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Meh, i've seen worse. This looks really entertaining though.
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It is another dark reign, itt will be followed by another heroic age, then another fear itself. This will only affect like five characters max and wion matter by the next big event
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This is fine by me, I have faith in Remender, this will be good. Also i wonder if Schism will effect them, i doubt it because the book is so popular but that would be a cool twist. 
This image also reminds me that Wolverine is in two separate realities at the same time, that must be a convienent power
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Does anyone els think that Superboy will be the most confusing title because he goes from one ongoing to a (apperantly) totally dofferent ongoing, or is it just me? 
Also does anyone know what is happening to titles like Batman Beyond and Xombie, they are both good but no one is saying what will happen

Anyway this is what I am gettting 
Teen Titans 
Firestorm Suicide Squad

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This seems like more of a "passive" event, something that describes the mood of the universe rather than heroes getting together and fighting a common enemy. It will probably have some group thereapy type issues and try and dive into the minds of the heroes, if it proves unpopular, it will probably be undone or ingnored. I can see this being centered on the Avengers and also the Worthy.
The concept seems interesting i suppose but I will reserve judgement until it starts
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It is just a minor tweak in his powers, insead of having a spider sense to predict his enemies attacks, now he uses natural skill, it might not be more effective but it is only a minor tweak. Once he gets his spider sense back, there will be less of the kung fu aspect, especially if Slott stops writing. Until then he will be a fighting machine.
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I liked all of them, as a movie goer, they were entertaning and enjoyable (the Saturday Night Fever dance was hilarious). 
As a comic fan I thought that the first two were good and the third was ok, if you cut out Sand Man the move is good, i had the biggest problem with him, not Venom, I thought that he was portrayed well by Topher Grace dispite little to work with.
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Anyone else think Dan Slott could write a good Runaways series, he might even make a good movie too. I love his ASM, it has humor but is still serious, that is what a good Runaways movie/series needs.
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A film would be good. A tv show would probably be a little better, but it depends on writing 
I want the comic back so badly, it was amazing Volume 1 and 2 were great, 3 was pretty good. Mavel seriously needs to get a good writer on this to finish the cliff hanger and start writing really good stuff again 

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While I am liking this a lot, what is going to happen to Ultimate X? I hope they dont have a million Ulimate X-titles, that is annoyin; This is probably just to fill an Ultimate-U mutant fix because Ultimate X never comes out.