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now this will be a total pain to get in trade, and after not following this except in tie ins, this makes no sense, at least it has good potential, mabye
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Meh, ten bucks says they will get together at some point or another.  
This is just more proof that this is a subtle reboot, for better or worse that is what it is 
 Better: having them not married makes them more accessable to new readers, they can probly identify better with a single guy than a married guy 
Worse: they are alienating old fans and creating some very odd situations involing the existance of Bart.

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Think its good that Toad is there because now we are getting a more diverse cast instead of the same five people in every book. I just hope they leave X-23 out of all of this, the ongoing is just to good.

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I hope she comes back, the series was really good, it was light harted but still had character growth, which I think is great. 
They should come out with a Power Girl/ Stephanie Brown book, I think they would make an interesting duo.
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This movie looks amazing, i just wish the spy photos would stop, it kind of ruins the movie. This stuff is awesome, they all look great, but those spy photos are stupid.
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The problem isnt neccesarily all of the events as much as the fact that Marvel give them names so they can market them eaiser. Thin means that they can make a one or two page splash that has big name characters and a big title to catch our attention. This is kind of annoying but if you only pick the events up in trades and just follow the regular series, it is easier on the old wallet. 
Any character growth in done inbetween the event like during the Heroic age and Dark Reign, problem is is that it is harder to see (and write) because Marvel wants a general mood for the univers and with the current trend of anti-heroes, characters have a tendency to come off as two demensional and that is a little annoying. 
As many events that they do it is STILL BETTER than DC rebooting their entire universe with every other event, three times since 2006, four if you count the 2011 one. Talk about not letting characters grow.
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This looks cool, I want to see the Wolverines teams more. 
Two good things SHOULD come from this 1) There will be a more diverified cast, and 2) Wolverine wont be in every other X-book. (I like the guy but when he is on nearly every team in the universe and in three separate dimensions in two weeks simulaniously, it is more than a little annoying)
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I think it is awesome that writers do things like this, I like how we can see what they are thinking and seeing that thtey pay attention to what we (the fans) think. I am going to pick up Red Hood just because of these interviews.  
I can't wait for these to come out, I have been looking forward to Teen Titans and Super boy for a while 
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One good thing about this is that Superboy is in both Superboy and teen Titans and are both written by the same guy. Hopefully this will make for some continuty so you dont get him i seven different places at once acting totally different in each. (Being in more than on book is fine, it is annoying when the personality is different
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I hope they don't have overlapping stories, even though already get most of them, my wallet won't like getting more. On a similar note are x-factor and x-men any good? I am surprised that hope is with cyclops, she never really liked him. Anyone else think that this spoils the end of schism a bit? I do.