope killing all of the humans and Jean stoping it, possibly at the cost of her life.
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I want to see it, I think it looks good. 
If you go see it, don't expect it to be exactly like the comics, comic fans aren't the only people the execs want to see in the theater. Everyone always complains that movies aren't faithful to the comics, no movie will ever be one hundred percent faithful, the movies are susposed to capture the SPIRIT of the comics, which is the important part. I am just happy that comics are getting exposure in the mainstream media. 
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Well, i kind of saw it coming but oh well, i am a huge X-fan and will probably get both, the concept is cool enough, X-men fighting X-men. 
And people really shouldn't act all surprised, it was kind of obvious that they would renumber it, and it is only one new book, Wolverine and the X-men, no need to get worked up over it
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I wonder if they will have Proxy (Wendy Harris) form the current Batgirl Series be her replacement, that seems to b the direction that it was headed in. 
I hope the don't get rid of Stephanie completely, she was finally becoming really interesting. Also, the part I liked most about her series was that they were lightharted and fun and that is rare in the bat books and now it is gone, Gail Simone is awesome, but she writes serious stories.  
The light harted ness was what made me read Batgirl in the first place, now that it is gone,I am probably not going to read this.
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Cool, this is going to make things intersting with the others. 
Does anyone else think that FF is one of the better series that Marvel is publishing, I do, I love it
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The Flash and Firestorm are looking good. 
Why is Batman on two Justice League teams, I thought he hated them, why are they making him the starter of one, I am confused.
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Nightwing and Batwoman look good